Pilot – Welcome to RoPeCast

Pilot – Welcome to RoPeCast

From the campus studios of Saarland university, this is RoPeCast, the light-hearted podcast for learners of English, with Roger Charlton and Peter Tischer. Hello everyone! My name is Peter, and you are listening to RoPeCast, the podcast on interesting, funny, strange and surprising aspects
of the English language. Well, and this means we have quite a lot of topics in store for you. And when I say we that is not myself alone That is a friend of mine
and a colleague of mine Roger Charlton. Hi Roger! Hi Peter! Well, and, Roger, actually, you’re the one who’s got the topic list sitting on his lap, so you might as well tell our listeners, what we have in store for them, in the next few weeks. Right! Yeah, for example, does it matter if I make a grammatical mistake when I’m using English or is it … … ehem, I … I sure hope it doesn’t! No. Maybe it’s more important to get the words right, the vocabulary right. Which is a problem for me, too, from time to time, since I’m not a native speaker of English. So, guys out there, and girls, bear with me, I’m in the same boat with you! And then, perhaps, we’ll take a look at sport and sports, for example, how do you understand the word football? OK, well, I understand it as being a game that is really rough, for tough guys – like me – I mean, unfortunately you cannot see me in the studio, but I have really broad shoulders. And for me it would be soccer. Aha, ok, ok. You are more the elegant … person. – Thank you! And then, some practical hints about … Well, is it a good idea to go to an English speaking country to get more practice? If so – which country? How do I organise myself? How do I pay for it? Are there scholarships? Yeah, where do I get the money? – Exactly! Scholarships, training abroad … One thing that is interesting for me, once I am there, how do you make the most of it? I mean, you’re there in the English speaking world, and you’re saying: How do I improve my English here? Yeah! – I mean, they know it, but how do I get better? That’s right, so there’ll ne plenty of tips! Ahah. Plenty of topics and plenty of things that we will try to explain to you that may be confusing to non-native speakers of English, especially to Germans. And, since we’re talking
about confusing things, a few … one thing that may be
confusing to everybody who’s listening to us right now, is actually the title of our podcast
– Yes. – which is “RoPeCast”. And, well, there’s more
than one reason for this title. The first and most straight forward reason is actually our names. Yeah, my name is Roger,
which gives us “Ro”. And my name is Peter,
which gives you “Pe”. And, of course we are doing a podCAST, and together this gives us “Ro-Pe-Cast”
— RoPeCast. – Yes!
– But that’s not the only reason, actually: No, we’re also thinking, a rope is kind of a … something you could grab hold of, something to give you security
if you’re sinking, drowning – Drowning in that sea of words – Yes! – that is the English language. Right! – Right! So, folks, we’re actually trying
to throw you guys, and you girls of course, a lifeline to survive when you’re speaking English. I hope you can understand us, ’cause this is a podcast
for advanced learners. But we’re trying to speak slowly here, and we’re trying
to get you a little bit further in your English learning process. And next time, we will have something
really interesting for you, which are words
that are called ‘false friends’, and we’re gonna tell you, for example, why it may come in handy to have a Beemer with you if you’re travelling across the USA. – That’s right!
– Not surprising to you, Roger, but maybe to a few of you. – I think so! So, stay tuned or tune in again, download that podcast, keep it on your iTunes when we’re gonna talk about
Beemers and stuff, next time. So, here’s us, Roger and Peter, signing off for this week. Bye-bye for now. – Bye! You’ve been listening to RoPeCast, brought to you by Saarland University, featuring Roger Charlton
and Peter Tischer, Tune in for the next edifying episode, on your podcast dial! You know what, Roger? There’s still a lot of things I don’t get. – And you never will!

2 thoughts on “Pilot – Welcome to RoPeCast

  1. Comment by Nataša 15th Oct 2008, 03:54 pm:

    True to the teaser, the content of your episodes is amusing and interesting. I liked the topics choice and the relaxed, unforced mood threading through the material. It leads one to listen on.

    In the same line of thought, what would be great if altered, is the duration of the episiodes. Make episodes longer! – both by expanding the topic itself and the examples used. A conversation type of podcast is ideal for a slightly lengthier dose of linguistic delicacy.

    All compliments to the webmaster and keep up the fab work! 🙂


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