Would New ‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber Give Hannah B. a Second Chance?

Would New ‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber Give Hannah B. a Second Chance?

Oh, my God. Hello, Peter. Hello, Ellen. How are you? I am so freakin’ good right now. This is awesome. People are excited that
you’re the new Bachelor. People are really excited. [CHEERING] Woo! Thank you, guys. All right, so where were you? How did you find out,
and how long ago? So yeah, I found out
a couple weeks ago. I was actually–
I was in my room, and I got a call
from a producer. At your parents’ house? At my parents’ house. I’m owning it. It’s all good. All right. But yeah, I was
actually by myself. No one was home. And they called me. And they asked, hey Peter. Is anyone with you? And I said, no I’m all good. And he was kind of being a
little sketchy on the phone. I was like, oh, shoot,
that’s going to be a no. And he, like– he does
a pause and he goes, we want you to be
our next Bachelor. And I just lost my mind. I started going crazy. But the funny part was I had
to fly a red eye that night from Burbank to
Atlanta for my job. And I was like, all right, I
got to bring this down again. Like, I got to focus. But I was wired for
that entire flight. Uh, yeah. It was crazy. I bet. So you’re like– you get on
the plane as a pilot to fly. And you’re flipping out because
you’re the new Bachelor. And I can’t tell anyone. Like, it’s my secret, you know? So it was– That whole thing is a secret. From the time you
start shooting, you can’t tell
anybody anything for– Yeah, you’re completely
disconnected. You’re plugged. I’ve already lost my phone
for this next journey. I have no idea what’s going
on in the outside world. I’m just ready to immerse myself
in this journey and hopefully come out with a
fiancée at the end. And when– well, I hope you do. That’s what you’re looking for. You’re looking for the
right girl that– now did Hannah B. Break your heart? She did, yeah. She did? Yeah. And what was it like to see
her again at the finale? Yeah, that was– I was kind of looking
forward to that time, just– because as you watch back the
show, you’re reliving it again. And as you’re trying to move
on, if it didn’t work out, it kind of brings all
those feelings back again. So I was excited just to
finally get some closure– you know, close that
book and move on. But I’m always going to have
amazing memories with Hannah. She means a ton to me. And– [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] But I’m ready for
this next journey. OK. [LAUGHING] Yeah, we– Yeah, there was
no shortage of the passion, for sure. Yeah. Those are the memories
that you won’t let go of. That was a good memory,
that one, for sure. But, like, to me, it
looks like– cause she made a mistake. She let you go, and she
chose the wrong guy. And does that worry
you, that you’re– I mean, because she
just– she clearly– she should have
chosen you because– Thank you. –You really had true
feelings for her. I did, yeah. But do you think– OK, so do you– what if you get down
to the end and you have a few people that you
like, then they send her in? What happens? And they send Hannah in? Yeah. What if that happens? Listen, I fell in love with
her, and I’ve been moving on. I don’t know if I’ll completely
lose all that love in my heart for her, and I kind
of hope I don’t. Because that’ll show me what I
had was true and it was real. But I’m ready to move on, and
I’m ready to find my girl. And I’m very hopeful this
is going to work out. All right. Well, I hope it does for you. Yeah. We got you something to
share with whoever you find. Let’s bring it out,
because this is– Oh, boy. You and your fiancée will
be able to share this bed. The Pilot Pete bed set– yes! Yeah. OK, let’s go. (LAUGHING) With matching PJs! Oh, this is funny. OK. Sweet. Look at that. I’ve got to find my co-pilot! Right. OK. Well, thank you, guys. Yeah. I’m not the co-pilot, but
it would look like this. It would look good, OK. Yeah. If we were in bed together. What do you guys think, yeah? Yeah. [CHEERING] I love this. Sweet. The new season of The Bachelor
will premiere in January. We’ll be right back.

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  1. Hey guys! My husband doesn’t believe in my YouTube dreams!!! He doesn’t think I could ever reach 100 subscribers! 😭 (I’m almost 1/2 way there!!)
    Sub to me to make my dreams come true aaaand also to prove my hubby wrong! LOL 👊🏼🙌🏼😝

  2. Maybe it's me, but it doesn't seem like he believes it can work at all. He seems excited about all the fun parts but there is disbelief when he talks about walking out with his co-pilot. Can't tell whether he's just reasonable or what…

  3. Wow you couldn’t have made the title without his name, the show only aired last night and for people who don’t have cable, we have to wait for hulu and seeing this notification on my phone this morning really sucks and spoiled it :/

  4. Love, love, love Peter. I wish that my daughter was younger…..what an awesome son in law he will make. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Please Ellen there is a YouTube channel named grace for the millers you really need to see this family they are nice people please please invite them

  6. I think he was scouted to be in the Bachelorette. Also, Colton predicted that Peter is the next bachelor based on his Instagram post.

  7. I like Peter a lot, he’s a great guy. But tbh I don’t think he should have been the bachelor. I would have loved it to be mike. Peter is too much of a nice guy. Idk. I’m still gonna watch the season tho

  8. I have not watched any of these shows but Peter talks to me. You deserve someone who is worthy of the fine young man you seem to be. She will be a lucky lady to find you.

  9. I’m thinking Hannah knew about Jed’s situation and picked him bc that gave her a legit reason to break up move on (single)and get the celebrity status and success she wanted without being the villain. Just a theory

  10. I hope The Bachelor won't overuse the "Windmill joke" for the whole season. But Peter is surprisingly well spoken and seems to be very genuine. I hope he finds his forever girl in the end!

  11. I promised myself I wouldn’t watch the bachelor next season UNLESS peter becomes the next one….

    Well, there goes my wine on monday nights!

  12. Peter has sold his soul to ABC! Let the shenanigans begin🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 They promise it will be "the most dramatic season ever"! Peter will fall for the villian for at least 6 episodes

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