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Hi, guys. This is LoukGolf and
Learn English with Cambridge. As I have already taken you
to some places in Bangkok, in this episode I’m going to
talk about ways to get around. Get around is a phrasal verb which means to travel
to a lot of places. Bangkok is a big city, so there are many modes
of transportation. Just like any other city, there are buses,
trains or taxis, and if you travel by water, there is a boat that will take
you along the rivers and canals. I have to warn you though, getting around Bangkok
can drive you insane if you don’t plan
your routes beforehand. The word route means
a particular way or direction between places. Life in Bangkok
can be super-hectic. Most people in Bangkok travel
by Skytrain or the underground on a daily basis, because they are
pretty fast and convenient. The word convenient here means
suitable for your purposes and needs and causing
the least difficulty. If you happen to visit Bangkok, you don’t want to miss taking
a ride on this iconic vehicle, which is called a tuk-tuk. Ta-da. So this is a tuk-tuk. A tuk-tuk is a simple vehicle
with an engine and three wheels, often used as a taxi
in some parts of the world. So this is my tuk-tuk, okay? You can find tuk-tuks
everywhere in Bangkok. They are very popular
among tourists and it is common for Thai people
to take them too. Okay, let’s go. Right, I’m on the tuk-tuk now. It’s quite spacious, actually. The word spacious means large
and with a lot of space. This is spacious, you see. I’m going to choose three words
to describe this journey. Windy. Fun. Exciting. People usually take
tuk-tuks for short rides because they are very accessible
and it’s easy to hop on and off. The word accessible means able
to be reached or easily got. I’m almost there. So if you are in Bangkok, you definitely have
to try taking a tuk-tuk. It will give you
a one-of-a-kind experience. The phrase one-of-a-kind
is used to describe a product or a service that is
the only one of its type or that is very unusual. If your country has
any one-of-a-kind vehicles, leave a comment below because I would like to learn
more about where you live too. And don’t forget if there are any words
in this episode that you don’t know
the meanings of, you can look them up on the
Cambridge Dictionary website. And before you go
watch something else, please check out
our transportation word list on Cambridge Dictionary +Plus, so you can practise
the vocabulary and test yourselves with the quiz. All right, I have to go now. Bye.

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