RTX 2080 탑재 에어로 15Y V9 고성능 프리미엄 노트북 리뷰 / 그냥 쩔고 좋고 갖고싶고 그런데, 가격이 ㄷㄷㄷ

RTX 2080 탑재 에어로 15Y V9 고성능 프리미엄 노트북 리뷰 / 그냥 쩔고 좋고 갖고싶고 그런데, 가격이  ㄷㄷㄷ

hola! It is Ato. nice to meet you. Graduation Admission season
Previous show rtx laptop I gave it.
The model with rtx2060 Model with rtx2070
I showed you. That’s right. rtx2080
You might be wondering about a laptop with So I brought it.
Just the Gigabyte Professional Lineup with aero’s name
High Performance Professional Notebook aero 15y v9. First, let’s open the product.
I received a review of the Taran Boxing knife It’s a shame that I can not use it.
It’s a story that’s been going on lately. It is really simple and fashionable. Packaging
This is a bit of a hoot. I want to be rich personally
I have a wish. Paper with the same warranty card
There is also. And this is probably Mulpa-like m.2 put on heat sink
It looks like. Usually for high performance notebooks
Is often ignorantly large This is a good size. Vertical
The length is about 15cm, the thickness is about 3cm That’s it.
No trouble to carry is. Gigabyte on top of notebook looks
There is a logo. It is just neat. I’m Black anyway
Tone is nice and clean. I see a lot of stuff. Top
It’s treated with a carbon feel. . You can be bored if you have one ton.
I think I gave it a point not to bounce. These days,
Display than rgb lighting Through the backlight, it reveals softly
It seems to be a trend. Aros The backlight used in the product
Lighting is applied to this model. . When you turn it off and use it
Gigabyte stationery white lighting In.
But this is more often than not I think the top lighting is good.
. It’s neat … the color is black Maybe it is. Even if we check the center of gravity of this product
I will lock it. The center of gravity is well held. thin
The thinner you are, the less you are. This one-handed
It is very small but feeling It’s important because it makes a difference.
I think. The thickness of the product is 18.9mm and weight is 2kg.
It is a very thin and light product. The cpu is equipped with i9-8950h.
6 core 12 thread clock up to 4.8ghz Speed ​​is supported.
Memory is ddr4 2666mhz 32gb The display has a 3840×2160 uhd resolution
15.6-inch auo panel supporting 60Hz Is mounted.
NVIDIA GeForce graphics card The rtx 2080 max-q model is installed.
The storage device is 2TB of Intel 760p nvme m.2 ssd is installed.
Bluetooth 5.0 support and killer lan Is mounted.
os built-in Windows 10 pro There is.
The price is 4.6 million won. Expansion port to the right
uhs-ii high-speed memory card reader C-type usb 3.1 supporting Thunderbolt 3
Port and two ports for usb 3.1 gen.1 There is power terminal and Kensington lock. To the left
LAN port usb 3.1 gen.2 port 1 hdmi 2.0 1 port Supports dp 1.4 port c-
type usb port audio comp There is. This model has a 15.6-inch auo panel
Adopting the display There is.
uhd has 60hz support. Also supports adobe rgb 100% gamut
X-rite pantone certified. Graphics and video specialists in short
With a panel ready for You can see that. The keyboard has 16.7 million colors of rgb fusion
Keyboard is installed. Through the Command Center program
Customizable and versatile Lighting mode is supported.
This is the lighting mode … it’s so gorgeous. … I’m too interested in writing outside
Disadvantages if it is a little disadvantage That’s it ^ ^;
The key is the characteristic of the notebook Because the depth of the keyboard is not so deep
Hardness is unavoidable The same.
Feeling is not bad. By the way I review a Los Ross notebook in front
You did it. It was a little poisonous It looks like.
Work long hours while relieving fatigue Now, to use the keyboard
I guess you can say it’s good. If you play a game,
This was a little inconvenient. Keyboard separately on the Aros laptop
Can be used without any hassle without connection Aero model you see now
When you play a game, the keyboard I felt I needed a little.
. Perhaps the direction in which the product is oriented
I think it’s because of the difference. I will.
The touchpad feels very touchy Smooth. Very touchy
good. Separate buttons at the bottom
No discomfort while using There was no. Multi-gesture is also brilliant
I recognized that you recognize it. The sound is gigabyte nahimic sound
Has been applied. When you are already reviewing your Aros laptop
I told you, but I do not have any sense of heterogeneity. The natural sound was good.
Sounds fine when you come in. It was.
Of course you can experience a better sound I recommend using headphones if you want to
give. No matter how much sound I expected
Even if I say it’s okay, . Especially considering that it is a slim notebook
When you look at Sounds better than I expected
I’m crazy. This model I see When the sound is a shell.
It’s not like this. The battery really went into large capacity
. Equipped with 94wh capacity battery became.
In a typical gaming notebook 62 If you have a wh
We can see that it is high capacity. Here again the inclination of this product
I’m sure this is active and Stronger for producers
I know. With what Gigabyte said
Can be used for more than 10 hours It is.
I usually use You can use it for about 67 hours.
I will look. Maybe one more explanation at this point
I think you should. This product is equipped with ms azure ai
There is. azure literally through ai AI
The user’s current Context-sensitive system management and settings
You can help The same.
So if you’re playing a game, More gpu usage than usage
I will go to the gpu more advantageous voltage And the sound
With proper sound mode Cooling fans are also games.
I’ll have plenty of it Way.
For graphic work or other work It sets the right settings for him.
. As you can see on screen, running azure
There is an icon Green is edge ai red is cloud ai
I will. Once the green edge ai is local
Even if you do not have internet, Based on your data
It works. Cloud of red ai connects to an online cloud server
To the current situation ai Receive and apply the data.
If azure is applied anyway Reduce unnecessary power usage.
So the battery time The effect of the stretching effect and the heat control
I have to say. The gaming performance of this product is really high
Due to specs Tendency. So I also have a gaming notebook
That’s right. Somehow rtx2080 is equipped with
Battlefields where you can use rt and dlss as much I have to try v.
Resolution is 4k and resolution is 4k. Enable raytracing and dlss
The option is the best, so I turned it around once. .
Approximately 30 frames … A little to play. I tested it at several resolutions.
Qhd resolution for Battlefield v To progress as an intermediate option
Best of all. Once you see the specs,
Best of rtx notebooks It seems to show performance. It is the Apex Legend.
Option progressed to full option .
The game definitely has fhd resolution or You are right to proceed with qhd resolution
I think at fhd resolution I tried it with a full option.
Suddenly for what reason Apex Afterburner only runs in Legend
There was a situation … Once you see the screen for reference
. Frame comes out more than 120 stable I checked the case. Fan noise you’re wondering
I want to talk to you about I will.
Pure when used in general Product noise is about 2829db.
Average fan noise when playing games This is about 3436db. Forcing Cooling
The noise from the Max It is about 45db.
I do not know how this would look. It’s very quiet. Rather
I’ve been dealing with a lot of laptop This fan is more
Quiet. However, fan noise is relatively quiet.
But both built-in rtx2080 and i9-8950h Because the heat is very high
The measured temperature may be slightly higher. However, lower specification than this product
Rtx-equipped laptops with cpu Temperature 95 degrees and gpu temperature 85 degrees
If you think about it, I do not think you’ll see it fall.
As a result, this fan noise Show this temperature while you show it.
Giving good cooling performance I can see that.
This generation rtx laptop of gigabyte Certainly cooler than previous generations
It looks like the performance has improved a lot. Yo. What I felt when I tried using the product
If anything, performance. Price is too high to pay
It’s a model, but that’s where I think of a simple gaming laptop
When you approached it, it was a story. Because of graphic worker or business
Those who need this high-performance laptop Well, maybe …
I have to say that there is no sound of a ballman. It is.
Quiet, especially on monitors The picture quality is .. ah .. what .. i also 4k monitor
I’m writing … but the panels are really I was coveted.
For graphic work or video editing Various accurate and precise results
I saw you used to get water It’s a very attractive product.
I can tell you. Well … I told you before, but gaming
Performance comes from high performance Because it has a strong personality.
Use it when you work and take a break High-performance laptop that can enjoy games
It would be just right. Luxurious feeling like luxury after a long time
I met a notebook. until now Gigabyte was aero 15y v9. It’s okay if you liked the video
Daily New it news and informative If you want to see the contents video
I would appreciate your subscription. I will return to the next video
I will. Thank you for watching.

