Tokyo responds to Seoul’s video in radar lock-on incident dispute

Tokyo responds to Seoul’s video in radar lock-on incident dispute

South Korea and Japan have released videos
to back up their assertions over an incident on December 20th… in which Japan claims
a South Korean warship used targeting radar against a Japanese patrol plane. And now, Japan has released a statement in
response to the video that South Korea unveiled on Friday. Won Jung-hwan has the full story. Japan has responded to the video that South
Korea’s Ministry of National Defense released on its official YouTube channel on Friday. The Japanese Ministry of Defense on Friday
evening said the video footage regarding the incident contains different claims from Tokyo’s
position,… asserting once again that the use of fire-control radar is a hazardous act. While defense officials from the two sides
will reportedly discuss the incident,… Japan’s defense ministry does not think the
South Korean video shows any new evidence contradicting its claims. In the video, South Korea’s navy asks Japan
why,… in international waters, where another country’s warship is engaged in the humanitarian
rescue of a ship in distress,… would Japan send a patrol aircraft on a threatening low-altitude
flight in the first place. The video shows the Japanese plane flew within
500 meters of the South Korean destroyer, and at an altitude of just 150 meters. The ship’s crew said they heard a loud noise
and felt strong vibrations due to the flight, which they said was menacing and threatening. While Tokyo had claimed the plane followed
internationally-agreed rules when it came to the flight’s altitude,… Seoul stresses a military aircraft should
not conduct such a low-altitude flight near a foreign warship because it could cause accidental
clashes. Also Seoul’s defense ministry pointed out,
based on Japan’s own video, that the Japanese pilots knew the ship’s guns were not pointed
at them, and knew the South Korean ship had no intention of attacking. While the defense ministry stressed its willingness
to listen to any evidence of radar frequencies at working-level meetings,… it asked Japan
to apologize for its aggressive low-altitude flight,… urging Tokyo not use the incident
for political reasons. Won Jung-hwan, Arirang News.

23 thoughts on “Tokyo responds to Seoul’s video in radar lock-on incident dispute

  1. The South Korean Navy was doing rescue and humanitarian work for private fishing boats. Japan's Self-Defense Force aircraft have hindered humanitarian rescue efforts. If it were a South Korean military aircraft, it would have helped rescue efforts. That is the unalterable difference between Korea and Japan. Japan's Self-Defense Force aircraft conducted a dangerous low-altitude flight just to gather information on the performance of Korean warships. Still, Japan is nothing but a war criminal country. even after years have passed

  2. Both countries should stay calm and cooperate with each other. If they can be together, East Asia co-prosperity is shared.

  3. To point out "International Water" in this media report.
    There is no international water there (Sea of Japan).
    The incident happened in Japan's EEZ (already confirmed). But, if S.Korea'sEEZ is defined as international water, Japan's EEZ is the same with that. S.Korean ships were not obvious in innocent passage, then Japanese patrol plane approached to the ships on "rights of Jurisdiction". Threatening low-altitude flight??Don't throw such a silly accusations. S.Korea is also ill at making excuses.

  4. Why Korea attached back ground music to the video? Because it is the propaganda video for Korean people. Cheater. Korean government needed the video to change as if Korea is speaking truth.

  5. P1은 세계와 협력하여 순회하고 있던 것을 잊지 마라
    돼지의 노예가되어 세계를 적으로 돌리고 가난한 한국
    마지막은 돼지가 도와 준다.


  7. War criminal
    = japan
    Japan is a war criminal country.
    They are preparing for war. again.!
    Korea wants peace,
    "They want provocations to make war."

  8. First off this happened in the east sea where the Japanese plane flies low to ROK warship, which is a very big mistake by Japan. And second this Tommy Nakajima guy is everywhere in Korean related videos. Dont take this Troll seriously

  9. J government needs to teach the poor pilot english and tells where the frequency of FCS radar is.
    Japanese believe that the attack on pearl HBand Nanking Massac. didn't happen.
    They say always that everyone except Japanese is a liar and Japanese love peace.

  10. South Korea always bitter to Japan while others have moved on. The irony is that so many South Koreans enjoy visiting Japan.

