The Ellen Staff’s ‘Bachelor’ Recap: Peter’s Flight Has Taken Off!

The Ellen Staff’s ‘Bachelor’ Recap: Peter’s Flight Has Taken Off!

Hi, guys. This is Captain Tracy. And I’m her Co-pilot Andy. And we would like to welcome
you all aboard Flight ROSE. That spells Rose. Rosé, Rose. Because we’re going to
do as many puns as they did this episode. It’s going to be a punny season. I’m just happy the show is back,
and I’m so happy we’re back. I am too. I am too. We missed Paradise,
because I have a baby. We missed Paradise. (CHOIR SINGING) Woo-ooh. Anyway, let’s just
fly through this. We got– I love it. I love it– so many puns. You’re so full puns. You’re so punny. Before we take off, I’d like
to welcome our other flight attendant. You know him. You love him. But he’s not here. [CRICKETS CHIRPING] Corey is going to be with
us this season, of course. He’ll be back and we will– Get his picks and his
thoughts on all of it. But for now, it’s
time for takeoff. [AIRPLANE ZOOMING] They always start with
those cheesy entrances, where he’s walking in,
not looking at the camera. And normally, I hate them
and like, this is so stupid. And I kept yelling, hot. He looks real to me. He seems like a real person. He looked like he looked when
he left [INAUDIBLE] season. It’s not like over the summer,
he was like, [PANTING].. Right. A lot of times, a lot of
times, they go to the gym. They’re broken-hearted. Yeah, they get that tsz-tsz-tsz. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I know. No, he looked like
a real guy when he was washing his airplane with
no nozzle and just his thumb. Yeah, which I’m sure
he was just doing. They happened to capture it. I know, when I wash my
plane, I just always have cameras around. Every time he did something
or said something, I was like, hot, I
love this guy, hot. That’s what I yell
when I like somebody. I was like, he’s hot. And I was watching
with my mom and dad. And my husband. Oh, that’s hilarious. Your folks are big fans? They are. Shout out. You know what was also
really sexy about him? His dad? His dad could not look
more like a pilot. His dad looks like Sully
Sullenberger, doesn’t he? Yeah, right? If I got on his plane, I’d be
like, oh, I’m in good hands. Phwhew. This guy can land on water. Yeah, but you what also
I like that they do? Speak Spanish. His mom’s a Cuban,
spicy, caliente pepper. You. I guess. OK, Peter the pilot is
ready to welcome his ladies. It was 30 women, first of all,
lots of interesting women, no out the gate that I’m
like, you’re going to win. OK, Hannah Ann. This girl is hot. She’s got it going on. She’s got a cool personality. Then I feel like, a little
later on, the crazy came out. For sure. Now, here’s a question. Is that produced
or is that crazy? No, I think she’s crazy. It worked in her
favor, because who gets the first impression rose? Hannah Ann. OK, Madison, she’s a
foster parent recruiter, which is a lovely job. And she came in with the
life-size paper airplane, which is really kind of cute. OK, then there was Savannah. She gave him his first kiss. Yes, which was kind of
bold right out of the gate. So then something very,
very interesting happened. Here we go. Kelley, from Chicago,
attorney, drama, knows Peter. Because she was at a
wedding, and he was at– A 10-year high school. A high school reunion
at the same hotel out there in Westlake. Which just so happened to be
the hotel that they go to– Four Seasons. –for a first date. First date. OK, there was a lot
happening there. There’s a lot to unpack there. Go to the baggage claim. Wait for it to come around. We’ll unpack it. Yeah, ooh, you nailed it. Because it must have
only happened a few weeks before– prior to taping. He had already been announced. She knew she was
going to be on it. So she approached him. And she basically
said that on the show. Yeah, somehow. –and said, hi. There’s more to be
told on this story. I also want to know what
happened that night. All we know is that they
met, and they had fun. Well, we know they dance,
because they reenacted it. Oh boy. And he was very
interested in her. When she walked out of that
limo, he was like, oh– I think I remember it. He lit up. I think I know you. You look familiar. I’m so happy you’re here. You could just tell that. Built-in history [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, and all the women
were like, not okay with it. Nope. Which I completely understand. Yup. And then, of course,
somebody comes out the limo. All the girls are freaking out. And it is– Hannah B. Hannah B, fresh off winning
her mirror ball trophy on– Yep, she’s– –Dancing with the Stars. She’s had her 15. We love you, Hannah B,
but you’re still around. Victoria F. didn’t
want to be Victoria F. I don’t want to be Victoria F. She can tell. She is like– She’s good. She’s good TV. –nutbag central. OK, so then Peter did
