1. PilotPartick You r really so cute. so enjoyed your video. That pic taken outside the plan was super awesome. love it 😀

  2. Hey Patrick, I need that pack!
    I’m planing a trip to Dubia UAE, and Singapore November 2019.
    Love your channel! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  3. ,enjoy watching your videos than drama,i skipped it for your videos😂😉
    ,keep praying for your safety travel,😇😉

  4. Your Barcelona mini vacation “ Pink Shirt “ out for dinner. You looked Fabulous in it, was it by HugoBoss?

    Next ? The Scarosso boots were they the Taylor Black, Jodphur Boots.

  5. Hello dear brother Patrick, Moroccan pilot here, please try Serengeti sunglasses non polarized models for flying and polarized models for regular days (walking, driving…) They deliver great contrast and and high visibility to help you see other aircrafts and depth perception in clouds, I recommend Drivers and Sedona lens tints, thank you!

  6. Hello, thank you for showing us what is in your pilot bag. I would love to have that travel pack because we want to bring our sons on their first flight! I need to maintain myself under those conditions. ☺️

  7. you took 100 eru but there are no shops on the sky if there was i would go like you to buy some clothes like dress siuts bra bikiny undies panti every thing it iis a joke dont take ti seriousliy ok pilot faimeen out

  8. I learn alot from you about aviation Pilot Patrick. I guess my next flying trip will be more easier.
    BTW, getting that travel pouch and its contains will help my travel more comfortable by applying tjose lotions and balms. Cheers!

  9. mi papuchito mi crespito mi capitán precioso 💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

  10. I carry on a journey
    1. Condoms
    2. Toiletries
    3. Lotion/sun screen because I want to age well
    4. Vitamins
    5. Cologne bleu de Chanel
    6. Lighter
    7. Wallet
    8. Phone
    9. Battery charger
    10. Clothes

  11. Why not do some videos of your approachs and landings..😁

    Do Lanzarote 👍my fav island , we livid there for a while back in the 90s.

  12. My daughter's doing flying lessons …think I'm inspired to do some myself…just for fun.
    I'm 61 now and in good health,non smoker ,tea total,apart from a bottle of 1952
    Chateau de yquem ,when I can find it at auction or ,break into a mansions wine cellar…😁

  13. You look alot like my brother in law who lives in Stuttgart ,your real handsome , but that's just part of the package, my brother in law is so handsome ,he makes James Bond look like Quasimodo.

  14. Why not buy yourself a vintage pair of Levi's and James Dean Levi Jacket…then a white t-shirt
    With a print of Charles Lawton's
    Quasimodo character, nice juxtopostion

  15. Must be nice to be so handsome, and a real nice guy as well.
    What a start to anybody's day.
    Still, it's nice to be who you are too🤪🤥👽

  16. Video of landings on Lanzarote please Captain Patrick.
    My brother's called Patrick ,but everyone calls him Paddy.

  17. Sehr interessant, alles was du brauchst, mitnehmen. Wow, 2 Reisepässe 🙄
    Muss jeder Piloten und Stewardessen auch so 2 Reisepässe haben ? 🤔❓
    Übrigens ich habe eine Frage, stimmt's dass alle Stewardessen schlank und kleiner als 1,65 m groß sein sollten ?
    Weil mein Sohn auch als Pilot werden wollte, leider abgelehnt, weil er keine gute Wirbelsäule hat. Deshalb hat er ein andere Beruf gewählt, schade 🙄

  18. Ich war richtig überrascht wie viel du „selbst“ mitbringst. Ich dachte Kopfhörer und Klemmbrett gehören zur Standard Ausstattung im Flugzeug 😂
    Aber ein sehr interessantes Video! 😊👍🏻

  19. Actually I don’t understand how you can be so efficient! You are not Einstein…. more Zweistein ……ah ah Viele Grüße unaufhaltsamer Patrick

  20. I just started following u recently and I swear u have really inspired me to start more of a systematic life.Btw keep up the good work captain 💖

  21. You are so thoughtful and generous, I really acknowledge your kindness, you earn my strong respect people like you has a role in making the world a better place to live. No matter how you do it, giving back to your community will touch many people's live. May god reward you more. Much love namaste 🙏🙏

  22. Belated happy birthday sir and I am 14 years old from India and I want to become a pilot of airways I know some system like Apu ,autopilot – heading switch ,SPD switch, V/S switch and Alt switch, battery 1and 2, flaps ,air spoiler , parking Breck, landing gears,nav light,becom light,stobe light,landing light ,wiper switch, AC HUD ,ENG1 AND ENG 2 FIRE ALARM SWITCH ,APU alarm switch, altitude display, navigation display , engine star switch ,throtel, seat belt switch, no smoking switch ,autopilot 1 and 2 start up switch,if landing gear stuck then it's have three switch Wich is present top of the landing gears switch that help to open the gears ,feul checking display engine stat up display and some other things that I know and we're it is present

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