Red Velvet Revolution ( Web Series – Pilot )

Red Velvet Revolution ( Web Series – Pilot )

Morning. You are five minutes late. As always. [Allan] I’m sorry? Why always five minutes? What? [Shiori] This week, I counted, and you were 5 minutes late every day. No more, no less. It’s quite impressive, I mean
what happens every morning that means you’re exactly five minutes late? And why don’t you just wake up earlier
or leave the house five minutes before the usual time? You counted? You’re serious? Look, I’m not late for any particular reason
it’s not something predictable. I don’t care if it’s predictable or not just stop it. -Look, Vivia- -It’s Shiori now. Shiori. You are not my boss. Fay is my boss I don’t like you barking orders at me. Fay, say something. [Fay] Something. Well now, we’ve got work to do. You almost sounded like Walter White from Breaking Bad there, ‘yeah we’ve got some work to do, let’s cook some meth. I suppose that’s your freaky way
of saying that I sounded more authoritative, correct? [Allan] This line of work doesn’t suit you, Fay.
Get out while you still can. I don’t understand how you can eat fish for breakfast. Anyway, when’s this Japanese thing going to over— Can you please stop saying ‘this Japanese thing?’ It sounds racist. Hey I don’t have anything against Japanese people alright? I do have something against people who pretend to be Japanese when they’re not. Nationality is so stupid. To impose geographical and cultural limits on people
just because of where they’re born? Stupid. And actually, that’s how racism begins. Eh okay, I’ll give you that. Jesus, Allan. Could you clean the screen? Good morning, Dion. Good morning guys and as promised as yesterday, welcome to another ‘How Dion starts his day!’ [Allan] We’re going to be watching
a very interesting video. [Dion] ‘since I was a child my father recommended me [Dion] to have a cold shower as first thing in the morning. [Shiori] Cold shower? Since when? Since today. So once again my father told me to practice yoga every single morning before breakfast. While he’s making that scene, we can get on with the serious work. Shiori, how’s it going with the sponsors? Pretty good, today he should receive two new proposals for videos. We got a positive response from Berrydream and Redforme. Seriously, Redforme? Redforme is exactly what Dion needs. Fay, you know that I prefer to not question your choices but come on. You know I find Redforme’s campaign to be disturbing Allan while you may find it disturbing, young people find it inspiring. Which means that the Life Makers corporation finds it profitable. So, we do business with them. Guys thank you for being with me this morning and I’ll catch you lot in the next video. Peace! [Fay] Well I honestly appreciated this wakeup workout. It’s better than the looking for a chick on Tinder morning routine. [Shiori] Hey! I met my boyfriend because of Tinder
and neither of us were looking for sex. Again… We are well aware of your and Valentin’s love story. The last two romantics on earth.
Is he alright with this Japanese thing? For your information, he is. He actually prefers this to the Spanish one. [Fay] Oh my god, remember the Flamenco night?
Check this out. I don’t regret anything. [Allan] Not so sure about him though. Hey George? [George] Hi Dion. George OK, guess who’s sponsoring our next video? [George] What? Well come on, guess. [George] Umm, I have no idea. Okay I’m going to give you a hint, alright? [George] McDonald’s? No, it’s not McDonald’s it’s Redforme. [George] Redforme? Yeah, yeah, yeah! [George] They watched your videos? That’s great! [Dion] It’s crazy I know! [Shiori] They didn’t watch your videos by chance. [Shiori] They wouldn’t even know you existed
if it wasn’t for us— [Dion] I have an idea alright.
I’m going to send you the script now. It’s going to be the best video ever. Okay? [George] Yeah yeah cool I’m waiting for it.
Let’s do our best. Cool, cya man. He didn’t give a shit about Berrydream. I like Berrydream juices. ‘Think the chemicals in their products are less dangerous to people’s brains
than Redforme’s campaign. If you’ve got something to say just say it. [Allan] Already said it before, Fay.
