Side View: A Firefox Test Pilot Experiment

Side View: A Firefox Test Pilot Experiment

introducing Side View by Firefox Test
Pilot. Side View lets you open any web site in your Firefox sidebar making it
easier than ever to multitask while you browse click the menu items to send any
current or recent tabs to side view or right click on any link tab or bookmark
directly to open it in the sidebar side view shows websites with mobile views to
keep everything compact but you can toggle to show desktop sites from the
side view menu as always side view is an experiment so don’t forget to give us
feedback to tell us what you think you can try side view or any of our other
experiments at

18 thoughts on “Side View: A Firefox Test Pilot Experiment

  1. Ok…but why? This is probably the most useless "option" so far.
    I wish these devs would focus on improving important things that are already there instead of trying to add unnecessary clutter disguised as a "feature".

  2. The old Tile Tab extension which allows users to do a split screen from the same window was so simple, less mess, until Firefox screw it up with the latter version. Tile Tab WE split screen with new window opening is too messy. Time to abandon Firefox and give Vivaldi a try.

  3. After making sure that existing plugins couldn't do this anymore in Quantum, Firefox tries (and miserably fails) to make its own version. If that's the way Mozilla are going now, broken eye candy over usability, it's time to switch to a serious browser.

  4. this needs drag-n-drop, and why only a single special side panel? I want a flexible tiling layout. Without the redundant frames and tab bars of multiple windows.

  5. I'd absolutely LOVE this if I didn't have to choose between this and Tree-Style-Tab – like that I'll play with it for all but 5 seconds then completely forget it exists.
    Would be so sweet if I could split (and split) at the press of a button, and I could set what each little split was showing, preferably similar to how KATE (text editor) lets me do it.

  6. Just make it two proper pages with two URL's that are resizable in any way, vertically and horizontally; like good code editors out there. I mean, most people have 16:9 so people are generally wasting space when in fullscreen anyway.

  7. Guys, we suggest you to consider an implementation of some kind of "custom environment", where we'll be able to fully customize a view, create "views" and save them. Pay attention to Telegram(how they implemented the change of color of all elements of the GUI) and MyLifeOrgnize software(how they implemented views). I don't think that web browser should have all "view features" from MLO, but consider it as a general directionexample.

  8. totally cool exploit on the side bar / panel. However I think I would still like to see a split screen on the browser the way it's done in MS OFFICE, for example. The split is horizontal, and you can just go to two different places on a given site or app. IT'S NOT THAT FANCY! But pretty basic utility!

  9. Why not just go all the way and introduce true split-screen so users can actually be done with having two separate windows open side by side? Instead we have to settle for this half-arsed implementation that doesn't extend all the way out and will therefore only be useful to users who need just a quarter of the second site to be visible.

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