Whistler CR90 Radar Detector Review – Radar Roy

Whistler CR90 Radar Detector Review – Radar Roy

Are you searching for a GPS enabled radar
detector in the under $200 price category? If so then consider the Whistler CR90 The Whistler CR90 is GPS enabled radar detector
which will alert you of fixed photo enforcement cameras. I rate the Whistler as a 2-star radar detector,
which provides you twice the capture distance of police K and Ka radar gun. This borderline range will provide protection
in most constant on encounters but may not provide you the performance you need for instant
on speed traps. Now allow me to provide a little bit advise
on how you take a step up to one of our 3 star rated radar detectors. Here on my website and this video I have a
banner here that links to my VIP Club. Click on it any time during this video and
it will take you to a page where you can sign up and get your own unique discount code that
will shave up to 10% on selected radar detectors in our 3-star category and above. This enables you to make a better investment
and get you a detector that will give you the protection you need when you encounter
your next radar radar speed trap We have also partnered up with PayPal to offer
their Bill Me Later payment plan. To learn more about that and to signup click on the
banner here on our website. Now once you’re ready to win back your freedom
and enjoyment of the open road, take the next step by choosing the detector that is just
right for you here on Radarbusters, add it to your shopping cart and then enter your
unique discount code for instant savings. This is Radar Roy, thanks for watching and
remember drive safe, drive smart but most of all drive protected.

13 thoughts on “Whistler CR90 Radar Detector Review – Radar Roy

  1. Great video Roy! I would recommend the Uniden LRD-950 GPS Radar Detector in this price point…..Great video and information…..Here is a walk around on the new Uniden LRD-950 I recently purchased….so far, highly impressed with it's performance http://youtu.be/qDb0heJUI0E

  2. i got a better deal for the cr 90 on amazon for 80 bucks. radar roy radar detectors are over prices i am sorry to say.

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