Why Redforme? Again, good money. Dion’s okay the way he is.
Berrydream would’ve been enough. [Fay] We don’t want enough for him,
we want more than enough. Thought we wanted Dion’s happiness? He looks happy to me. [Allan] Yeah, sure he’s happy. That’s why he cried last night. ‘Cus of happiness. He cried? Again? [Fay] Why didn’t you tell us this morning? Last time I brought it up it wasn’t too important. That’s unfair. Look, we know that Dion wants to be a real actor and that he’s not happy making these stupid videos. But remember, before joining the Life Making project, he was living in a 3 square metre room. [Shiori] And working 10 hour shifts at Odeon cleaning up all the popcorn
that people preferred throwing on the floor instead of putting in their mouths. I know okay, I know damn well he went broke. He was crying then too. At least now we know he’s not crying
because of an empty stomach. Are we sure there’s nothing else we can do for him? We are Dion’s Life Makers
and I feel responsible for him just like you, Allan. We are literally making his life
and we will do our best at it. I promise. [Fay] Dion’s new video will be ready in about a week or so. Once online can we get about 10,000 views per day? 5,000 views are guaranteed by our Life Maker bots and I suppose another 5,000
would be provided by Redforme advertisements. Have I ever mentioned how lucky I think we are
to be Life Makers nowadays? Easy job with social networks. [Fay] I don’t think it’s any easier
or harder than before, it’s just that marketing and communication powers
have moved from TV to social networks. Doesn’t make the job any different. Guys, guys look at that. [Dion] Excuse me. Hi, are you okay? Can I help you? Uh, no. No, not really. [Dion] Are you sure? Oh shit, this is bad. [Rose] Not unless you can offer me a job.
Can you do that? [Dion] I, uh, I think I know what you’re going through… I also had a similar situation a few years ago so… Are you, uh, Dion? That guy,
I think I’ve seen one of your videos. [Dion] Ah nice, which one? ‘How to date 10 different girls,’
and like, keep them all satisfied or whatever. That one. Did you find it helpful or..? No. [Dion] You know you really shouldn’t believe
what people say in those types of videos. Yeah I kinda suspected that after
I tried one of those homemade masks by that mother nature girl.
They kinda just gave me hives all over my face that’s just ..
00:09:23:400 –>00:09:24,500
terrible. [Dion] -Ouch. [Rose] So, you said you’ve been in my situation before?
How’d you go from jobless to web star? [Dion] I don’t consider myself a web star but uh, y’know yeah it did help me a lot with my financial situation but. Y’know what this is actually not the first time
someone’s asked me how I made it. Fortunately, I only have one answer. I have no idea. [Rose] -So, it’s just luck or..? No, I mean. It’s like every time I try to remember
how I ended up doing what I’m doing… it’s like, I know it, but I don’t recall it? So, it’s like a traumatic thing or? Yeah, yeah something like that. Okay, you obviously did something
that your brain didn’t want to accept so… I don’t really know if I wanna know anymore. So do you wanna be a web star? Not me, no. Not really. Just kinda want my parents to think that I’m worth something. I’m sure they know. No, you can’t really say that.
You don’t know me. Don’t even know my name. That’s true. Well, I’m Rose Gardener and when I was 5 years old
I watched Casablanca for the first time and that was the time I knew
that I wanted to become an actor. And yeah, that’s just basically my life story. Rose Gardener, I am now part of your life story. Rose Gardener, looks like we’re a part of your life story now too. [Fay] Shiori, can you provide all the informations
we need on this girl? Especially whether she’s a good candidate
for the Life Making project. [Shiori] Yes sure, Fay. [Fay] Allan, do not take your eyes off of Dion. Just watch every single movement, every single reaction— [Allan] -Fay…Fay! [Fay] -Everything he does I wanna kno— [Allan] Fay. Sorry to interrupt you
but we just received word from a video statement. [Allan] Straight from the CEO. What the hell is happening today? [CEO] My dear Life Makers,
