Very Rare! Antonov An-70 Taking Off from Leipzig/Halle Airport (Germany)

Very Rare! Antonov An-70 Taking Off from Leipzig/Halle Airport (Germany)

I guess the competition just has the better equipment 😉 B735 in the background is D-ABIF “Landau”. Listen! Here comes the competition 😉 Approaching B738 is D-ABBK.

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  1. Just curious as to how this plane compares to the C-130. The counter-rotating props are cool to see. Long live the Ukraine!!

  2. I can’t really describe this plane’s sound: it doesn’t sound like a turboprop, but it also doesn’t sound like a jet either, but perhaps something in between.

  3. You generally don't taxi with the flaps down in fear of damaging them from stones etc that could be flicked up into them from the prop wash and damaging them, so I was told in pilot training many years ago.

  4. ОНИ били, били, не добили! Рушили, рушили, недорушили! СССР нет! Но даже маленький его осколок – Украина, всё ещё способна производить высокотехнологичную продукцию! … на долго ли ещё хватит Советского задела?

  5. at 65$m a copy this thing blows away the airbus offering and the us c130. such a shame this will never see volume production. antanov have refloated the idea with 2 jet engines but no takers.

  6. The big blue propellers are highly unusual! Looks kind of like a Ukrainian A400. On a side note, the Germans certainly love their stupid windmills. Seems like every German airport is surrounded by them. What could go wrong?

  7. This is the only aircraft I know of that uses contra-rotating blades on all the_engines. What was the purpose for doing so?

    number built: 2 prototypes
    unit cost: 67 mil. US$ (2015)
    number built: 72
    unit cost: 152 mil. euro (2013)

    from Romania

  9. the blue and gold colored props make it look like the plane has two big fat blue and gold daisies on each wing.. I'm just saying. Great looking plane by the way, and props to Russia (pun not intended) for making another incredible flying machine!

  10. Amazing aircraft, can anybody tell me if there is an advantage of using propellers rather than the standard jet turbine engine? Thanks

  11. Антонов, поедприятие без заказов, опытные специалисты уехали поднимать китайский авиапром.

  12. We missed the best part. Sorry, this is not a takeoff video. It’s only part of one. Go back and do it again please. Thanks!

  13. Чудо техники Советских инженеров! Красивый самолёт, впрочем как и любой другой, спроектированный и созданный нашими инженерами в Советском Союзе!

  14. Хороший самолётик, только начал проектироваться, строиться, в 1974 году. Кстати, в С. С. С. Р.

  15. Салоеды вонючие!А вспомните как Россия за свои деньги два раза восстанавливала этот Ан-70 при падениях на испытании, хотя договор был 50/50!Ах, да-Сало Украине, Украине сало!(или Слава…., а один хер….)

  16. Imagine if Ukraine was part of Europe, it would become a rich and succesful country and plane maker, I heard antanov is no more! It’s closed for good!

  17. The US turned Ukraine into a failed state run by neo-nazis banned in the US but encouraged there to threaten Russia. They can kiss goodbye their industries as the country' new role us not produce competitive products but only be a beach head for US aggression.

  18. У КБ Антонов дуже красиві та надійні літаки. Україна може будувати аероплани…

  19. Из какого сарая достали???ведь пендосия вам другое поставляет.а это не ваше совсем и авиация ваша сдохла,жёлтоголубые.

  20. Ага с такой шумностью он нахер никому не нужен

  21. Wow I would have really expected it to be much louder. From a tactical airlift perspective this would offer great performance with economy in a price I can afford… LOL

  22. The #1 prototype was lost in a mid-air in 1995 and the #2 was severely damaged in a belly landing in 2001, but was repaired and continued the test programme, which was completed in 2014.

  23. It’s really a shame that the Antonov design bureau is basically dead. They used to have the know how and the technologies to create exceptional planes back in the days of the USSR (like the masterpiece that was the An-124 “Ruslan” and its bigger version An-225 “Mriya” for Buran shuttle transportation and high altitude rocket launches), now they aren’t even capable of building existing models for the last several years. The An-70 is a nice project dating from the 80s but with the collapse of the USSR, it all went south. No market for the An-70, as the main technical parter was Russia’s Ilyushin design bureau, and the primary customer for this plane was the Russian army, but we all know how things are nowadays between Ukraine and Russia. China was interested at some point, but they decided to go on by developing a domestic plane with the help of Russia, as they saw Ukraine as politically and economically unreliable and unstable, not worth investing into, too risky. The An-70 had problems with its certification because of its extremely loud engines, resulting in the ban of this plane in most airports, reliability problems of those engines too. Nowadays, the isolation of the Antonov design bureau (the An-70 used to be a Ukrainian-Russian joint project, but Russia pulled out for political reasons) led to the death of the An-70 project. I doubt we will ever see another An-70 built, and for that matter, any other Antonov major cargo plane in the future. A sad ending of a once glorious design bureau.

  24. Кроме России он нах ни кому не был нужен. Что и показало время.

  25. I know I am very late on this video. But, that is an awesome aircraft. Thoes propellers are very unique. And that sound. I've never heard any prop aircraft sound like that. Awesome catch mate.

  26. If the political situation hadn't turned for the worse, probably have a hundred of these babies in the sky by now. Very promising programme, but where does it stand now?

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