Walk off The Earth – Has a Reality Show Ep.2 (Pilot)

Walk off The Earth – Has a Reality Show Ep.2 (Pilot)

Sarah: Last time on Walk Off The Earth, we’ve arrived in Whistler after a long tour… Sarah: for a few days of relaxing and
snowboarding Sarah: Gianni and Giorgio spent some guy time wandering in the woods Sarah: And Gianni is feeling pretty confident
before hitting the hill… Gianni: Just follow the curves that I do, I’m going to put some deep ones in the snow.. Gianni: It’ll help you kind of like catch a line Sarah: But little does he know that I have a few tricks up my sleeve… Sarah: You know every once in a while you got to come out of the woodwork and show people.. Sarah: the skills that you’ve been hiding for a long time…so this is one of those moments You got this! “Music Plays” Rule the World by WOTE Gianni: Conditions are not ideal, it’s tough out there you gonna go? Sarah: Alright, alright I’ll go. “Music plays” Gang of Rhythm by WOTE Gianni: What?! You’ve got to be kidding me! James: Dude..she rips. Gianni: Liar! Sarah: The conditions are actually pretty awesome Gianni: Sarah you’re a friken pro! Gianni: Why didn’t you tell me, how long have you been snowboarding! Sarah: Its just a little trick I had up my sleeve Gianni: She’s pro! Gianni: How did you keep that from me? Sarah: Some things about a girl you just got to keep a secret… Sarah: Lets do this, lets go do some more runs “Music Plays” Hold on by WOTE Sarah: Traveling with the kids and being in all different parts of the world is something.. Sarah: a little non-conservative I guess it’s
different than a lot of other people.. Sarah: and.. I hope that what they get out of coming with us and living this whole adventure.. Sarah: with us and this whole journey is that they get to really appreciate the world.. Sarah: and where we’re at and our family and our life and the people that are around us Sarah: and like the love that’s around us I
just want them to know that they’re a big part of that “Music plays” Hold On by WOTE Gianni: Giorgio you know mom’s a pro snowboarder, did you know? Gianni: You knew? He didn’t even tell me Gianni: Everyone’s is in on it except for me Sarah: Next time on Walk Off The Earth Sarah: We’re in Calgary Alberta for the Juno Awards where we’re nominated for group of the year… Sarah: and the stress is building leading
up to the award ceremony Sarah: I feel nervous… Sarah: I have major anxiety right now actually “Fans Cheering!” The Juno for group of the year goes
to.. Walk Off The Earth “Audience Cheering” Sarah: We just want you guys to know that if you have a dream go out and go for it.. Sarah: you gotta lead the way you gotta do what you love.. Sarah: because when you do what you love, what you do will love you back, thank you so much! Sarah: Hope you guys had fun watching that pilot… Sarah: Hit the like button and comment below.. Sarah: If you think we should make more content like this, do not forget to.. Sarah: subscribe and hit the notification bell so you’re always in the loop.. Sarah: when we drop a new video and you know we’re always on tour so we’ll see you soon.. Sarah: Love you guys XO.

100 thoughts on “Walk off The Earth – Has a Reality Show Ep.2 (Pilot)

  1. My husband and I have very different tastes in music, but if either one of us puts WOTE on, we’re both singing along, smiling and dancing like fools in the kitchen. It’s not just us either…all six of our kids from the oldest who’s 13, down to the 4 yr old twin “babies” of the family, love you guys! One of the twins is obsessed with Beard Guy and fire trucks, and the other only has eyes for Sarah. Don’t worry, the rest of us love ALL of you 🙂 Thank you so much for doing what you do, the way you do it. There aren’t a whole lot of things everyone in our big family loves, thank you being such a big part of ours. We can’t wait to see you live for the first time in November!!

  2. Loved it, made me feel happy to see the joy you all sharing as a family. Beautiful people, much love to you and your journey

  3. WOTE seriously rocks it! And yes love the behind the scenes family you ALL are… super inspiring in this world where it is so needed… heartfully thanks

  4. The editing of this and the audio queues are spot on! A+! This is really solid and entertaining to watch. Amazing idea and an even more amazing Band of people! Keep it up WotE! I hope to catch you at a live concert one day <3
    – Vancouver, BC, Canada!

  5. Such a pleasure to watch you. Always smiling, full of joy. Love you all ! Keep doing what you in such a great way !!

  6. Great idea guys- we've been doing an almost daily vlog for 169 episodes now– not as "polished" as your reality show (xoxo) but it's been a great way to meet new folks all over the world and share our journey from the inside out with the planet! Love you and support your journey to the MOON and BACK! xoxoxoxoxo (Jackie & Andy)

  7. How is your music so perfect for a reality show?? This would just be a Vlog from most people but the music amps it +2000% <3

  8. Also Gianni being SO proud and excited about her surprise snowboarding skills when he could have gone all jealous is so pure <3

  9. I am loving watching your series and of course I am left wanting more!!! I can not wait to see you all November 14th in Dallas TX. I am going to really try and get your VIP. Really really hoping I can meet you all. Keep doing what you're doing!!!! So many are loving it all!

    Congrats on your Juno! Very very much deserved! <3

  10. Sarah's snowboarding .. you rock!your sexy!..!!! Please keep doing videos like this,, makes mine and my husband's day <3 I love you guys! keep rock'n WOTE … spreading the love from the Philippines 🙂 😀 :*

  11. I love this so much! Like many of your fans I really try to watch everything that gives a sneak peak into what you guys are like in your every day lives. I also think it's amazing you take your kids with you on this journey. When you first had your oldest son I had a little mini heart attack (in my mind not for real,of course) that you guys wouldn't play as much or might fizzle out, and you have done quite the opposite. It's amazing and so inspiring. If anyone says any differently they can shove it up their own…. Well you know 😉. I would love to see an episode showcasing each band member or even several on each would be awesome.
    ❤ and ☮ to you from me!

  12. Artists like you, living their live and show it to the globe are pure energy and motivation to keep on rocking itself!!! Thank you!!! Come to snowboard in the Alps!!!

  13. Hey WOTE Guys/Gals, I have been a fan for many years, especially Ryan Marshall's fan anyway . These episodes are Awesome. Why haven't ya'll contacted the discovery channel or Vise to have your own series. If any exec from these channels saw you videos, they would without a doubt sign you up…… Figures crossed you guys get sign up..
    Hopeful, James 'Scott' McGee

  14. LOVE. The only word I have for these videos! Keep them coming! It's so nice to see the other side to y'all. What a beautiful family.

  15. My boyfriend and I are HUGE fans and we would LOVE to see you guys do Play that Funky Music or Superstition!!
    Super excited to see what you guys bring to the show and other videos! You're all so creative and talented! Cant wait to see what's next!

  16. Please make more episodes – I loved the Pilot!!!! You guys are awesome and talented and your kids are just so precious <3

  17. I love watching you guys together what a beautiful family…and the mad snowboarding from Sarah "Boom" ! Love WOTE please come back to Australia soon <3

  18. Amazing! Found you guys accidentally and I'm hooked. From the music, to your relationships, and your gorgeous children. Lots of love to Walk off the Earth from Scotland x

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