Solar Impulse Airplane – The Cockpit of Solar Impulse 2 – #Discover

Solar Impulse Airplane – The Cockpit of Solar Impulse 2 – #Discover

The single-seater cockpit has a volume of just 3.8 square meters and temperatures ranging from +40 degrees to -20 degrees Celsius. The cockpit of Solar Impulse is designed around the requirements of the longest flight set to take 5 days and 5 nights across the Pacific Within the cockpit are the flying controls, the flight display screens, the single seat and the food supply for the pilot. Due to weight restrictions, the cockpit is not pressurised, and so there is also a complete oxygen supply and backup system to allow the pilot to breathe above 3,000 metres. In order to protect the pilot from the extreme cold temperatures at maximum altitude, the cockpit shell is made of high-density thermal insulation, developed by Bayer MaterialScience. At 8,500m above sea level, the air temperature can be as low as -40 degrees, and with this insulation the cockpit temperature should not drop below minus 20 degrees the pilot still needing specific clothing to protect him at these temperatures. The cockpit is easy to use because it’s designed in an ergonomic matter everything is within reach, it offers him the possibility to be in the flight position and have access to all of the controls, and it also offers him the flexibility to return into a resting position and be comfortable within the cockpit The pilot can take any position, from the flight position which is 90 degrees, and allows him to control the airplane and recline the seat all the way down to 180 degrees where he can take the resting position, and he can also take any position in between if he wants to relax, monitor the controls, and the many position allow him to do flight, relax or to do exercise, resting and access to more difficult to reach areas within the cockpit The pilot’s seat was developed by Lantal Textiles, including both ergonomic functions such as an inflatable cushion to give the pilot back support, and safety functions including a built-in parachute and life raft. Below the seat is a toilet that consists of removable bags, giving the pilot some level of relief during the long stages of flight. The plane is designed in a way that, as André says, is as big as his yoga mat so for yoga, one of the good thing is that all you need is yourself, and the space, and in that space we have, we don’t need any equipments. During the flight when you’re seating for 5 days and 5 nights, you lose muscle atrophy you lose strength, you lose blood circulation, joints get stiff and yoga becomes an absolute life saver to keep them completely active, as active as one person is in walking and going around doing things. Yoga, just in that confined space, we have enough to move every muscle every part of the body, and keeping them in good shape. The pilot stays in contact with the Mission Control Centre using the Swisscom Sat. Com. System. The team there monitor the pilots vital signs, such as his heart rate, and use alertness tests to check that he is coping with the mental fatigue from flying for so long. Rest breaks are possible due to Solar Impulse’s Monitoring and Alerting System an innovation from partner Altran that keeps the aircraft on a constant heading while the pilot takes 20 minute periods of sleep. If the pilot needs to tend to the controls, he is awoken using vibrating cuffs built into the arms of his flying suit.

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  1. The Pacific crossing, the biggest challenge of the #RTW, is getting close! Discover #Si2's cockpit, which will be the #pilot's living environment for 5 days and 5 nights in a row, in this #video:

  2. In the wake of drone revolution and artificial intelligence, what is the point having a pilot ? Robot can do everything that guy can.

  3. This time 13.04 local time, it's flying south of Greece,Kreta isl. in altitude 8000 feet, Speed 34 Knots, Hdg Track 100.

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