Rome Airport to Rome City: HOW TO TRAVEL EUROPE CHEAP!

Rome Airport to Rome City: HOW TO TRAVEL EUROPE CHEAP!

Bus service for Termini is available after every 30 minutes Take care of your baggage and beware of pickpockets in this area I used these web apps besides Google search AFAIK, Tickets are costlier if purchased from the counter Good for Vegetarians After coming out of the airport from this gate Now I am going to catch the airport transfer bus This is Fiumicino Airport I can see a lot of Indians here A round trip ticket costs 9 or 10 Euro whereas you have to pay 6 Euro for One way ticket From Airport to Rome The Return ticket is valid for 3 months whereas you have to pay another 6 Euro if you buy a single way ticket while coming back I should have bought the return ticket it was a cheaper deal anyhow I have to come back to this airport after 1 week I purchased the tickets by using the leftover Euros from my previous trips Bus service for Termini is available after every 30 minutes You’ll get the bus from #12 The voucher that the lady sold me is not a valid ticket You have to approach the bus staff here they’ll exchange the voucher for the ticket this is the valid ticket thats my bus for Rome Termini This is Termini This is the last stop These are the buses from Airport to Rome city After purchasing the ticket for these buses You have to stand in a queue There is no seat reservation in these buses You can get your favourite seat if you board early I couldn’t get the front seat as there were many passengers standing before me in the queue These are the taxis of this city… all white I just saw Big Bus Rome This is a similar bus service for local sightseeing Thats Roma Termini Now this is something very important I left my bag & got busy in clicking pictures I read somewhere on the internet In Rome, you have to be extra careful and vigilant because someone can runaway with your luggage This is the main station – Rome Termini This is the station for Express Train for Airport Its the nonstop train for airport, takes 32 minutes This is a famous supermarket chain Coop You can buy a lot of things from here Till now the cheapest price for water I got was… 6 bottles (1 litre each) for 3 Euros around 250 Rs How much it costs in Coop! This is 1.5 litre bottle. Costs 0.28 Euro You can also buy fruits and vegetables from here In Kazakhstan, I bought bananas costing 20 Rs each Here it costs The loose ones are cheaper but these 4 bananas cost 200 Rs 50 rs each I have bought a few things for tomorrow’s breakfast finally, I bought bananas @20 Rs/each yesterday While using airport’s free wifi I was searching for a place to stay in Rome I found hotels and hostels are costly in Rome In one of the initial videos of my channel I told you that Europe is not for budget travellers especially the western part of Europe where I am presently These countries are relatively costly but as you move towards the east these countries are cheaper to travel go further east… towards Russia, it would be more cheap Yesterday I could see this while looking for the hotels after spending some time on research I booked a hotel in 35 Euro I used my credit card to book it but after arriving at the Termini station I called the hotel by using a shop’s WiFi I topped up my Google Hangouts for 10 USD It costs 11 Cent per minute to call here After calling the hotel, they said we have already cancelled the booking because your credit card was invalid You must have got an email from I verified and found they were right Because I didn’t had internet while coming from the airport I couldnt check my email I dont know why my card didnt work! but I told them… as I have already reached to your hotel and I am very tired give me some alternate accommodation but they replied… all rooms are occupied, I am sorry Now i was in trouble I had to search for another option in this area itself Finally I got this hotel Here I had to pay 4,000 Rs for one night almost 54 Euro The shower space is very congested in this hotel i saw similar things in Turkey and Georgia This is the small cubicle I had to take shower in this space Now its time to go Today I am leaving for Alberobello I will tell you more about that after getting out from here I have already checked-out. Made the payment Swiped my card for 54 Euro Let me know which card do you use while travelling abroad Do you use a debit/credit or a forex card? Why do you use the card Comment below this video So that I and others can learn from your experience its 11:50 am I think there are a lot of Desi people in this place There are many hotels in this locality its close to Termini This is first week of November There was a news about bad weather condition in Italy Due to heavy rains, many places in Italy got flooded In some of the regions, the situation was close to emergency So I had to avoid those areas I had to skip Florence, Tuscany… even Naples but a few days back while reading an inflight magazine I came across a beautiful place in Italy Its known for its beautiful houses called Trulli The place is Alberobello considering all the factors, Now I am going to Alberobello Next.. I had to search, How to reach there its around 550 kms away from Rome I referred many websites On ‘Rome2Rio’ you can learn about all the modes of transports between two places train, bus or flight !! Another is GoEuro I used it on my Prague’s trip I also Googled to find out other options I came across this bus, leaving at 3 pm for Alberobello it is a direct bus and takes 7 hours Cheapest flight was available for 7000 INR or 90 Euro it was operated by Ryan Air Train costs 60-70 Euro But if you book in advance you can get cheaper fares another important website for Europe is.. BlaBlaCar I can offer my car for rideshare on this platform this way I can share my fuel & toll expeses BlaBlacar helps in connecting such people You can offer a ride to a few people to share your total expediture Now I am a tourist I have to reach Alberobello I searched for rides from Rome to Alberobello I got a lot of options I approached them You dont pay for booking the ride You pay directly to the car driver in cash After booking the ride you can contact them I used Google Hangouts to call them Some of them couldn’t understand English One said, I’ll leave tomorrow So finally I couldn’t use Blablacar Then I booked a Flixbus now going to the bus terminal These were the ingredients of those Pizzas So I can’t eat them, though they were cheap its good for non-vegetarians This is for vegetarians You can open it and eat though putting it in a microwave for a few seconds will make it better Frozen Pasta over there cost 4 Euro You can eat it after it comes to room temperature This is enough for 2 people or 2 times for one person I can finish it at once, if I am very hungry there are salads costing 2 Euro after promotion I spent 10.78 Euro this water bottle cost 40 cent you have to pay to use these trolleys 50 cents its free in India In Asansol’s Reliance supermarket people take it even outside the market but here the red baskets are for free while walking I came across this market Looks like our vegetable market While going to the bus terminal I saw this pizzeria I saw ‘Istanbul’ written outside I came in and now having Italian Pizza 4 slices of this medium-sized pizza costs 2 Euro This Falafel wrap costs 3.26 Euro I opted this place because I could charge my gadgets here You can see this market called Lidl in many places in Europe Finally I have reached… Tiburtina.. bus terminal 2:15 pm Just for the sake of getting information for you I am going to check ticket’s price at the counter I paid 23 Euro (online booking) this seems to be the ticket counter now ticket costs 31 Euro After buying the ticket online for 23 Euro, I saw the price raised to 26 Euro and here it costs 31 Euro probably ticket are costlier when purchased through counters buying them online is cheaper option my bus will arrive at 3:15 pm at platform 14 All information is available on those display boards My bus is going to Martina Franca Flixbus These are also bus companies like Flixbus its 5:45 pm Bus has stopped for a short break most of the passengers got down to smoke I came down to talk to you people This is the first break after 2.5 hours I will reach Alberobello around 10:30 pm Bus is quite comfortable it has mobile charging points WiFi for 150 mb free internet data also a toilet inside the bus until we were on the main highway which leads to Naples and down south the road was good but now we have come on a small road the road is not that good but the bus is not making us realize its 10:30 pm After 15 minutes I will reach Alberobello This bus has 2 drivers After every 2-2.5 hours, they drive alternatively its a good practice considering the safety of passengers its 11 pm This is Alberobello Tomorrow I will show you the speciality of this place dont speak loudly