  11. Korean government has changed its argument until now.

    At first, they said they used FC radar.
    But now, the day they didn’t.

    That’s why, their arguments are unbelievable.

  12. Korean Navy was refueling The North Korean distressed ship! This is violation against the United Nations sanctions resolution. That’s why Koreans used FC radar to scare away Japanese patrol aircraft, and that is why Korean government keeps on coming up with blizzard excuses and lie.

  13. Korean Government’s Photoshop digital work
    -Original image

    -Digital work

  14. Please stop lying and change subject Korea!!

    These are S Korean government excuses in order.

    1) The warship used all the radar to search North Korean shipwreck because sea at the time was rough.
    – They were already with shipwreck and weather was fine.
    2) The warship didn’t use any raiders.
    – Didn’t you say you used all the radars before?
    3) The warship used only search use raider not fire control raider.
    -Are you changing again?
    4) The warship used fire control raider but didn’t aim at Japanese plane and Japanese plane entered the range accidentally.
    -…..That’s enough.
    5) Rather, Japanese plain flew right above the warship and it was a sort of thread.
    -Never flew right above.
    6) The climate was so inclement at the time that the warship couldn’t catch Japanese radio wave for inquiry.
    -Are you saying Korean warship is a crap?
    7) The voice of inquiry was not clear so that the warship thought it was directed to Korea Cost Guard.
    -Ok, if you don’t want to admit your mistake let us show you the evidence.

    Japan released the video

    But…they were still looking for excuses to make S Korean people to believe by saying…
    -P1 flew too low to threaten.
    -Crew’s english was so bad to understand.
    -Prime minister is using this issue to boost the administration's approval ratings.

    What’s your next excuse?
    We can see your lies in everywhere.

    They were even asking Japanese Government not to release the evidence.
    It’s so pathetic.

    It could be ended very simple way if they admitted their mistake in the beginning.

  15. !!Big question !!
    Why Korean naval ship did not inquire to Japanese patrol plain if they were threatened by Japanese patrol plane’s low altitude flight, like Japan did to Korean naval ship after they were aimed by Korean FC radar.

  16. Korean Government’s Photoshop digital work
    -Original image

    -Digital work

  17. ① Why is South Korea destroyer rescuing North Korea fishing boat that has not issued a rescue signal in Japan’s EEZ ?
    ② Why do South Korea vessels operate in Japan's EEZ without issuing National Flag or Naval Flag?
    ③Why did South Korea change the fact “Lock on”,
    even though initially SK said that "SK hit JP patrol aircraft by accident when SK launched all the radars?"
    ④ Why was South Korea using "the radar for search" although NK ship was nearby and it has already rescued?
    ⑤ What is the reason why South Korea explanation has changed several times?
    ⑥ 21 countries including South Korea are participating in the "Maritime Collision Avoidance Code" in 2014.
    The firearm control radar irradiation has been confirmed that “absolutely should not be done”.Why did it ?
    ⑦ If South Korea felt a threat by the flight of JP patrol aircraft, why did not SK destroyer contact / warn with "radio" confirmed in the "Maritime Collision Avoidance Code"?
    ⑧ Radio communication from JP that claims to have failed to hear can be clearly heard even in the video released by the SK.
    What is the reason for not responding to this?
    ⑨ JP and SK are in a position to monitor 'Delivery at sea' by UN Sanctions against NK. Does SK observe it?
    ⑩ What on earth was NK ship doing within Japan’s EEZ,around Noto Peninsula ?

    Japan owns 8 reconnaissance satellites. Obviously JP is scouting the Sea of ​​Japan.
    JP knows the move of SK destroyer, patrol vessel and NK fishing boat.
    JP raise this "Radar Irradiation issue,Delivery at sea against UN sanction" to UN Security Council.

  18. I think Abe…japan prime minister, he is crafty…like fox…trouble maker. he is try to increase japan self-defense forces and military force by using this military provocation against south Korea. He also want to increase his low support rate by using this situation. He is really dangerous guy. He must remember in the past what happened in 1945. I think Japanese elected the wrong leader. If people take the wrong leader, the country can be destroyed. Abe is a very very dangerous man…liar…Japanese's minister is Not honest. is typical Japanese style.

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