When Did Airplanes Revolutionize War Strategy?

When Did Airplanes Revolutionize War Strategy?

11 years after the Wright Brother’s first
flight, World War I saw airplanes revolutionize the wars were fought, forever. So, just how
have airplanes changed warfare? Well, before World War One, fighting was only
possible on land or over the seas. But both land and sea have distinct military disadvantages,
and led to incredibly inefficient methods of fighting. For example, trench warfare,
which was last really seen in World War One. This was when two opposing sides would hunker
down in dirty, wet depressions in the ground, where they would fire at each other, slowly
wearing down the other side until someone gave up. These were called “wars of attrition”,
where both sides would often suffer enormous losses in their attempts at victory. Compared
to airplanes naval warfare is incredibly inefficient. So much so that since World War Two, only
two naval battles have been fought. Although World War One was still fought from
the trenches, small airplanes were used simply to observe the enemy, and see farther than
had been possible before. This increased military intelligence, and gave a moderate advantage.
These were called “scout” planes, and were often poorly constructed and prone to
failure. But once the usefulness of these scouts was understood, opposing militaries
sent up their own scouts, this time armed with weapons to shoot other planes out of
the sky. These early air-to-air combat flights were primitive and pilots simply had pistols
and rifles. But by 1916, scouts were outfitted with machine guns, and able to fire directly
on other planes, thus creating an entirely new kind of aircraft, the “Fighter Plane.” Fighter planes quickly became popular, and
by World War Two in 1939, they were completely redesigned to be made out of aluminum, with
modernized weapons attached, and able to fly much faster than before. The original 1903
Wright flyer could go about 23 miles per hour. By the 1940s, monoplanes were able to fly
at more than 400 miles per hour. The ability to scout ahead of war also introduced
the concept of camouflaging important targets from passing planes. Similarly, troops began
coordinating their movements at night when planes would have poor visibility, something
that had not been necessary before. Moreover, generals were not as able to keep their troops
safely behind the front line, as an aircraft with a bomb, or even a grenade, could fly
over and drop it on sleeping soldiers, or a supply line. Techniques like bombing a civilian
city, as Germany did in the London Blitz, introduced a new form of psychological warfare,
in an attempt to discourage the country from within. And on top of all that, new technologies to
deal with the airplane threat were developed, such as RADAR to help see planes in the dark,
and giant anti-aircraft guns to stop bombers before they arrived. Airplanes effectively
destroyed the advantages of simply having a large army, and ended futile warfare tactics
like trench fighting. And today, airplane technology has reached a point where some
wars are fought remotely. Being forced to act strategically rather than forcefully took
war to a whole new, and arguably deadlier, level. But the invention of airplanes didn’t just
change warfare, it changed the world. Planes made it possible to transport people and goods
in a brand new way, leading to the eventual globalized economy. To follow along with the
history of this development, watch the video up top. And to learn about some of the other
ways war has changed, especially in regards to nuclear weapons, check out this video below.
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  2. For more informations about the airplanes and its use during the first and second world war's, look at Giulio Douhet (Italy-Theory ) and Billy Mitchell (Usa )

  3. really ? trench warfare is obsolete now ? i thought countries still dig up trenches at hostile borders around the globe.

  4. Since getting sponsored by Boeing, it seems that almost every other day Seeker does a piece on airplanes. Coincidence? I think not.

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  6. lolz Seeker you talk about bombing civilians in ww2 and you use the germans as example even though there were more bombs dropped on Berlin then whole Engeland. I think Dresden were also small raids.

  7. if you really want to know how Airplanes changed warfare go and listen to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History….. Show 42

  8. NO mention of the first city in the world bombed from the air? Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA bombed June 1, 1921 by American terrorists destroying a majority black city.

  9. Mentions the German bombing of Britain but not the allied civilian bombing of Germany and Japan that killed hundreds of thousands

  10. Mention of the London Blitz, but no mention of the mass bombing of Germany and Central Europe but the US, UK, and USSR? Typical white washing. The Blitz was small potatoes compared to the bombing by the Allies.

  11. Woah woah woah, only two naval battles? How are you defining 'naval battle'? Because I'm pretty sure there has been more than just two since 1945.

  12. Naval warfare is not inefficient so much as it is expensive and extremely risky. losing at most a million+ dollar plane(F-35 aside) does not sting as much as losing a carrier or destroyer not to mention the majority of global trade is done by sea and planes don't have nowhere near a range of a warship which is why they hitch a ride on them. but that being said, planes are more flexible in their deployment along with the other points you made.

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    *Grabs International Court of Justice.

  18. Little trivia – Bulgarians were the first to use planes for bombing and it was against the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) before WWI

  19. Aww i wanted the to at least mention that, the first man to ever use a plane in combat was a italian in the Italo-Turkish war.

  20. The only real revolution airplanes brought to warfare was modern remote warfare. Reconnaissance, combined arms, etc. were already part of customary military strategy.

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  22. "brought to you by Boeing, raining death from the skies and profiting off human suffering since 1916"

  23. @Seeker Daily you should have said "Bombing civilian targets as England and Germany did to each other "

  24. I'm surprised that combined arms / Blitzkrieg were not mentioned, as at least the latter could not have been accomplished without aircraft. Further, the idea of static defenses, best exemplified in the Maginot line, were rendered nearly useless. Overall, aircraft made war a far more fluid and dynamic exercise than before.

  25. No reference to General Mitchell? He's the one person in the US Military that saw the true importance aircraft in the military and said that the Army Air Corp should be it's own thing. He was court marshalled for criticising his superiors for not seeing the writing on the wall with respect. His commission was posthumously reinstated.

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