The Killer Bride | Episode 3 | August 14, 2019 (With Eng Subs)

The Killer Bride | Episode 3 | August 14, 2019 (With Eng Subs)

– Jail the killer bride!
– Jail the killer bride! In the instant case,
the prosecution through the testimony of
eyewitness, Vito dela Cuesta, had established
beyond reasonable doubt that the accused killed
Javier dela Cuesta. – Jail the killer bride!
– Jail the killer bride! Such killing was attended
with a qualifying circumstance, which proves the accused… …guilty beyond reasonable
doubt of the crime of murder, defined and penalized
under Article 248 of the Revised Penal Code,
as amended, and accordingly, sentenced
to suffer the penalty of reclusion perpetua. So ordered. Court is adjourned. Jacobo! – Lolo?!
– Jacobo! Lolo! – Help us!
– Call an ambulance! – Call an ambulance, please!
– Lolo! Lolo! – Hurry! Call an–
– Stay away from him! You’re bringing misfortune
to our family! Stay away! – Lolo!
– Call an ambulance, please! – Sir, wait!
– Jacobo! – Jacobo!
– Lolo! Call an ambulance, please! Jacobo! What are you doing here? Camila, we need to talk. After you testified that I killed your
brother? That didn’t come from me! Camila, I swore to
tell the truth! I would never lie
in a court of law! I tried to tell them
that I don’t believe the accusation against you even though it came from Kuya. Oh, really? I know you. You’re not a murderer. If so, where were you
these past few months when I needed you?! I almost went crazy waiting for nothing every day, because I was hoping
that you believe me and that you’re on my side! Camila, believe me– Camila, please believe me. I tried to help you. You don’t know everything
I did for you! I couldn’t come here
because my family is against it. I know they’d try
to stop me. So… Why are you here now? Why did you come? You want to take my baby? Camila, please. Hear me out.
Let’s talk this over. Vito, I’m still fighting. My lawyer is helping me
file an appeal. I will fight for my innocence
even after you gave up on me. I will help you. But Camila, that process
will take long. You’ll be giving birth
to our baby soon. They’ll have to
transfer you to Manila! Do you want our child
to grow up in jail? I can take care of our baby
while you’re– And then what?
You’ll disappear with my baby?! I know what you’re thinking! Camila, please!
Listen to me! Stay away from me! This is the last time
we’ll see each other, Vito. Camila! Camila, I’ll come back for you.
We have to talk! Someday, we won’t have to
meet each other in secret. You’ll be free to say
that I’m yours. And you’re mine. There you go again. – You’re always teasing me!
– No, I’m not! – Come here!
– Vito! It’s just me and you now, dear. We only have each other. Camila! – Dear!
– Camila! I’ll update you on
your grandpa’s condition. For now, he’s stable in the ICU. Stay strong, okay? – We’ll visit you again.
– Take care. She has no idea what
lies ahead of her in Manila. But she will face
all challenges and fight for her freedom
for her daughter’s sake. – She’s in labor!
– What are we going to do? Sir, please stop the car!
She’s in labor! The nearest hospital is
about one hour away. Help me lay her down! Get a towel! Lie down. The baby is crowning. On my count! – You’re almost there!
– One, two, three… Take a deep breath. Push! There you go! – What a beautiful baby!
– I hope she grows well. – Your baby is so pretty!
– She’s so cute! Vida… I’ll call you Vida. She’s so lucky! All her godmothers
are criminals. – Isn’t it annoying?
– Yeah. Look, we have a newcomer! Tidy up! Did you think we’d be hostile, or that we’d order you around? You only see that in movies. I’m Sharon. I used to be
a drug dealer. Oh! I’m Chona. I’m Tidia. That’s Tina, Sheryl,
and Mannilyn. Hi! Oh! Don’t go there. Tina’s baby has flu.
You can sit here instead. Sorry. It’s a little
crowded in here. Thank you. Is that your baby? Yes, it’s hers. I lost my child. You could say heaven
needed another angel. My baby’s funeral was
last month, so… …I’ll be moving to
a regular cell. I won’t be staying here anymore. She’s beautiful. What’s her name? Vida. Bida ? That’s a nice name. Do you want her
to be an actress? No. Vida means “life” in Spanish. Wow! Our new cell mate is classy. And it’s Vida, not Bida.
You didn’t hear her right Okay. I get it now – Vida.
– Yeah. She’s my only reason now
for living. Don’t worry, dear. When the court grants my appeal, I’ll give you a good life. It’s so hard to understand all these feelings, but I promise to love you… …until the end. And in heaven, we’ll meet again. I will wait for you there, my love, my rock. Attorney. Is that Vida? Hello! Such a cute baby! That’s a lot of food. Tell me about it. Ichu would have prepared
more of those if I hadn’t stopped her. Attorney, how’s Lolo? Sadly, he’s still in a coma.
But he’s fighting. You should do the same, Camila.
Don’t lose hope, okay? We’ll still file an appeal. Yes, Attorney. I won’t give up, especially now that I have Vida. We won’t be staying here
for long. I know we’ll get out
of here soon. We’ll win the case, right? Well, for now, we need
to find a lead on the man who attacked you. His identity is still unknown, but I had the sketch of
his chest mark distributed to the workers
in your plantation in case one of them
might recognize it. Aren’t they looking for you
