twenty one pilots – Chlorine (Official Video) REACTION

twenty one pilots – Chlorine (Official Video) REACTION

Had you in my coat pocket, where I kept my rebel red I felt I was invincible, you wrapped around my head Now different lives I lead, my body lives on lead
The last two lines may read incorrect until said Hello everyone and welcome back to the CrankThatFrank Channel the only channel on YouTube where you can get 👏family 👏 friendly 👏 alternative👏content Are you noticing anything different not just me being late to reaction to chlorine Are you doing anything positive here new merch, it’s finally here designed by the wonderful graywick Look at this detail. There’s references everywhere. If you guys want to grab merch help support the channel, please go to Again, that is REPRESENT.COM/CRANKTHATFRANK Okay, that’s enough. I just want to get to the chlorine reaction Also, I ran out of yellow tape isn’t that fantastic I’ve actually used Four rolls of yellow tape wrapping my body and mummifying myself in all of my twenty one pilots reaction videos So I have no yellow tape, but what I do have I have a trench jacket. That’s right I have a trench jacket and mind you I took this to the Bandito Tour and I was borderline moshing just jumping a lot and a lot of tape came off So I know the pattern isn’t correct. But who cares the music video for chlorine is out. “what’s a ned?” I want that to be a new meme. We’ll find out just to let you guys know This song was my most played of 2018 and this album came out in October. I love this song So, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna love the music video too, but probably not understand 90% of it (and that’s okay) – in bianary code Because we love that cryptic stuff. Yes, please Tyler feed us some more ones and zeros. We love deciphering stuff We’re pretty much rocket scientists at this point. Are you guys ready to watch chlorine with me? Okay, let’s let’s wait a second Oh my god, it feels like Christmas morning again Just a little while That looks like my cat logo, oh, oh my god, it’s happening. I-I just don’t- I-I don’t believe it What is J-Josh Is Josh trying to fill the pool up? That’s gonna take you forever and why aren’t you helping Tyler? What are you doing? You’re just listening to music with some trench tape on your headphones You have poor Josh with the bucket hat and not a drumstick in his hand. (in wingdings) buy trench (in binary code) buy trench (in something else) Buy trench Oh my god, wait Boy actually gonna literally drink chlorine don’t drink chlorine by the way, let’s see if Tyler drinks chlorine What the hell I know I’m pausing a lot but we’re not gonna let that just slide here Okay, I’m pretty sure that’s Ned. But what the hell is this scene? What What? What is that? It looks like a gigantic furry You guys know how I had Tyler and Josh locked in my closet for a year for the (thing we musn’t name). Ned is a representation of Them being furries and why I couldn’t let them out So now this is Tyler’s fursona coming to life and that is Ned You don’t have to watch any analysis videos I am the expert on this and it’s what I pride myself on stay tuned for more Twenty-One Pilots conspiracy theories guys It’s so ugly that it’s cute I’m assuming that’s chlorine Debating drinking it? ChLoRiNe I miss Ned already Okay, good, finally, we’re seeing some character development from Tyler he is now finally assisting Josh All he had to do was see a wild furry That’s all he needed to get motivated. And sometimes all you need to do to get motivated, is see a furry. I completely understand I’m not a furry, by the way Are we just watching them clean a pool? I’d watch this for ten hours I love this song more than I love myself Come on, Ned You alien-looking. I don’t even know what you are (sings Chlorine and moshes) (This goes on for a bit) I just whipped (Why Frank, Why) (Continues to sing like that whip didn’t just happen) *BrEaThEs* In my…cOaTpOcKeT Hey Tyler, you’re slacking a little bit in this video you coulda sang about your coat pocket and Also help Josh push the barrel of what I assume is a barrel of chlorine. Ok Literally, I thought the coat pocket part was gonna be where Ned came from. I thought Ned was gonna be a tiny creature that just….bOoP This is a real smile by the way Sipping on straight chlorine Oh Ned, you…alien furry-looking-thing the pool might be safe I’m sorry. I’m sorry “From the top of the steps, I’m just gonna be like, excuse me Could you please leave?” can someone make this like in an Emo Crack video or something? Can someone make Josh going like– A meme? I think this has very high meme potential. Okay, just saying even Josh is like “what’s a ned?” What’s a ned? What’s a blurryface? What’s a bandido? What’s an ned? You do your own thing Ned He’s like, “Dude, I don’t know” Ah this thing is creeping me out, but I also want to cuddle with it at the same time? Am I making any sense? I don’t even I don’t want to ruin the moment Legend says this is what you hear as you ascend into heaven Oh god, I’m getting emotional. The last part’s gonna mess me up Ah Okay. Okay. I said it was gonna ruin it, but I’m like, I don’t know if I’m ready The last part is so powerful. It has too much power. I see what you boys are doing trying to make me cry This video is my religion. Do I tape my fingers now? Fine Whoa, I just realized I didn’t talk for the entire duration of the outro. I’m not crying you’re crying you’re all crying You all cried when this came out, okay? So leave me alone. Okay, I don’t know what this video means my rough interpretation Is that Tyler was like “Ey you want to sip on this chlorine I’ve been debating about drinking? Feel these poisonous vibrations?” and then it’s like “No. Dude, you can’t drink chlorine that will kill you.” So Ned is saving Tyler and Josh is doing all of the work 100% flawless theory I’m gonna be watching this on repeat for the rest of my life I don’t know what you guys want to do with your life But if I had to suggest the best way to live your life keep watching this video on repeat. Chlorine is a masterpiece. Trench is a masterpiece Stream trench. Buy trench. Support the boys, and help Josh with some yard work Anyway, what do you think this music video is about? Leave a comment down below. I Probably missed so many Easter eggs Isn’t this so amazing? And so epic that I can’t catch any references I’m not gonna go and analyze this frame by frame. There’s much better channels that do that No, there aren’t. I’m the only family friendly alternative content channel. Don’t leave me. Okay guys, so There you go Minimalistic editing today, by the way, because I’m filming day of and I want to get this up as soon as possible I went away for a little bit of a vacation and Literally I asked Eva on the way like “Hey, when do you think Twenty-One Pilots gonna drop a new music video? and I think she said like “Oh probably like a few months” and in my head, I’m like, you know really suck if They dropped it while I was gone in they did. Thanks, Ned. I can’t wait to see all of the Ned memes I’m sure there’s plenty i’ve been avoiding literally every spoiler I can besides Tyler tweeting out like “hey-” with it with the What what emojis a furry would use “-meet Ned”, so it was pretty good at avoiding spoilers Even though I kept tweeting it to me. Thank you for watching If you enjoyed this video smash like. If you didn’t enjoy the video, please smash like. That way I know whether you enjoyed it or not. Please like the video I’m gonna go listen to this on repeat after I’m done editing and yeah, thanks for watching guys. Love you so much I won’t be late with any reaction videos in the future, hopefully Unless fans want to keep dropping it while I’m a little you know, excursions and uh, yeah I love Twenty-One Pilots more than I love myself. That’s pretty much the message of today’s video I love you, and I will see you in Monday’s video You’ve just been spanked ^KnEe SLap* By Crankthatfrank WhOoOoO Stay Wickedly frosty and……. SwAtTtTtT Ned- Ned is Tyler’s fursona spread it around Captions by Victoria Stary-Love you Frank!