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  2. 와 어도비 rgb100%까지…. 작정하고 만들었네요. 영상 편집과 포토샵등에서도 매우 좋을듯하네요

  3. Cpu온도가 90도를 찍는데 클럭은 2.3ghz밖에 안올라가네요. 재원상에서는 4.8ghz라고 되어있는데 이건 싱글코어일테고 올코어는 못해도 4.5까진 가야할텐데 발열로인한 쓰로틀링인지 아니면 기가바이트에서 일부러 발열때문에 성능에 제한을 둔건지 모르겠다만 에초에 제성능을 다 못쓰는 cpu를 비싼돈주고 사야할만큼 매력이있는 노트북인가에 대해선 의문이 드네요. 또 게이밍 용도로 사용하시는거면 uhd환경에선 2080ti가 달린 데스크탑도 60hz 방어가 안되는 게임이 많기때문에 주사율을 방어하기위해 해상도를 fhd qhd로 낮춰서 사용할경우 픽셀이 뭉개지는 현상이 발생해 높은해상도를 지원하는 패널이지만 그걸 활용을 못하는 계륵같은 상황이 생기는 노트북이네요. 작업용도로 사용하시는 분이 아니라면 게이밍용으로는 추천하기 어려운 제품같습니다.

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    msi gtx1080sli 모델이 500좀안되던데 그거사는게 맥스큐 35퍼인가 성능감소 슬프다

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  12. 460~ 480만에 초고성능근데 무게는 단 2kg.진짜 다 좋은데유일한 단점이랄까.초고성능 게이밍 노트북인데 144가 안되는게 아쉬워요로또되면 무조건 이 노트북 살생각(못살거 같긴한데)

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  14. 성능에 비해서 배틀필드5 프레임이 왜이렇게 안나오나 했더니
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