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  1. Hello Varun, if you were in Naples then I would recommend you to try La Masardona, Case Nuove. They make amazing stuffed pizza and you will think of like Indian’s bhatura. Lots of original pizza are made there.

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  3. You are actually wrong about trolleys in the Market. You put money in the lock before taking out and you'll get it back once you put back where you took it from..

  4. Aaj Maine aapki Italy wali 3 videos dekhi 😀 jab isme aapne Asansol ka naam fir se liya toh mere bachhe khush ho gaye 😄 abhi bhi aapki posting Asansol hai?

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  8. How come these "Christian" countries are so developed ?? I can't believe…..
    -jay sriram 🕉️🕉️

  9. 12:43
    To use that trolleys you have to use a 50 cent, 1 or 2 euro coin and after using it you can take the coin back

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  12. Varun Bhai, as you travel a lot in various countries soyou can use borderless prepaid card issued by Thomas cook

  13. You do not have to pay for the carts in Italy. 50 cents or euro are a bail. You insert the coin in cart plastic tray to unlock it, and when you return it on the cart queue, the plastic tray unlocks again, freeing the coin that you may recover.

  14. @0.19 : most of the cheese makers (except india) use Rennet for cheese making process. Rennet is enzyme produced in stomach of animals.
    I request you to go for Vegan .it common in west now a day. In addition you can have milk or curd.
    Btw inindia Amul uses microbial drived rennet.
    Hope i did not


  16. Trollies are actually free…when you lock back the trolley with the red locking key attached to other trolley, ur 50 cents will pop up from other side…this is to make sure people dont leave trollies anywhere

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  19. There’s something called Niyo global card. No markup fees, no additional surcharges. It works like an international debit card and is different and more convenient than a forex card.

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