a lot of smooching. He kissed Hannah Ann. He kissed Tammy. McKenna got a kiss. Next, [SMOOCHING SOUND]. OK, next, [SMOOCHING SOUND] Yeah. So then we’re going
to our rose ceremony. So we said goodbye to– Katrina is out. Jade, bye. Kylie didn’t make
the cut either. Marissa, Megan, Avonlea, Jenna. So the first group, it was
they go to flight school. They tried this gyroscope,
which kind of looks like astronaut-y [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, it’s something you’d see
at a carnival or a county fair, I’d say. So all the women get in, and
then they all get spun around. And then– It made me nauseous
just looking at it. And it made Victoria P.
nauseous just doing it. She threw up. But you know what? I was proud of her. Because if that was me, and I
knew that that made me sick– I didn’t think she
was going to do it. I though she was going to
be, like, I can’t do it. He was really comforting to her. Grab some water. And I felt like I
saw a connection. There could be something there. So then they go and do the
flight obstacle course. And that’s where that
was very dramatic. They narrowed if down
from all the gals. The two front-runners were– It was Kelley– Kelley and Shiann. Shiann. Kelley ends up winning. Mm-hm. And so because of that, she
gets to go on a flight with him. And Tammy wasn’t happy, because
she’s like, she cheated. She didn’t even deserve that. They fly through the air. And it’s very romantic. He’s like doing that– I mean, I don’t know
what it takes to fly. I don’t think this
is how you do it. But it’s like something like
this or like that, goes that– It’s a yoke. I don’t know. –whatever it is. The point is, but he kept
turning and looking at her. And I guess, you
don’t have to worry about crashing into something. But I was like, keep your
eyes on the road or the air. To me, Kelley–
total front runner– Total front runner. –at the moment. Then the one-on-one, this
one-on-one was insane. I don’t know why they did this. OK, so he picks Madison. They go to his house. They’re there with
all of his family. She meets all of his family. And then the parents
renew their vows. Everyone’s crying. Madison’s front row, center,
being like, yeah, I’m so happy, like I think she knows them. She’s like, hey, over here. Hi, over here. Hi, good job, honey. And then she gets the rose. And then they’re like,
well, is that it? No, that’s not it. No, guess what? So they go into another room. And you just know that there’s
going to be some sort of band there. So I’m literally watching with
my mom, my dad, my husband, and my best friend. And I’m like, you guys, you
know who’s going to be in there. You know her. You love her– You called it? Tenille Arts. I said it as a joke. Tenille Arts! You probably lost your stuff. I literally– Woke up– –jumped up like this. You woke up the baby. Say it. I was like, yeah! You woke up the baby. I woke up the baby. I was literally doing this. I was doing my walk,
like I am the greatest thing that’s ever happened. We’re going to get
Tenille Arts in the cube– In the cube. –later this season. Ladies and gentlemen. And we’re going to ask Tenille
Arts all the questions. OK, so group day two, we go. And Hannah B.
staying on the stage with a windmill
in the background. We get it, four times. And yeah. I mean, drink every
time you hear windmill. Or four times. [INAUDIBLE] or four times, yeah. So all the women have to go
write a story that happened to them that involved sex. And meanwhile, Hannah is– That’s like behind the windmill. Yeah, is backstage, crying. And they’re like, what
could we do for you? Also, tell me– I don’t understand. Why would they not give
her waterproof mascara? Oh my God! That looked like a joke. So I just feel like
this was on purpose, and they were doing it, because
they knew she was going to cry. Well, it worked. We’re all on board. And she was just really upset. And then he comes
in to comfort her– all the feels. I don’t know, what do you want? I feel like we already did this. But I also know that I
still have feelings for you. Is my Hannah B. impression good? It’s pretty good. Now it’s time for
actual predictions. OK. It feels like very early,
so I don’t know if I can. It’s– Very early. This is a broad stroke. It’s not like– My prediction is that– –this person’s going to win. My prediction is that
I’m going to change her prediction multiple times,
just because I don’t know. I always pick mine,
and I stick to it. Because I’m good at it. All right, who do you think? McKenna. OK, wow. You just really, like, threw me. They want me to believe
it, and I do believe it. I’m going to say Kelley,
the one he knew from before. Thank you, all, for joining
us on Flight R-O-S-E. And promise you, this the
last time we will do any– This was a long one. [INAUDIBLE] No more hats, nothing like that. [INAUDIBLE] Tell
us what you think. Bye. And Cory will back next week. We got mugs. This isn’t wine.

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