Watersports Brands Radar / Ronix Jump into NFC

(rock music) – Here at Square One
we’ve got a Radar brand and a Ronix brand. Those pinnacle brands
in both the water ski and wakeboard industry. All founded on pushing
progress, moving forward, being the leader. – Square One reached out
to us a couple years ago looking for a possible way to
innovate with their products. Something that might help
’em kind of bridge that the digital divide that
they were starting to see with e-commerce and they
looked and saw NFC tags as potentially a way to
build a bridge there. – The story of how a product
is sold is so different today. When I first started it was,
are you getting the gatefold in magazine and how many
additional spreads and singles and that was 100% your marketing. – You know, so when we
first met with GoTo Tags it was like boom, we gotta do this, this is the easiest way
to get our product videos, our ski information in the
hands of that customer. So thankful that we did because
doing that three years ago has allowed us to be at the
forefront of what’s possible and it’s done huge for
our ability to interact with customers, for
customers to interact with us and it’s a step I would, you
know I would do ten-fold. – [Ramsey] By tagging a
ski and having you know, the exact content that the brand and the company wants to have available right there on the ski, for
perpetuity, it’s invaluable. – [Brooks] We didn’t just
want to put a one-time use tag on our products. We wanted to actually put that NFC chip underneath the top sheet of a graphic, so that it was a permanent fixture. And when you’re water
skiing, you’re crossing lakes at 70 miles per hours, hookin’
turns, goin’ 90 degrees. And if you’re wakeboarding,
you’re doing flips and spins and grabs and the NFC chips have to stand up through all of that. – [Paul] Being so far off the
spectrum of retail pricing with quite a few of our
products, you know education is so important and Go-To Tags has been an, I would say an
amazing partner with that. – [Brooks] We realize that
educating customers, the first step and from that we can
learn about the customer. But now we’re using it to
educate people in the shops so they can watch training
videos through scanning NFC chips and things like that. – We can expand dramatically
on the things that we’re doing. That is the beauty of our
platform management system, is it’s dynamic. We can add functionality or remove it. We can change what the
tag does in real-time and we can provide them
with really valuable insight onto how the products that
they produce are out there in ecosystem are being used. – And that’s the great thing about it, is it’s not just like use it for this. You can use it for this, this, this, this and that and really have
everybody’s needs covered from a marketing perspective
to a sales perspective to a logistics perspective. That it covers all those
bases with one simple device. – So what we’ve done
here with Radar and Ronix is a perfect example of
how a brand can leverage our technology to forge
a new area of connection with their customers
and with their product. – [Brooks] And if you think,
oh, how does it work for me? Let them work with you to tell you how it’s gonna work for
you because they know how. Call the team at GoTo Tags and get them in your products right now! (rock music)

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