Top 10 Japanese Words to Know Before Taking the Airplane in Japan

Top 10 Japanese Words to Know Before Taking the Airplane in Japan

hey guys it’s Risa welcome to Japanese top words so today’s theme is top 10
words to know before taking the airplane let’s go attention please
attention please kikuchi cabin the first one is kakushita meaning cabin
Kariba a taraji type in Oreo cookie cutters to this this is a new type of
airplane cabin sheet over the top seatbelt quito day 2 top seatbelt
sheet Oberto she made a classic please fasten your seat belt
okay come on you got an a Christmas cookie metaclass I toss a key Bongo seat
number tzatziki Bongo seat number anata no Suzuki Bongo Baba curry Moscow do you
know your seat number makyura pillow Makara pillow Hitoshi
white smoke could be on Omicron moti Chema’s I always take my neck pillow
like this DISA time difference DISA time difference G sabudana cried Eska why is
the time difference America Tony Ohana disorderly cry disco what is the time
difference between America and Japan do you know Donna overhead storage
compartment Tsuyoshi no Donna overhead stretch
compartment the ocean or Donna it by the stop the overhead storage compartment
was pretty full his yoga chip emergency exit yogic emergency exit key George
Rowton re Nicoise remaster i sat next to the emergency exit
kokosh to German flight attendant kaku’s to John Wayne flight attendant
kikuchiyo Mourinho B – bottom flight attendant Colville pirate Oh
pilot pirate Oh pilot pirate washy tobert Oh Chuck we assign us camasta the
pilot put the seatbelt sign on Cinco baritone otaku you wanna go – mas fast
aggressive first class fast okras first class fast across video course master I
travel first class hmm it’s so comfortable I think it’s
comfortable right that’s all for today I feel like I really wanna travel now
which country should I go sorry do it Tiki mask Shh mmm
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57 thoughts on “Top 10 Japanese Words to Know Before Taking the Airplane in Japan

  1. You can't see anything that she's teaching for the extra caption on top of what we need to be reading, might need to double-check that

  2. I like the expressions of the Toon Risa for each word, notably for Emergency Exit and Pilot. Risa never flew outside Japan? O_o JapanesPod101 World Tour confirmed?

  3. 1:32 どれくらいですか???この言葉を見たことがありません|

  4. 海賊 かいぞく 水
    空賊くうぞく 風
    メ🗡😣💣 ヨホホ! 💀


  5. I didn't took the Japanese airlines, but once I was in the Narita airport the immigration department was far more faster and convenient than other countries and was able to pass it soon and this way I got extra hours to explore.
    Arigatou Gozaimasu Narita airport

  6. I also made a list
    だまれ- Shut up
    なんで赤ちゃんが黙ってくれないの?Why won’t you shut your kid up?
    たかすぎたかすぎたかすぎ!!The plane is too high!
    太い人のとなりにさわりたくねえAw damn I don’t wanna sit next to a fat man.
    吐きしちゃうよ Lord save me I might throw up!

  7. 19歳後三日後20歳ですりささんに恋に落ちました付き合ってくれたら嬉しいことこの上ないです。

  8. These are great but i wish she would pronounce then words these new words slowly once too so I can truly hear how the word should sound. She races through

  9. 6 in previous leson you called overhead bagage compartment; NIMOTSUDANA ..and now zujo
    which one is more comon?

  10. We (and probably, even cabin attendants also) don't say 0:35 新しいタイプの旅客機客室 instead of 新しい飛行機(/新型機)の客室, 0:53 当旅客機 instead of 当機, and 1:37 頭上収納棚 instead of (頭)上の収納棚/(頭)上の棚 using such big words. All of those words used in this video sound too unnatural, pompous and weird. lol

  11. I would like to inform you, Risasan, that I have appointed you the spokesperson of ANA.👍😜

  12. VERY USEFUL! I fly ANA airlines often and wish I could understand better. Other things I want to say- I want cold green tea. I want hot green tea. May I have water.

  13. Hello Risa,

    Can you create a top 20 list of must knowJapanese words before taking an exam in Japan? More on understanding the instructions on a typical japanese test like jlpt.

    Thanks in advance!

  14. Japanese flight attendants automatically try to talk to you in english, even if you talk to them in japanese. So you will NEVER have to use this on a plane, if you're not asian

  15. I spend 10 years to learn some Portuguese
    I spend 20 years to learn some English
    How much time I will spend in Japanese?
    Japan is awesome!

  16. ありがと!this is very helpful,i have been wanting to go to japan for a bit now,plus i enjoy your videos alot ありがとrisa-chan。☺

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