at the mansion? If I stay there, I might
hit those siblings – for what they did to Camila.
– Ichu! – I’m so mad at them!
– Ichu! Ichu! – Lito.
– What’s the rush? I gave Juday a copy
of the sketch. She’ll ask around
her school about it. Here. – Distribute it to the others.
– Okay. Omar! – Omar!
– Ichu! Do you know anyone with
this mark on their chest? We were told that Camila and
Javier’s attacker had one. We’re looking for him. Do you know anyone? – I’ll keep you posted, okay?
– Alright. By the way… What’s this? Vito dela Cuesta has
formally requested to get custody of your child. Tell him I said no! I won’t let him
take Vida from me! Think about it, Camila. Your baby’s also having
a hard time here. You can still appeal
for visitation rights. I can help you with that. Look, you don’t have to
decide right now. But if things get worse here, at least you know
you have other options. Someone texted me. They have information
on the mark you saw. Attorney, that’s the lead we’re
waiting for! I’ll call you later, okay? Thank you! He only went
to see me here to tell me he’ll take
my child away from me. Before all this happened, we’re about to get married. But everything
suddenly changed. He has already forgotten me. All his love for me
vanished into thin air. And now, he wants
to take my daughter away? For what? So that Vida will
forget about me too? You know, I get where
you’re coming from. But he has a point. Your child will only
die in this place. Like what happened
to my daughter. Sharon, I can’t. I can’t live without Vida. I also said that before. I didn’t let the parents
of my child’s father take my daughter away
from me. Even Fabio, I didn’t let him
have my child. Even if I knew that Mylene
had asthma, I still kept her with me. Until one night,
she had a severe asthma attack. I carried her in my womb
for nine months only to be taken back
in the blink of an eye. Attorney. Are you Omar? Do you know about the man
with a mark on his chest? Attorney… …will you be able
to assure me that no one
will know about this? I fear for my life. I don’t want to end up
like Javier dela Cuesta. – Hello?
– Hello, Camila? I have good news for you. Omar said he knows the man
with a mark on his chest Really? Who was it?
Who was that man? It seems like he worked for
your family before. Worked for my family before? How could that be possible? Are you sure
about this, Attorney? Who could that be? Who ordered him? To whom did he work for? Just a minute. Nanny, is that you? Nanny? Attorney? Attorney? Is that you, Nanny? the victim killed herself
because she was heartbroken. The victim is the attorney
of the notorious killer bride, Camila dela Torre. This is bad, Camila. What if this is the reason your
call with her was cut short? Didn’t she say you
were probably framed by one of your relatives? What if they’re
also behind this? Are they really that evil?! First they killed Javier,
and now Attorney de Leon? What are they trying to hide? Attorney was about to
tell me who the culprit was. She was about to
tell me, Sharon! How could they
do that to her? Hush now, dear! This only means one thing. Whoever’s after you
must be very dangerous. Camila, I’m starting to
worry about Vida. Me, too. Can you take a look, Sharon? Her fever’s getting worse.
She’s burning up. Guard! Ma’am! Ma’am, my daughter is sick! I need to bring her
to the clinic! How is she? Her temperature is 40.1
degrees Celcius. Her fever’s really high. What do we need to do? I already gave her medicine, but her fever still
isn’t going down. It’s possible this was
caused by an infection. We need to have
her blood tested. Nurse, my daughter
is convulsing. What should we do? Leave her with me, ma’am. Go get her things. Please convince them that we
need to take her to a hospital. – I’ll be right back, dear.
– Hurry, ma’am. Ma’am, I need to get
my daughter’s things. We’re going to take
Vida to the hospital. Her fever is too high. I knew it. Hold on. Take this, Camila,
I hope this helps. You’ll need this, Camila. The prison won’t pay for your
daughter’s hospitalization. Take this too, Camila. I hope this helps, Camila. You were right, Sharon. I know it’ll be painful but Vida will be better off
with her father. I’ll give Vida to Vito
after she gets better. Even though it pains
me to do this, I need to think of
Vida’s welfare. Thank you. I’m sure Vida will get better. Be careful. Thank you. There’s a fire! Guard! Camila! Camila! Let me go!
Vida’s in there! I need to save my daughter! Camila, come back here! Vida! Vida! – Nurse!
– She’s gone! – She’s gone!
– I need to save my daughter! Vida! Vida! Vida! Vida! Vida! My daughter! Mark my words… …I will take revenge on
whoever killed my daughter! I will come back for you! I will make you pay! I will show all of you
what kind of demon you sent into the pits of hell! I will get my revenge! I will come back for you! Burn all Camila’s belongings. Get rid of everything. She said she’ll come back. She will take revenge on
everyone who hurt her. Nonsense. Las Espadas is still
awaiting her return. So, what do you do? I’m a mortuary cosmetologist. They say her spirit
wanders around town, looking for the right
body to possess. Ghosts and curses aren’t real. There’s no such thing
as a killer bride.

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