Southwest Captain brings his Dad (Col. Roy Knight) back home!

Southwest Captain brings his Dad (Col. Roy Knight) back home!

to be able to do this to bring my father
home I’m very very honored and very lucky how many people would ever have
this kind of opportunity to do this this is awesome I know he’s gonna be right there. With the end of the war I remember as a kid watching every single POW come off those airplanes and I watched
every one of them your job and your duty as a family and as a child is to have
hope but as a kid what you really think is if you don’t do that you’re somehow
gonna be responsible for him being lost as you probably notice a little bit of
activity going off right inside the aircraft he’s taking one of our
servicemen home now fifty-two years of company 31 January of
1967 last time I saw my father I was 5 years old and that was at Love Field in
Dallas Texas when I first got the call you know it was it was almost surreal
because I I really didn’t think it would ever happen
Wow you know he’s really coming home he’s really we’re gonna be able to bring
him back and we’re gonna have a place where we can honor him 20 we got a
message for you I’m ready sir on behalf of regional approach through up and your
father Colonel Knight home boy he’s gone he will never be forgotten good morning
our deathless 12/20 nog little or for10 now our sample of 20 vision wandering thank you very much very little and 1/3
right held until 24 vehicles and red vehicles the aircraft come in it is
turning onto Charlie one now tops copy thank you Vince you’re welcome
let’s go 20 clear for hover quarter cup was full 20 love around second ago via
Charlie Delta Charlie Delta cell fulfilled life since I was 8 89 continue
via Delta Delta 1 Lima I’ll buy a filter for one 311 yeah it’s
a hill of accident thank you for 52 years let me go the
Dallas area about is remain well you know so few so many 30 residue can good
10 years actually thank you for the information my name’s Mike Noah pilotless Brian the
Catholic who just flew in today you all have been Park the Honor Flight of a
fallen American airman the Vietnam era captain Roy night left Love Field in
1967 January 1967 he was shot down over Laos May 19 1967 that day that he left
America his mom his wife and his son came here to Love Field and send him on
his way a few months later they got the word
that he was shot down it’s in 52 years since that family had lost their father
a few months ago captain died was notified by the military that his
father’s retains that they positively identified and through the efforts of
many many people we have him with us today in a casket in the belly of the
airplane the pilot that flew you in today was that same five year old boy
who left here at Love Field fifty-two years ago with his dad this ain’t
goodbye that little boy you

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  1. Honoring a fallen serciceman 52 years after his sacrifice, that's what make America the gratest country on hearth. My blessing and respect from Italy

  2. I was okay until I seen that the Col. flew the flying dump truck in Nam. Sandy pilots saved alot lives with those planes. They could remain on station for hours, carried tons of ordinance and were a great weapons platform. In the hands of a skilled pilot they were very effective in holding back the VC and NVA from capturing and or killing many a downed pilot. Those guys were heroes. I know the Love field welcome was greatly appreciated by the son and family. I didn't expect to get kinda choked up there for a minute.

  3. Just amazing. Welcome home Colonel Knight. And to the 5 year old Bryan Knight still inside Captain, I say, your daddy was a hero.

  4. May he be in rest in peace. My grandpa died in ww2 he was a sergeant. I know how, it feels 😭😌😖😔

  5. Frankly, I don't care for the American patriotic feelings. I don't care for the Vietnam war that is not related to me, nor to my family, nor to my country. So, I don't buy this crap like "Welcome home, Col. Knight". But… my eyes went wet when I felt the personal context. A 5-years old kid had weaved good-bye to his Dad, who soon died during His duty as an airman. The same son of the airman became an airman despite the painful memories. And the same man, after 52 years of waiting for his Dad, has the opportunity to bring His body back home. Incredibly touching. I can't imagine the emotions of Cpt. Knight during landing. A truck of onions cut right next to me.

  6. God bless you sir and thank you for your service, may you finally rest in peace and your family may be at ease. 🇺🇸

  7. With all the troubles today this puts everything into context what a moving video 😢 everyone involved well done for bringing a hero home and to the airport for showing great respect. Love to the family 🤗 💕

  8. From Airman to Airman; Congratulations Captain Knight. Welcome home Col. Knight; Gone but Never Forgotten; USAF Vet.

  9. I’m happy that they found him and for family to know where he will be buried after 52 yrs wow..

    Very sad and emotional and God Bless

  10. Hhmmm when and how were the remains found and identified. I know about DNA testing.

    But I mean after 52 years. Wouldn’t the body and bones be below ground surface and covered up over time.

    Is there a news article to read about this discovery

  11. Heart warming testimony. Thank you both gentlemen for your service and Dad….welcome Home to the USA. We as a Grateful Nation welcome you home Sir!

  12. What an incredible story. To have the closure of knowing he's back home and to have had the unequaled honor of being the one to fly him home is fantastic.

  13. Wonderful ! Thanks for the video, i can't imagine the feeling of his son. I didn't excpect to cry on one of your videos ehehe Hi from Canada !

  14. Viet Nam was such a massive tragedy, a permanent blood stain on our national history, not to mention Vietnam itself. A big thanks to all our veterans for their service.

  15. Thank you for service Col. Knight and what an honor for his son to fly him home to RIP. Brought tears to my eyes!

  16. Watching this on the day my own father left this world… my tears today are for him but now for this American hero and his son that flew him home. God bless everyone. X

  17. I believe this story isn’t really about so much as a fallen serviceman, it’s about a boy loving and respecting his father and not giving up hope and wanting to do something for his dad that he can be proud of. It’s that simple

    Shame on those commentators that made a thumbs down , or made a comment about the atrocities of war or of poor political choices no matter your opinion whose right or wrong in war

    I hope the two captains will one day meet in the afterlife and share a few beers 🍻

  18. When this pilots dad was getting shot down, a certain asshole was partying hard while nursing a bone spur in his foot.

  19. So proud and so honored to watch this video. I too served The United States Air Force. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  20. How wonderful is it to have heart to feel empathy and all the wonderful emotions that embody love. My heart is reaching across oceans for this air man. Lest we forget and with eternal love.

  21. This should remind everyone who still has their father to go by or give him a call and let him know how you feel about him.

  22. Seriously I have never cried from one of your videos. Thank You so very much for sharing this moment with us . God Bless America

  23. I saw the southwest YouTube video on this when it first came out and because of that I was thinking that the brand was more then a money making machine and know I want to work for them

  24. OMG I think thats the first video in here that gave me goosebumps and made me cry! awesome footage ! (what fucking morons hit a dislike here????)

  25. This made my day welcome home fallen hero you have made your country very proud and we thank you for your service

  26. Thank you for sharing this very special very loving video! God's blessings to you and yours! My cousin during
    W W 2 was shot down and to this date his body not recovered -M I A

  27. Truly Amazing to watch this happen, i don't know either the capt or his dad, but man did this make me cry, Capt Knight i wish u and ur family nothing but the best and God bless ur dad for being the man he was in serving his country in time of need, Godspeed Capt Knight😢

  28. Im crying too. No words to express but glad the son got his closure. I know how it feels. I lost my biological father in a plane crash when i was 1 and half yrs old

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