6 thoughts on “Thief steals car from rental car lot at Honolulu’s airport

  1. Action! Oahu is done already… Only going get worse lol. NomoAloha! They say aloha is not for sale but you buying the word on one shirt lol and it's made in asia lol. What happened to just wearing one Aloha shirt? And showing aloha? All gone… Show aloha, Nowehjoseh… in my rap Raplinger voice lol. Get evil people on this island now, with evil minds. Pay attention and be safe out there…

  2. This is what happens when you "over tax" the community…
    it doesn't take very long and all of a sudden you have no community.

  3. You know what going happen when you make any kine to Hawaii Nei..
    yuppp…sooner or later u get caught, cannot hide on an island­čśĹ

  4. Easy solution for this crime problem. Imprison drug dealers for 25 years and users with 2nd offenses get 15 years no parole. You will see crime drop fast.

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