What If Everyone On An Airplane Jumped At The Same Time?

What If Everyone On An Airplane Jumped At The Same Time?

Picture this you’re 31,000 feet in the
air then all of a sudden everyone stands up out of their seats and jumps all at
the same time on your airplane now the question is what happens to the plane
does the weight of all of these people just push the plane out of the sky would
the structure of the plane Bend and have become a smiley face shape in the air or
would nothing happen at all well today we’re going to do the math and find out
exactly what would happen I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at what if
everyone on an airplane jumped at the same time
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bill to one of the most common airplanes in the world is a Boeing 777 it’s the
world’s largest twin jet and it seats around 300 passengers each one of these
costs around five billion dollars and they’ve been being produced since 1993
because of this if you’ve been on vacation any time in the past ten years
you’ve likely been on one of these planes but what if at some point
everyone jumped up on that airplane now this has never been done before so I’m
pretty sure the pilots would freak out an emergency land also many people have
fear of flying so I doubt you could convince an entire airplane to jump all
at the same time but luckily we’ve done the math and we can work out exactly
what would happen if everyone jumped at the same time so let’s break it down
let’s say the Boeing 777 has the average amount of passengers 300 and let’s say
the average passenger weighs 75 kilograms that’s 165 pounds per person
so 75 kilograms times 300 is a weight of twenty two point five thousand kilograms
or to put it more simply twenty two point five tonnes so let’s imagine that
entire force being raised up on the airplane and falling all at the same
time that would equal a mass of 22.5 tonnes weighing down on the air
convert that into pounds and that’s 45,000 pounds going down on this plane
but to put that into perspective we need to look at the plane itself let’s say a
Boeing 777 the average Boeing 777 weighs around 300,000 pounds and remember this
is without any baggage passengers or aircraft fuel with all of those things
on it which it would have in the air then this number would be closer to
400,000 or 500,000 pounds or to put it more simply 200 to 250 tons so this 250
ton aircraft will be moving at around 500 miles per hour this will be the
average speed a Boeing 777 is going at midair so now we have all the numbers in
order what would happen if the weight of 22.5 tons weighed down on this 250 ton
aircraft well the two magic numbers here are 250 tons and 500 miles per hour that
is the weight and speed of the aircraft obviously these are really big numbers
and it makes the combined weight of all of our passengers 22.5 tons seem pretty
small that means that brief 22.5 ton weight going down would not have much
impact on the aircraft remember the weight of all the passengers is less
than 10% of the aircraft’s weight and the craft is going so quickly to at 500
miles an hour meaning it would likely be pretty unfazed now one thing that would
happen is the altitude of the aircraft would decrease slightly but all modern
aircrafts have autopilot systems this means this slight decrease in
altitude would automatically be corrected so really the aircraft would
go down slightly and then go right back up thanks to autopilot if you were in
the pilots cabin or the front of the aircraft you may also feel some
vibrations now you may be surprised about everyone jumping on an airplane
doesn’t actually do much but here’s the mind-blowing thing aircrafts actually
have to face forces much more strong than that think about it aircrafts have
to fly through every kind of severe weather condition aircrafts have even
been known to fly through hurricanes and tornadoes
before and it’s common aircraft’s have to fly in extreme winds what pushes
aircrafts down much more frequently than people jumping would be something like a
microburst a microburst is a very extreme strong force of wind going down
on the aircraft this can’t happen in storms or in very bad weather conditions
in aircraft flying in when this happened the autopilot system kicks in and
corrects it the autopilot system will increase the engines power and pitch the
aircraft upwards as soon as an airplane goes into the air you can take solace in
knowing the autopilot system at monitors the aircraft’s altitude and it does this
with pinpoint precision and speed this means if an aircraft’s altitude goes
slightly too high or too low it will quickly correct it so if all 300
passengers teamed up and tried to bring the aircraft down by jumping and they
could not do it even if it did push the aircraft down slightly autopilot would
correct it within seconds even a microburst of wind which could equal
more like 900 passengers jumping at the same time it still wouldn’t do much
anyone who has a fear of flying don’t wory an aircraft is built like a
rock the aircraft’s fuel äj– a KA its body is built to deal with
absolutely any weather condition and that includes passengers having an
impromptu rave on board but now that we’ve answered this airplane question
let’s just answer one more that is why don’t planes fly over two bears many
people have been wondering why planes never fly over the Chinese region of
Tibet this has been an aviation mystery which many people have wondered for
years well part of the reason the flight path this band is because of the
Himalayan mountains planes reach pretty much all over the world but the
autonomous region in western China Tibet has no airplanes going over it but a few
years back an airline worker named Tim habbits answered the question why don’t
airplanes fly over Tibet he said partly it’s because of the very high mountains
these mountains are around 20,000 feet in the air and under most conditions
aircrafts can fly way higher than this to around 30,000 feet prior to that is
not work over mountains like Mount Everest
this is because decompressor can happen in the cabin if it goes too high even if
they deployed oxygen masks these only have around 20 minutes worth of oxygen
for each passenger so if there was decompression in the cabin the plane
would have to fly lower than the mountains otherwise the passengers would
not be able to breathe however flight operators say that planes can only fly
at a minimum of 10,000 feet this area is a massive part of Asia so it would be
impossible to escape so quickly basically it’s so remote it’s a terrible
place to have an emergency and because there’s a very real threat of a loss of
cabin pressure this means it’s simply too dangerous to fly over also if you
lost an engine and you had to descend you wouldn’t be able to us you’d crash
into a mountain so that’s why if you look at an online flight map you’ll see
no planes whatsoever flying over to that but now it’s time for you to make your
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