100 thoughts on “Under the radar: A cop’s 20-year secret exposed in northwest Arkansas, Part 2

  1. He was always on the wrong side of the law he was just finally caught. Half the people who join the force are creep bullies who want power over people.

  2. Yet another reason to NOT trust ANYONE with a badge and gun., all citizens should be armed and ready for anything. These pieces of garbage MUST be eliminated from our society before total anarchy ensues. They don't care about the law, they only exist to prey on every other person who's not in their "gang" of badge wearing , goose-stepping NAZIS.
    IF YOU WANT PEACE, PREPARE FOR WAR. THAT IS WHY OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WROTE THE SECOND AMENDMENT. The only way I will give up my arms is when they are pried from my cold, stiff, dead hands.

  3. "He's certainly a very manipulative person" Isnt that his job description as a police officer to be able to question suspects he needs to be manipulative. Some of them even learn things like NLP (neurolinguistic programming to be able to do that). Just saying. Every cop has to be able to "interview" (it used to be called interrogate) people and good cops are also good interrogators. They only tell you the truth once for 10 seconds (the miranda warning)
    Bla bla bla EVERYTHING you say can and will be used AGAINST you in court/////// Understand that he says AGAINST YOU never FOR YOU. So basically the miranda warning itself tells you to NEVER TALK TO COPS. Wait for your attorney and do not make a beep.


  5. Why am i not surprised people like him get into law enforcement so they can get away with murder rape and making our lives hell!!

  6. This jekyll-and-hyde of a man is just another lawbreakers with no respect for women children or man and not to mention this profession should be put on death row there are many more on the force

  7. The majority of cops are not for the American people they are against us and are not here to protect and serve hopefully sooner then later it changes and the gang blue has better relationships with their communities instead of putting fear. Its their motto protect and serve hopefully they start to follow that.

  8. Those lying cheating thieving self-serving pieces of shitt known as the Fraternal Brotherhood of Law enforcement the only good cop is a Dead cop period TARGET THEM NOW BEFORE THEY TARGET YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONE'S

  9. They always get off and has got away with being nothing more than wolves In sheep clothing, you marry these type men, knowing the kind f monsters they are.

  10. They should take blood tests from every law enforcement officer and keep them on file incase anything comes up like this.

  11. Raped a woman in a house of God! I don't dwell on religion much and it even seems excessively scumbaggish to me.

  12. Thank you thin blue line gang for destroying the trust in society. Put bullets into the head of that punk cop. And anyone who helped him.

  13. It’s sad that the number of bad cops are ruining the good cops. You see some cops having a bad ‘roid rage day and almost beat ppl to death. The good cops are treated like crap cause ppl are scared of the bad cops. So many cops feel like they are above the law and should not have to follow the law. If someone says that a cop was the abuser the police department does their own “investigation” and the outcome is usually a very small slap on the wrist. However if it’s a regular civilian they get arrested and thrown in jail. Some of them are innocent.

  14. And he was a cop,I say again,this piece of crap was a cop….
    Trust the police they say,the police are for your protection they say…when they can't police themselves how can you trust them to police you?

  15. I still trust cops 🤥 holy shit my nose grew so long when I said that I trust cops. My nose grew to almost the size of my dick.

  16. I'm not surprised at all by this or anything I see or hear about police nowadays. Scary how many more cops out there. SMH.

  17. And some cop who worked with him knew something. Their “code” allows bad cops to do what they want while the others cover for them. Fuck blue lives!!!

  18. Investigate all the cops! All of them! Cops are ass hats who got all C’s in high school and want to play god over people. Think about it…why else become a cop? 😤

  19. "The Lord will get us through…" Where was "The Lord" when this guy was raping and killing? You've got to live in reality, y'all.

  20. Now you all know that there's 1000's of these pieces of shits still on the force you know the ones gets off with a free pay and vacation nothing new that's why we live in a bullshit society 🥺😱😱☠☠☠🤯😵🥶🥶👹😈👽☠💀👺it's all coming to an end 💀💀💀💀💀

  21. Yeah that's what I be saying how the hell do people like that end up in charge of the world or put in any significant position in regard to people

  22. He will spend his time in administrative segregation due to being in law enforcement. He'll never be in the general population. It's to dangerous for him. He will have an escort for protection every time he's out of his cell. Which will be seldom. Just think of a dog at the shelter,long term.

  23. Sadly this is normal in BC. I've seen cops with the bcso do anything they damn well please. About time. Now go look into Andy Lee Jr.

  24. That was so satisfying to see him walking into prison .. Scary part is many other pigs are just like him that are currently serving the public

  25. Why was this not a death penalty case? I guess Pig's get special treatment since they were
    "police officers"
    What was his reason for murdering this guy?

  26. Johannesburg, South Africa – Perfect example of an American police officer. How many have killed and continue to kill people while their respective police departments and unions defend them? How many innocent/unarmed people continue to be killed by police in their own homes? There's nothing unique about this criminal's case.

  27. But yet we are told to believe and think that we should give up our rights or our own means of protection and that relying on cops is a rational idea. 🤔

  28. Look at any country that had civil collapse who breaks the laws ? Police who rapes steals and blunder police they are scum and have the knowledge the power and the guns to misuse the power given to them

  29. No+ Bad cops have got away by the hands of Judges, prosecutors, and lawyers, under oath, in court these individuals of powers should be held accountable, as well instead everyone was trying to save this officer, name along with their reputation nonetheless' under the circumstances their Jobs, now since he has been found guilty the prosecutor 's office is comparing the formal police officer now as being a psychopath because the justice system is full of corruption itself just call it like Is, paint no beautiful picture because there is none that exists, in my opinion, I rest my impressions .of this case and send it to garbage 🚯 where it belongs

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