thank you for the excellent work you have done so far. Coffee? [CEO] You have all been on my mind. I’ll make it. [Fay] Just turn the volume up [CEO] You see we are creating the best of all possible societies. [Fay] Italian moka? [CEO] To help people reach their full potential. [Shiori] Now if it wasn’t for my Italian phase
we wouldn’t have that gem. [CEO] People who otherwise would be lost. [Allan] Aren’t you priceless? [Allan] We don’t just watch people.
We watch after people. [Allan] Fay, remember that gem could explode. Be careful. [Fay] Don’t worry,
it’s been cleaned every time. By me. [CEO] It’s part of our job. [CEO] We are their guides. [CEO] Today, I want to break the power of lies. [CEO] Lies which are causing nonsense. [CEO] Lies which say we are doing wrong. Manipulating. [CEO] Let me ask you all a question. [CEO] Do you remember the first lesson
about being a Life Maker? [CEO] A good Life Maker is the perfect synthesis of a psychologist, screenwriter and SEO analyst. [CEO] Well none of these professions
can be called manipulative. [CEO] Neither is ours. [CEO] But we can’t say everything is okay anymore because beautiful lives are being destroyed by liars, [CEO] hidden amongst us. [CEO] We all need to be there for each other
at a time like this. [CEO] Thank you. [Dion] It was really nice meeting you and I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah? [Rose] Thank you for what you’re doing. [Dion] Well um, dreamers need to help each other ‘cus no one else will. [Allan] Hate to break it to you, Dion,
but Life Makers are the only ones who help dreamers. [Fay] Calm down, we can fix this.
Let’s find out what they’re talking about. [Fay] Good job today, guys. [Shiori] Thank you! [Allan] Thanks, Fay. Tomorrow is going to be quite heavy
so be prepared. [Allan] Y’know, I’m kinda curious to see
if your script will play out, Ms. Puppetmaster. [Shiori] I’m sure the recruiters
will do a good job tomorrow. [Fay] I’m not concerned, there is a reason
I’m the scriptwriter of this.. unit. Red Velvet? [Allan] Isn’t she that super hero from the 90s?
The one with the long nose? [Shiori] It was a mass-market phenomenon. [Fay] I don’t wanna be paranoid but [Fay] aren’t the Life wreckers
using Red Velvet as their mascot? You are being paranoid. There’s not a girl in the world
who didn’t dream of being Red Velvet when she was a child. I doubt Rose is an exception. Now I’m going, Valantis is waiting. See you tomorrow! [Allan] To be honest, Fay, I don’t think the ‘Breakers
would be interested in sabotaging our unit. We’re small fry. Don’t worry about it. [Fay] Hey, Allan?
Why are you five minutes late every morning? It’s not important. See you tomorrow, Fay. [Fay] See you tomorrow, Allan. [CEO] We call it Moon-by-day. Because people noticing the moon in the sky in the daytime, it’s the perfect visual representation of Life seekers remembering
the existence of us in their lives. It doesn’t happen very often. [CEO] I’ve been trying to get
to the bottom of what causes it, and unfortunately… They took advantage of it.

12 thoughts on “Red Velvet Revolution ( Web Series – Pilot )

  1. Such an intriguing pilot!
    The background music is very well chosen, some shots (like that of the coffee machine while the CEO's message is being sent) are beautiful, the dialogues are fluid and by no means trivial (I especially loved the talk between Allan and Shiori about racism), the character of Allan is very interesting and the story captivated me.
    Red Velvet Revolution, you have my attention now.
    I just can't wait to see more of this 😍

  2. This pilot is simply amazing. Everything is perfect: intriguing plot, beautiful soundtrack and very talented actors. This episode is a work of art, it's something which can inspire people to think about their present and future lives…and I can't wait to watch what comes next!

  3. Great start for a promising web series. Perfect script for every shot. Impeccable direction and a particular and unusual soundtrack. I really hope to see other episodes with the same quality soon.😄👍

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