Series 10 Starts Here! Steven Moffat Introduces The Pilot | Doctor Who: Series 10

Series 10 Starts Here! Steven Moffat Introduces The Pilot | Doctor Who: Series 10

Episode One, it’s not just our opportunity to
meet Bill Potts, it’s our opportunity to meet the Doctor all over again, because he’s about
to make a new friend. And, in a way, with this episode you could play a game with it. You could imagine
that you’ve never ever seen Doctor Who before and you’re about to learn about it, because on purpose and
quite deliberately, we’ve made this a jumping
on point for the show. You could start right here. This is The Pilot.

97 thoughts on “Series 10 Starts Here! Steven Moffat Introduces The Pilot | Doctor Who: Series 10

  1. Please don't tell me she's going to be another Clara where when her arc is finished you keep her

  2. SO. PUMPED. In Australia they're putting it online at the same time as the uk, I've got my alarm set to 4:30 am!

  3. Why make series 10 a jumping on point when you know the show is gonna be rebooted with a new Doctor and new showrunner next year.


  5. Is it me or did he already said this about series 9 ? And series 8 ? Not that I mind, but it would be stupid for anyone to begin Doctor Who with the last series of Capaldi ^^.

  6. Anyone else think its strange that Moffat is so keen to "reboot" the show given that it will effectively be completely revamped in series 11 next year?

  7. It's TODAY! And if this ends up being a great jumping-on point, it would be amazing for the show itself and I hope it turns out that way.

  8. Four people saying "first". This is why we shouldn't underestimate the Emoji bots, people. This is actually what people are like

  9. I don't remember being this intrigued by a writing lineup as I am for this series. Mike Bartlett is brilliant, and I actually can't wait to see what Rona Munro(e?) does

  10. I am sad about Peter Capaldi regenerating, but all good things come to an end. In the words of the great Tom Baker: "It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for."

  11. I see what Moffat is doing with the episode title. Come on board, the Doctor will take you to new and exciting places.

  12. Really, really Steven. So I'm watching the show continuously for ten years and have been a fan by proxy for thirty and I have to sit through introductions again with a companion that gives me Ace vibes. And with what I suspect is like the relationship that Ace and The Doctor("Professor") had. Yeah, thanks for that. Oh well, perhaps one day I'll get my Irish companion whose quirky and is a modern librarian and needs glasses. Actually surprised that Doctor Who hasn't an Irish companion on screen (they had in Big Finish. Good ol' Big Finish, they even set some audio eps. In Ireland too unlike the TV series) what with the Irish diaspora in England being at 674,786 in the 2001 census. It would certainly help in promoting the series in Ireland.

  13. Should have called An Earthly Child (assuming she is in fact human (or Zygon I suppose they are also Earthly now))

  14. I'm really surprised this channel only has 874K subscribers. You'd think it would be over a couple million at least.

  15. Honestly why are there so many goddamn videos? I dont wanna be teased or spoiler about season 10.. just give it to me already Q_Q

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  17. "This is the jumping on point for the show. You could start right here. This is "The Pilot."

    I'm seeing a pattern emerging here. Some Whovians see "Rose" as a starting point in Doctor Who as it marked the return of the show in 2005. David Tennant once said that the 2009 Easter Special "Planet of the Dead" is a good starting point for new viewers. And now here is Steven Moffat saying "The Pilot" is a good point to start. Each of these starting points are not that long before the Doctor regenerates.

  18. Moffat, this is your last season, you shouldn't be 'starting again'. I'm sure Chibnall will probably do the same in season 11, so what's the point? What other TV show bothers to reintroduce everything every couple of seasons just so that people don't need to have watched the rest of it? It just gets annoyingly limiting for those who have. This whole insistence on making the companion (audience conduit) a clueless modern day Brit every time is just a drag, if it means they need everything explained to them again. It also kills off the potential dynamic of having an alien companion or a future human from another planet who already knows about time travel and what a Dalek is etc, and who possibly might know more about certain planets/species than the Doctor does. I mean you managed with River and Jack Harkness and even the Paternoster Gang, but they were never the main companions. You always had to have someone there to hold the audience's hand. That's not a good thing.

  19. Makes sense why they call it the Pilot, still a bad name
    Also this just gives more people an opportunity to skip 9. DONT SKIP 9.

  20. In the end there is more hours about the new season on youtube, that there will be of the actual season. (is that clear ?)

  21. No Moffat you ended doctor here – Just watched the pilot and it was nothing more than disappointment
    it's too much for the pilot there'll be no more anticipation for the next…

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