Updates | AeRo Tax | Thanks for 7 K !

Updates | AeRo Tax | Thanks for 7 K !

hey guys I owe tax here co-leader ver Oakland um I just want to say thank you so much for seven thousand subscribers we really appreciate it and I need to make this to give you some information about air Oakland that’s coming up soon some stuff that you need to know maybe if you want anyway teamtage 13 it’s coming up soon it’s going to be insane it’s going to be our Europe team against our north american team our European team against our north american team i guess that’s how you say it but um and we each each side of the team has 20 clips 20 of our best clips so it’s going to be crazy and if you can comment on and say who you think might one so it’s a friendly competition but doesn’t really matter anyway what else is there um oh yeah our recruitment challenge is coming out soon I don’t know how soon exactly but should be out soon um we just got about three four new editors I’m not sure and like two or three new players and they’re they’re all insane so that’s good um what else is there I think that’s about it yeah thanks

32 thoughts on “Updates | AeRo Tax | Thanks for 7 K !

  1. A la base vous étiez une team plus française que anglaise et maintenant vous faite plus rien en français c'est vraiment dommage!!!

  2. A la base vous étiez plus une team française que anglaise et si vous êtes arrivé ici c'est aussi grâce au français donc vous auriez au moin put mette la description en français ou faire parler sur la vidéo un autre membre de la AeRo en français!!!

  3. I need to join AeRo, i;m on PS3 my name is Akash-1999 im a frikin awesome quickscoper and and a preety good trickshotter

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