Why Do Your Ears Sometimes Hurt on Airplanes? | Don’t Be Dumb

Why Do Your Ears Sometimes Hurt on Airplanes? | Don’t Be Dumb

(odd music) – Hey there, and welcome to Don’t Be Dumb. I’m Josh Clark. Thank you for joining me. Have you ever been in an
airplane and wanted to die because all of a sudden
your ears started hurting really, really bad? Well, that wasn’t a demon, that was due to air pressure. There probably aren’t any demons. See, there is such a
thing as air pressure, which is the amount of
pressure created by the weight of the whole atmosphere
pressing down on itself, and you, on the surface of the Earth, and at sea level, that air pressure amounts to about 14.7 pounds per square inch, but normally you don’t ever
notice this air pressure because all of the air inside of you and outside of you is
at an equal pressure. When you go up in an airplane though, you’re going higher in the atmosphere where the pressure is lower. For example, at 35,000
feet the air pressure is under four pounds per square inch, which is a big drop over
what it is at sea level, but plane cabins are pressurized, they don’t get down to four PSI. Most plane cabins are
pressurized to about 11, but still, that’s enough of a difference in pounds per square
inch for you to notice. The reason you notice the
change in air pressure is because the air in your
inner ear is trapped in there, and it’s pressurized
to what you’re used to on the Earth’s surface. Since the air pressure
outside and the plane is lower than what it is at the Earth’s surface the air inside your ear expands and presses your eardrum outwards. Which hurts so bad. Luckily, you have some release
valves for your inner ear called Eustachian Tubes, and you can activate them by
opening and closing your jaw, or chewing gum. This allows air from
the inner ear to escape, and the air pressure to
equalize to what it is outside of your ear, which means that your eardrums can relax. So, the next time you’re on a plane, and someone next to you
is crying and screaming, and clasping their ears, you set ’em straight, and tell ’em Josh sent you, but tell ’em loud, because they probably can’t
hear very well right then. Thank you for joining me. Do you have a suggestion for an episode of Don’t Be Dumb? Leave it in the comments below. You can also like this video, or subscribe, or share it. I don’t care. (upbeat music)

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  4. This is an example of how seemingly serious style interpretation of events may raise hilarity in the audience, anyway, I had this feeling.
    Beautiful background music… from the first sounds.

  5. Great postures, Josh – you've given me plenty of variations to try, so my leg's won't fall asleep that easy during all my SYSK-viewings.

    Although, I must admit I sometimes have trouble paying attention to what's being said cause i'm laughing too much !

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