Why People Cry So Much On Airplanes

Why People Cry So Much On Airplanes

– [Woman] I’ve cried on every
plane I’ve ever been on. Countless people, from
fussy babies to Tim Burton, report feeling exceptionally emotional 35,000 feet above the Earth’s surface. 50 First Dates is the same
mediocre rom-com in the air as it is on the ground;
sorry, Adam Sandler. So, why did it make me,
and admit it, probably you, blubber like a baby on a recent flight? (soaring orchestral music) Crying in transit is
nothing new or surprising. Bereaved people often grieve on the go. They save their sobs for the car because it gives them
uninterrupted time to think and the privacy to feel. So, it’s not surprising that airplanes might make us feel the same way. Virgin Atlantic started
issuing weepy warnings before particularly sad movies after a Facebook survey revealed people were more likely to
reach for a tissue on flights. 41% of male respondents said they had buried
themselves in blankets to disguise their tears
from other passengers, and women were more likely to pretend that they had something in their eye. And Gatwick Airport found
15% of men and 6% of women said they were more likely to cry watching a film on a flight than they would if they saw it at home. But what actually causes people
to join the Mile Cry Club? One possible explanation
is altitude hypoxia, when high altitudes cause a
decrease in oxygen in our blood. Diminished air pressure on flights is similar to what you’d
experience at 8,000 feet, which can reduce blood oxygen
levels by as much as 25%. This can cause fatigue,
confusion, euphoria, inability to concentrate,
and impaired decision-making. It can also mess with your
ability to deal with emotion. And the design of the
in-flight entertainment system could be making your mile-high
meltdowns even worse. In-flight entertainment systems make you feel cocooned in
an intimate environment. – And you’re looking at a screen that is really close to
you, maybe a couple of feet, and it’s right at your eye level, so it’s almost as if you’re
looking at another person in the eye for three,
four hours, six hours, depending on the length of the flight. And in addition, you
have these headphones. And the sound, the dialogue
from all these films, it’s as if the actors are
speaking directly to you, only to you, in your ear, like they’re whispering in your ear. So, it creates this zone of
closeness and familiarity that I think also intensifies
these emotional responses. – [Woman] In other words,
the free headphones the flight attendant
gives you before takeoff literally and emotionally
connect you to the screen. There doesn’t seem to be any cure for those of us who suffer
from crying while flying. Adam Sandler will always have the power to make me weep when I’m
up 35,000 feet in the air. But adding Kleenex to your carry-on should be enough to treat the symptoms. (soaring orchestral music)

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  1. So this is why I cried when I watched the long game and the founder okay it was really sad the brothers got ripped off and one had a heart attack all because of crock and the long game the whole world economy almost collapsed and the immigrants were blamed

  2. I’ve literally never heard of anyone crying on a plane. I mean I’ll get moody on flights but not anything else

  3. tf… I've been on 5 flights and never shed a tear once on any of those. If anything I was happy lmao

  4. My mom cried while watching "a dogs purpose" on a plane when she never cried watching any other sad emotional movie.

  5. The only people I've heard or seen cry on airplanes are babies. Other than that and you probably have something wrong with you.

  6. I’ve cried on planes the last 2 times I’ve been on a plane. Because I’ve been nervous about going on a holiday by myself.

  7. Whoever made this video cries on airplanes and claims everyone else also does so. I fly every week and have never seen someone cry on a plane, yet the narrator accuses the viewer of ("admit it") crying on planes. I can't tell if this is an April Fools joke or not.

  8. I've been on 8 plane flights I have never cried and nobody else cried around me… Still I love the stupidity of this channel and the dumb stuff the post like this XD

  9. I've never cried on a plane… That is until you learn that our planes don't have screens glued in the back seat neither any movies.

  10. I typically cry on return flights but that’s because I’m sad I have to go back to real life LOL

  11. i dont cry on airplanes i only see annoying babys crying which is making me CRY because of how much annoyence im getting like seriously.

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