UZBEKISTAN: New Visa Rules (Good News) | Uzbekistan Airways | Tashkent Airport Review

UZBEKISTAN: New Visa Rules (Good News) | Uzbekistan Airways | Tashkent Airport Review

Before I take you on the trip of Kyrgyzstan Where I will introduce you to Kyrgyzstan’s people, culture, mountains, etc I think I should tell you how did I travel from Delhi to Kyrgyzstan In the last video, I told you about my transit in Uzbekistan Many of you may also take the same route before you do so, you should know how was my flight! and how was my experience at Tashkent Airport! because I had a few problems at Tashkent Airport Also, after watching this video after watching this video You will come to know about a very interesting information Indians can stay in Uzbekistan for five days without a visa That means you don’t have to visit the embassy or apply for E-visa before coming to Uzbekistan Keep watching this video for more details Another new trip has started This is Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan This is Tashkent’s airport I’m on the way to Kyrgyzstan This is a layover of few hours in Uzbekistan I reached here by Uzbekistan airways If you are travelling with Uzbekistan Airways and using Uzbekistan as a transit country Then you can get a free transit in this country That means you can travel here for five days This is similar to what I did last year in Almaty I started my journey from Delhi to Turkey But my Air Astana flight was via Almaty So I got a free transit in Almaty So, the route was Delhi-Almaty, Almaty-Istanbul I stayed in Almaty for two days By availing the free transit facility in Kazakhstan The same facility is being offered by Uzbekistan But this facility is only applicable for the passengers of Uzbekistan Airways my Layover duration in Uzbekistan is 18 hours Right now I am using the layover Before going out of the airport, I wanted to share a few things with you It will help you if you are coming to Tashkent here is an ATM machine You can use it to withdraw the local currency There are very few charging points at this airport don’t forget to keep international travel adapter before coming to this country Indian plugs will not function here There is no water dispenser Not even a shop from where you could buy water So I would suggest you to Refill your water bottle from the flight Although the airport staff said that the water in the toilet’s taps is drinkable But you decide if you really want to drink that water Or want to buy a water bottle Though I couldn’t see a shop to buy a bottle here there is a Cafe behind me but it is closed right now behind me is the customs and exit gates here are the immigration counters This is Tashkent’s duty-free shop my flight landed at this airport at around 4 AM and now it’s almost been six hours I’m still at the arrival terminal of this airport This is quite a small airport You can use the AirPort’s free Wi-Fi only if you have a local number You don’t expect much from this airport This is Tashkent’s international airport This is the arrival terminal Next, I am going to show you the departure terminal It’s 11:15 AM, time to go Thanks for listening to me so patiently this is the information counter by tourism department You can also get a tourist Sim from there The SIM cost around 650 Rs. You can get 8GB of Internet data You can also book a taxi from There This tourist information centre is open for 24 hours Just now a flight from New York has landed It’s passengers are waiting for their luggage on conveyor belts these people helped me a lot finally, I am out of the arrival terminal I came out of that building That is the arrival building and…. What else should I share! Now, I am going to the departure building Weather is so pleasant so I’m happy temperature is around 16°C These are the minibuses called Marshrutkas This is a popular way of public transport You can travel from the airport to the city centre on these minibuses The airport building looks very nice from outside Though it lacks a few basic facilities from inside It’s 1:30 PM I got this boarding pass And I have given my big rucksack for check-in now, I have to go to my right Here is the entrance This is quite a small airport its 2 PM Behind me are the security and immigration counters After completing all the formalities now I have come to the Airside Thanks to my ‘ancient’ go pro hero four I have again started vlogging with this camera A lot of people said that they were missing the wide-angle effect in canon G7X Mark 2 camera and even I used to miss this important feature in Canon Where are you guys! You are also going to Bishkek? They all are MBBS students They study in Bishkek for five years Okay! you are in the fourth year. So, where are your friends? And where is our boarding gate B5? I will meet you there a lot of students like him met me at Delhi airport. they watch my videos. I saw this mentioned in a lot of places “free Wi-Fi zone” But you need to have a local number to access this Wi-Fi So this is the waiting lounge at the Airside our plane must have arrived by now We are going to board soon I am feeling sleepy it’s 3:15 PM I couldn’t sleep last night during my last flight Just got a short nap in the daytime Now we are going to board and… and Nothing… Finally we have reached Bishkek this is the airport I think Leh’s (Ladakh) airport must be a little bit smaller than this This is actually looking so small. Most of the passengers on this flight are Indian students they have come here to study MBBS One of them is with me I AM RAZI AHMED AND I AM HERE FOR LAST THREE YEARS this gentleman is from Jharkhand As he has been living here for the last three years I told me many important things about this country Like where to stay, what to eat,, what to buy from where to buy! From where can I get Indian food! And a lot more He helped me a lot What is the name of your university? INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MEDICINE how many Indian students study there? AROUND 2500 Is the faculty from India? NO, WE HAVE A MIXED FACULTY But I am surprised to know that 90% of the students are Indians and 10% of them are Pakistan’s It’s quite surprising! How much is your fee? WE PAY Rs.120,000 PER SEMESTER I am at a few students like them while going to a Astana two years back You have to study in a foreign country But you will be going back to India to practice medicine! YES, WE HAVE TO GIVE AN EXAMINATION BEFORE STARTING OUR MEDICAL PRACTICE IN INDIA But why do you have to come here to study instead of studying in India! IN INDIA STUDYING MBBS IS VERY EXPENSIVE ALSO, IT IS NOT EASY TO GET A SEAT IN THE MEDICAL COLLEGE IN INDIA This needs to be addressed at our country’s level By the way, it’s raining and the temperature outside is 10°C I thank you very much for all the information you have provided The Indian passenger sitting with me told me This aircraft belongs to ‘avia traffic’ company This has arrived from Delhi in just three hours finally I have entered Kyrgyzstan. I’m so happy I have got the entry stamp on my passport I’m so happy Where are you guys going! I don’t know where is that place, but I have to go to this place It’s cold here I am at a few wonderful people here and I am happy to meet them India is good

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