Spread the jam

Spread the jam

You know how it is? You’re cruising down the
motorway and then BAM! The traffic is backed up where it never backs up. And you’re thinking,
“What’s with the jam? Has someone been rear ended? Is it roadworks? A flash flood?” You
crawl along for a couple of ks and then suddenly, the traffic clears and you’re off. You’re
happy to be moving, but you’ve got no idea what happened. What is it with these mystery
jams on the motorway? It’s the ripple effect caused by over braking. Here’s what happens:
An impatient driver cuts into a small gap. This causes the car behind to hit the brakes,
which means the car behind has to hit the brakes even harder, so does the next and the
next. This is the ripple effect that moves up the motorway, eventually turning free flowing
traffic into a sticky jam. Cutting in is a major cause, but it’s not
the only one. If you’re driving up the jacksie of the car in front, you’ll have no time to
react if they suddenly brake, you’ll over brake and five cars back, people will have
to stop completely. Same goes for cellphones and rubber necking. You can’t keep your distance
if you’re not watching the road. So, how can we fix it? Spread the jam, that helps the
traffic move much more freely and then everyone spends less time in a jam. So pay attention,
don’t cut in and most importantly, keep your distance.
Because, if you’re not spreading the jam, well, you’re making the jam.

8 thoughts on “Spread the jam

  1. Finally, a video that makes sense. Now the next two problems, maybe the if the police weren't so focused on speed and they rather pulled people over for texting, on the phone and drivers that sit in the right-hand lane "the fast lane" doing 90 and hold everyone up that would also really help the motorway traffic flow. There used to be a rule. Keep left unless passing but yet that seems to have gone out the window and that is added to the traffic problem with cars having to move around slower cars that are sitting in lines they shouldn't be. Passing on the left is unsafe yet that's the only way to pass it would seem at times on the Auckland motorway as people don't move over. Its not about speeding its about people holding other traffic up. I think a campaign of keeping to the left is needed and some policing of it. Next I would like to see crashes moved off the motorway to the closed exit a top priority as police attend. How often do you need a small crash and everyone having a chat or a police car sitting on the side of the motorway and everyone breaking to have a look. A small crash doesn't need to be sorted out there. Writing tickets out can be down on the next exit. Keeping driver distraction to a minimal by not having rubber neckers would really help traffic flow.

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