13 thoughts on “The Mideast Show – Pilot Episode (HD)

  1. Promising pilot, but this show needs WOMEN (and generally a more diverse group of) anchors, field correspondents & guests to really embody, represent, prefigure what you stand for. תודה רבה  شكرا جزيلا Teşekkür Ederim با تشکر از شما

  2. well wroth 20 mintues on youtube, intelligent and funny a rare case. I loved Dr Fishcer, after his explanation on Mecca, i think i am ready to go there.i also liked your Harameter , it worked on your intern jeff. good luck, i belive it is going to be a hit show soon.

  3. I would love to be a part of this in some capacity. I am featuring you in my new online magazine on the Middle East called Ramel Media (Ramelmedia.com). I've worked for Fareed Zakaria, the UN, produced a pilot for VICE News and all sorts of other stuff. If there is anyway you need more help I am in NYC and have practice on camera/writing shows/have a law degree in law of war/intl law and a masters in middle eastern security. Get at me [email protected]!

  4. Twelve Rushdies on the Harameter?

    I'm literally laughing out loud.

    Spreading the word to my modest social media circles.

  5. I think this is a great idea. I've been a fervent fan of stephen colbert for many years, and love getting my news wrapped in jokes. this is essentially the same thing, but with an unbiased outlook from a different viewpoint. it could use some editing and a bigger live audience, but that's what the money is going to be for, right? you go, Kayvon!

  6. Loving the Harameter!! Sisi merchandising!! Taakhrir square! And OMG just saw my pretentious second/third cousin as well. Hooman Majd, pontificating about Iran, yet again. Please!!  Just keep the doodooltala bit in. good job overall!

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