Tribute to Gail Halvorsen: The Chocolate Pilot Song

Tribute to Gail Halvorsen: The Chocolate Pilot Song

Allied Museum in Berlin, May 13 2009 Ready to enliven the Wee CARE Choir Quentin Blake Europe School German-English Bilingual Elementary School Performing for Airlift Veterans Hope of a life free of hunger and fear This can only be Gail S. Halvorsen. The Chocolate Pilot … the kids’ favorite during the Airlift and now. When you see me wave my wings, as I circle way up high That’s the signal that sweet things will come floating down from the sky. He gave his wings a wiggle, and the tiny parachutes Like flocks of white doves filled the air. I see in all directions many children waiting They’re hoping for a sign we care. I’ll be a Chocolate Pilot, even if I never fly All I have to do is learn to share. That choreography isn’t bad, kids … … but try this! Now that’s style! Airlift veterans and their families applaud I never got a principal’s award as a kid! Supporting CARE/Germany’s Airlift Memorial Project. Original songs sung by the kids … and inspirational stories told by the Chocolate Pilot Berliner children of today say THANK YOU by helping others.

7 thoughts on “Tribute to Gail Halvorsen: The Chocolate Pilot Song

  1. A touching tribute to Col. Gail S. Halvorsen, Berlin's beloved Chocolate Pilot. Thank you for sharing this video with us. Now we can all see and hear this wonderful event all over the world!

  2. God bless Col Halvorsen – a real American hero with a heart of gold. Thanks for posting the video. I hope Germans and Americans will always remember the special friendship that exists between our two countries and the sacrifices made by US servicemen in the name of freedom.

  3. Centurystraddler, this music video IS being watched all over the United States! What a small world we live in!

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