[Music] hello everyone my name is Quan yo one yo are you planning to go to Vietnam are you a budget traveler are just the one who enjoyed the public transform so this video is for you how to get from the Nova airport to the city centre of Hanoi by bus yo check it out [Music] why did I do this V lock well I know you are the cella you’re the first time here when you arrived you know when you get out the terminal 2 international terminal you will see there is the full of people there are so many people out there the tourist guy the foreigner that employee bla bla bla so many people out there if you are on the tour it’s ok if you have money to catch a cab taxi well it’s a guy too but even looking for a publisher spot where bus hmm well to be honest guy my English is very bad but you know life is hard and I dare to take the challenge if I made many mistake [Music] talking about the bus well there’s a lot of buses you can catch from denote by F hot just like limousine bus mini bus ever bus just like bitching at bus just stop bus vinum li bus as some local bus but I don’t recommend them just forget them I recommend you the bus eighty sick yeah remember that number eighty sick why well it’s run by our government yeah so it’s reliable it’s really on time they are the buses they will run only if the bus is full yeah if you’re trying to find taxi account from the Novaya pod well it’s very easy but to be honest guy I don’t believe Vietnamese Tassie trial why well some guys cheese the Tassie matter yes they did the hackett so you will pay more than you think awesome guys well they asking for some extra money when you’re right if you don’t give them [Music] the ticket price very cheap yeah front in Dubai upon to the city center of Hanoi Hanoi chance station you only pay 30,000 Villeneuve one way one point five dollar well you have to pay by cast they don’t know Ollie please for the same distance if you get on Tasi hmm you will pay ten time four hundred thousand Villa gnome it’s around twenty to twenty-five dollars hmm and don’t forget maybe you will pay a little extra money well not every touchy driver in Vietnam is a bad guy yeah you can choose to see if you want to and you can make a deal with them to lower the price but be careful at the extra money [Music] how can you catch the bus ATC follow this instruction when you are at the arrival hall of termina to note by airport fine to get a one from there go outside [Music] look at your left side now we cross the street [Music] there’s a lot of car here be careful so many people so many car okay let’s go let’s go then to left look about your head and find the bus stop ATSC not ya no not that one No almost there here we go the bus stop ATC now just wait sometime it may come late but don’t worry chappy champ there it is now let’s go so did you guy that find the gate Oh Mon Calas I crowd the street turn left and find the bus stop ATC easy huh [Music] the first bus is awry and 6:18 a.m. and the last bus is 10:58 p.m. out of time you can catch the other bus or you can choose to see the bus ATC has a spur stop from the Nova upon the city center of Hanoi but you can stop wherever you want if you don’t know where to stop just ask the bus driver or the ticket ticker they are willing to help if they don’t and you see some bad behavior of them just make a call but don’t worry they are friendly guys I’m sure [Music] they’re a bus stop but I recommend you five must stop that maybe interest you first up to is oakerson zero and info kuba oakerson zero or in food coma are the stop that near Westlake did you know Westlake is our for in a town in Hanoi there’s a lot of restaurant here many bars for Farina and you can meet new friend here the third one is long bian bus interchange long be immersed in the chain this stop near the old town well there’s a lot of thing you can do in old town especially at night you can enjoy my life here in the hotel don’t forget to trifle which is Vietnamese noodle it’s very famous dishes in the world yeah it is delicious too yummy you can drink beer meet the new friends enjoy speed food night market the four-month is panel Opera House uh-huh not opera theater well at the Opera House enjoy many tremor attraction here our Opera House enjoy champion ice cream well is not that good but it’s very famous here and of course the most famous one and most iconic one one kill Lake and the last one and the last talk is Hanoi cheese station from here I recommend you go to Sabah La Caille [Music] [Music] so that’s how you get bus for the Nova airport to the city center of Hallowed next time you are going to Hanoi welcome you [Music] [Music]


  1. Really helpful thank you! I will be arriving in Hanoi in just over a week and couldn't decide between the bus and taxi. Think I will get the bus now! Staying at Posh Hotel in the old quarter and am still a little unsure about the best stop but will ask one of the guys 🙂

  2. Does bus 86 go past No 9, Vo Nguyen Giap str – Thai Phu – Mai Dinh – Soc Son – Ha Noi, Noi Bai Airport, Hanoi, Vietnam??? Can you tell us, which 2* or 3 * hotel to stay which is safe and not so expensive.

  3. Hello, im going to ninh binh next month, there is any buses direct from noi bai airport to ninh binh ?? Thanks

  4. Just subscribed to your Channel! Hope you will also subscribe to my channel 😊 I will be visiting Hanoi next week, any tips?

  5. Very informative about Hanoi Public transport to those traveler who wants visit Hanoi. I like it and big thanks to you for this good video. Keep it up good vlog bro!

  6. Hey Man! Very nice Video! I went to Hanoi just recently and your video really helped me. I referenced your video to my VLOG on how to get to Hanoi from NIA (I hope you won't mind).
    Your english is very good by the way. More power to you bro! Please make more videos that can help tourist especially first time tourist know more about Vietnam! 🙂

  7. Hello… great to found your video… im travelling by april… looking forward to do so much stuffs in vietnam.. im doing a cruise too in ha long..😊😊

  8. you are so good!, I have no idea about your English because I am learning too, I admire your serious working spirit, you will go further!, congrats and good luck!

  9. Hello there. Does bus 86 have any regular stops before it gets to the old city ,so I might be able to get off the bus before the old city thank you

  10. Your English is amazing!❤️

    If I want to go to Hanoi old quarter at the Hanoi City Backpackers Hostel at which stop should I get off from the bus ????

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