Ukrainian Passenger Plane Likely Shot Down Over Iran, U.S. Sources Say | NBC Nightly News

Ukrainian Passenger Plane Likely Shot Down Over Iran, U.S. Sources Say | NBC Nightly News

67 thoughts on “Ukrainian Passenger Plane Likely Shot Down Over Iran, U.S. Sources Say | NBC Nightly News

  1. Fake news quit fear mongering the investigation is still ongoing in the ground and American media has no credibility nor do they have any type of credible information

  2. I love how you are saying 2 are a mistake.. These missiles don't blow up in mid air unless programmed too..Stop this Fake News

  3. Something not right here !they fail to hit a non moving target(military base),but yet one strike on a flying plane, I guess practice becomes perfect .

  4. This is what happens when you start a fight, innocent bystanders get caught in the crossfire. Now we have some jerk trying to blame the innocent bystanders for getting in the way. Just perhaps, the Iranian government should have grounded all aircraft.

  5. all you have to do is show a diagram of where the plane took off and where it got hit and you'll have clue how it happen NBC

  6. first off Iran if US were to counterattack we would be using tomahawk cruise missles on your 52 targets along with stealth bombers we dont use passenger airliners.

  7. To those thinking it's suspicious that someone was filming that direction..
    2 SAMs were fired. They are very loud and light up the dark, and anyone outside in Tehran watching for some evidence of a US response to the Iranian strike would have had their attention drawn to the part of the sky when the first SAM launched. The dude with the camera obviously had his attention drawn that way and the video caught the 2nd SAM going up from the same SAM site hitting the the airplane.
    Easily explained. Stop trying see Hollywood-esque conspiracies where there are none.

  8. Iran shot it down on purpose believing the U.S. would fire at them so, they wanted to blame the U.S. for killing these poor people. Hard to accept, but Iran’s leadership is evil.

  9. Intelligence here and Intelligence there, from anonymous source here and anonymous source there. Why don’t they present the evidence so that the public understand what really happend?

    But at this point, even if evidence is presented you should always take everything they say with a grain of salt. I personally don’t believe Iran would shoot down an airplane so close to the airport. Everybody in the world with an smartphone and an app like flightscanner can see all traficking planes across the world. And you don’t think the military of Iran is capable of tracking (GPS, Radar, flight controll confirmation etc) a simple passanger airplane just minutes away from the international airport? It is scary how the media and politicians have so much controll over us.

    I truly feel sorry for those who have passed. May they rest in peace.

  10. Iran is the kind of tyranical, bully government that kills their own people and takes away their rights. IT IS ALSO HOW YOU CAN DESCRIBE THE CURRENT USA GOVERNMENT, who are stealing our liberty killing our people, bullies and taking away our freedom . The terroist bullies are THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. This is no different than the Iranian government and will NOT end in friednly fire.

  11. LIKE 911 – With our Twin Towers + FBI Building + Pentagon + Field – the so-called Airplanes crashing to our structures funny how governments work…

    YOU KNOW WHAT – at least I see PLANE pieces in IRAN, but I didn't see this on US 911 crash locations. The proof that we need…

  12. When hatred fills the veins, the body will surely self destruct. This tragedy must be a very humbling experience for the Iranians.

  13. Why would Iran launch the missile at their own people?? Come on.. it's soooo obviously an American attack to frame Iran and give more leverage for full on war (devastation). They've been plotting this since (and before) 911. Surround Iran, provoke them into war and take control of the Middle East. This has been the plot all along. It's the only way America can survive. This is all a bid to hold on to the top spot of world domination, as the China “problem” was foreseen long before it took effect. These are people unlike us cannon fodder. These are the elite that see us as nothing more than numbers/pawns. I feel so sorry for all of the innocent lives lost, but open your eyes to the truth and blame the right party.

  14. How can people be so stupid to jump to a conclusion in this region? Qadaffi was a threat, "We came, we saw, he died", That went well. Sadam had chemical weapons…No, Assad had chemical weapons..No! I, so tired of all this.

  15. Of course US will say it was a mistake on Iran's side, because if it's not a mistake, there's no logical reason why Iran would shot down a passenger plane even if it's in their own disadvantage.

  16. What a fuckary. RIP to the lost ones. Its the end of the cruel disgusting regime of Islamic Republic of Arabs, not Iranian' s. They're killing their own people with such ease.

  17. Now you see why violent religious kooks should never ever have nukes. It's possible but I doubt this is a false flag or else iran would of denounced this and hand the black boxes over to an impartial country….now suddenly some of the data was destroyed.

  18. I find it a bit odd that someone just happened to be in the area. And that person had their camera recording at the exact moment the attack happened. Why were they filming?

  19. Okaaayyy…

    As late as Wednesday night, Reuters were reporting that there was no reason or evidence to suspect this aircraft had been shot down. By Thursday, "intelligence sources" were pushing the narrative that Iran had shot it down (with a Russian missile, natch).

    How sickening that the "intelligence services" would recruit 176 dead people to vilify a nation and help push the case for war.

    Remember, these are the same sources that told you about the Douma "chemical attack", and the infamous "Weapons of Mass Destruction".


  20. Cause and effect. While I completely blaim Iran, they were possibly on high alert because?

    Butterfly effect. If we hadn't had this dispute with Iran, would they have still shot down the plane🤔
    Just interesting thoughts

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