Romanian Experience #01 Why? – Pilot

Romanian Experience #01 Why? – Pilot

I am Stéphane like Ștefan in Romanian I am French and I’ve been working and living in Bucharest for 5 years Yeah! I agree, your national animal is a bit wilder Did you ever ask yourselves how foreigners are experimenting Romania Here is the answer ! Every first Friday of the month, at precisely 10 am… a new mystery will be solved When I arrived in Romania my first experience were people It is unbelievable how open and warm you guys are Everyone wanted to know everything about me My name, my work, my passion, my address, my salary Where I was, Where I am, Where I am going So much interest in me it is very flattering Very quickly I started to love our interactions and your great sense of humour Are you sure that you are speaking about us? Romanians in Bucharest are very rude, stressed, always in a hurry, they never smile Ok, that guy is not from the capital! You know what! If you really want to experience rude, in a hurry and stressed people You should come live in Paris! I think he’s not from the capital! For me Bucharest is warm as the countryside I come from There is not a big cultural shock between our countries I mean we are European, we are Latin, we are speaking out loud and with the hands We are pretending to be macho but everyone knows Who runs the world? GIRLS! But still, I have feedback regarding my experiences in Romania To share with you Are you doing a Youtube channel, for Romanian people In English! DAAAAAA! 5 years in Romania and you don’t speak Romanian, Me, I speak French without living in France Yeah, humm to this offence I will defend myself and say Yes, I know It’s just because I was too busy to learn English It can sound strange I learnt English in Romania Yeah! but still, it’s true! And I have room for improvement That’s why the subtitles I am very conscious that not everyone can understand Frenglish Of course Of course, I didn’t write them So if there are any mistakes It is not my fault Yeah! I need to admit that Romanians are really good in foreign languages How many languages do you speak? Oooh, just a few I speak French from school English from Cartoon Network Spanish from Telenovela Italian, it’s a really easy language and I am not so bad in German and Russian and Romanian of course And you? Me! Me, a lot a lot of languages Let me count… It’s a difficult question, English, Belgian, Swiss, Monegasc, Cameroonian, New Caledonian, Canadian, From Quebec At one point, I stopped to count I mean, I do not want to be too pretentious Ok, you guys are better in languages than French But, I have an example of a mistake that my colleagues are doing every single day They tell me “Morning” In order to translate “Neața” But It’s WRONG!!! The right translation of “Morning” is not “Neața” Ok, let me give you a little lesson You remain with Yeah, I know, it’s very strange that a French gives you English lessons Conclusion Each one, teach one Gday, Bro Hurry up! Subscribe to the Youtube channel and Like the Facebook page Hurry up! Subscribe! Like! Why not? Haaaaaa! I understood You are from Bucharest!

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  1. La suprise, je ne pensais pas te retrouver en Youtubeur 🙂 Féloches mon gars, content de te revoir (même en vidéo). Ça s'annonce bien cool,  je garde un oeil sur la suite !

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