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  2. 2:08 – 2:28 did the sound on anyone else's cut off?
    Edit: not just there, throughout the video whenever chlorine is playing

  3. Was anyone else completely confused when the audio cut out? Like I know he did it for copyright, but I was so shook 😂

  4. I came back here cause I loved Frank's reaction, is half the video muted because of copyright? Or is it just me?


  6. I think that Ned represents us the clique, and the pool that Tyler and josh are filling up with chlorine is their work and the songs that they produce. as shown In the video Ned refused to enter the pool until it was filled(perfected) and Tyler and josh work hard to produce music that we will accept and something that will live up to our expectations(just like when they were rolling the tank of chlorine).Even though we cause them struggles in producing music they do it anyway because they love and appreciate us as much as we love and appreciate them.

    Well that's what I get from it.
    thanks bye.

  7. I’ve watched the music video like 82.5 million times and the one timE I WATCH FRANK REACT TO IT I BUSteD THE FUCK OIT HYSTERICAL LAUGHING/CRYING LIKE A FUCKING RUGRAT WHOM AM I WHAT THE

  8. I was watching this video while I was getting ready this morning so I walked away for a minutes and all I heard was "FAMILY

  9. Did anyone else notice the fact that Ned has ANTLERS at 8:41?

    Was it actually just me?


    I'll just see myself out then…

  10. So shallow xd… don't kill me for this… don't eat soap, drink chlorine.

    And I am a faithful emo fan. Watched this and the music video the day it came out. This is a rewatch just like I do every of your videos…

  11. I literally took my headphones out and put them back in then when that didn’t work I turned my phone off and on again then I realised it was just muted because of copyright reasons. WHY AM I SO DUMB

  12. Here's a weird coincidence. I have 2 brothers named Tyler and Josh. They're both in a band. Josh plays the drums, and Tyler does back up vocals since their friend Scott does the main vocals. Yeet.

  13. does anyone else not hear any audio when the music video plays? I guess Warner Music copystriked Frank hard :/

  14. Did the audio not work for anyone during the song bc last time i watched it was there. Did he edit it or something?

  15. aight so i was about to get on the carousel and I was wearing the t-shirt from Ned's Bayou and the dude operating it just goes "n eD? ned? n ed?" and i just went "ned."

  16. In medical terms:

    Evidence (of)

    I was told this theory a while ago and have kind of forgotten but something like chlorine cleansing you, Ned is representative of overcoming disease and stuff, idk look it up 😂

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