Pilot Training – Loot & Crafting

Pilot Training – Loot & Crafting

in this training video I will be talking about loot and crafting the different ways to find and collect loot and guiding you through the crafting process engineers the specialist technicians found in the galaxy that can turn your collected loot into a wide range of upgrades for all major modules and weapons before you can begin crafting with an engineer you must first develop a relationship with them to find out more about unlocking access to an engineer please refer to the engineers training video the first thing to do is to decide which blueprint you want to craft from the engineers workshop contact found at their base you can choose to either view blueprints that only apply to modules fitted to your current ship or the entire list of blueprints that the engineer has to offer once you have chosen the blueprint you want to collect loot for you can pin it so that while you are away from the engineers base you can still see it and make sure you’re collecting the right materials note you can only pin one blueprint per engineer and if you choose to craft a different one the pin will be cleared you access the pinned blueprint from the engineers section of the status tab found on the right-hand panel in your ships cockpit there are three categories of loot that can be found across the galaxy materials can be found on planet surfaces and asteroids manufactured can be found on planet surfaces as well as in space keep an eye out for Salvage you SSE’s and watch for wreckage after destroying ships or skimmers encoded data comes from a variety of scans such as a basic scam performed on a ship or from personal beacons that can be found in u.s. S’s once you have collected all of the required materials and commodities for your chosen blueprint you need to head back to the engineer’s base from the engineer workshop option select modify your weapon and then choose the module you want the engineer to work with the blueprints that you have enough resources for are shown in orange others are shown in red once you have selected the blueprint you want to craft you can see what the approximate primary effects will be when compared to the weapon or module you have equipped whether the secondary effects are largely positive mixed or negative and the cost select the preview outcome button on this screen the primary effects values are more precise which gives you a better guide to the outcome of the modification you can steal back out of the blueprint at this point at no cost this screen also has three other areas of interest secondary effects experimental and remove some modifications have the chance of additional random side effects being applied take note of the bar at the top right if it’s mostly filled with blue then the effect is largely positive if it is filled with red however the effects will be mostly negative experimental effects are very rare and highly sought after they change the overall function of the module often with very positive results note not all modules or weapons have the potential to craft experimental effects when applying a modification any previously added ones are removed the effect of this reset will be shown in the remove section once you’re happy select the view cost and generate button the engineer will recap the cost and confirm that you’re happy to generate the modification select generate when ready note once you select generate you will spend the applicable resources which cannot be claimed back the result screen show the final changes to the primary effects as well as any secondary effects and if you’re lucky which experimental effect was applied you now have three options discard apply and try again discard will delete the modification no refund will be issued apply will add the modification to the module or weapon and try again we’ll make the engineer attempt the modification once more when you select apply the engineer will confirm that you want to add it once you have confirmed is then applied to the module or weapon you can see which of your modules or weapons have modifications added from the modules tab on the right-hand panel from your cockpit and from outfitting outfitting offers more detail on any modifications that you have equipped as well as having the ability to remove it as well as seeing modifications applied to your ship if you’re attacked by an enemy that has a weapon with an experimental effect applied a small piece of you I will inform you this is located underneath your ship schematic on the right hand side of the scanner you can also see any experimental effects that your target may be experiencing under their ship schematic remember collect as much loot as you can and work with the engineers to craft new and exciting upgrades to stay one step ahead of your opponents

45 thoughts on “Pilot Training – Loot & Crafting

  1. Frontier's logic: use the same ship to run missions, mine, combat and explore for the loots for engineers or travel hundreds of ly to switch to another one of ships you parked on your way to the engineers! so yeah I refuse to bother with engineers till they give us storage/transfer abilities.

  2. Yeah but I play on a mac so I can t get to an engineer. Why the ** didn t you put an engineer intermediary in the orbit of the planet charging more for not having to land on the planet (which we still can t)? Make me pay 20% more to be able to speak with someone who 'knows' the engineer instead of taking me out of 1/3rd of the game and stop me from getting upgrades

  3. i got the damn Meta-alloys, i travelled 900ly and got to the engineer. when i unlocked her and saw the required materials i was like D_D NOPE.

  4. Damn you got Specialised Legacy Firmware from USS. I've been through more than 50 and have yet to find one. Damn lol

  5. the unmodified multi canon went from 4t to 13.58t modified … that's a lot of extra mass which could be better applied elsewhere?

  6. After searching for 3 hours last night I found 1 Arsenic. Like most of your largest demographic, I have a family and commitments that mean I just don't have the time to put into fruitless gameplay. So I think I'll pass, thanks.

  7. Well, I like everything in this update except the actual engineers… It sounds more like a dull job/grind than a game. But, I guess that it's not for everyone… Sigh. 🙁

  8. I would much rather:
    * Rank up with engineers & unlock blue prints by doing missions with them.
    * Then pay them for the unlocked blueprints instead of all this faffing about with ingredients.
    * Or failing that allow us to get all the materials we need by doing any one of the following actvities exclusivly: Bounty hunting, Conflict Zones, Missions (including haulage/trading/exploration), or mining (surface or asteroids). Why should a trader have to fight and a bounty hunter have to mine just to get their upgrades. I don't want to do activities I don't find fun.. This is a game right, not work? 🙂

  9. The amount of RNG involved in this mechanic is atrocious.
    Last night i grinded for hours and I finally had to discard all the modifications, thrown an entire evening…
    I hope FD will fix this because, in this condition, this game is really frustrating 🙁

  10. WOW! Power play required a minimum of a month to get a unique weapon and people are complaining they might have to look for items for more than a few hours? Unbelievable.

  11. Sorry guys but one thing i don't like is that you cannot store any of the crafting items which you find.
    For example if I'm flying a Python and i have cargo with essential material but i have not enough material to craft lets say an enhanced FSD i have to transfer it to my FAS. My FAS is outfitted for combat and i have no cargo space whatsoever so any material I've found i have to discard it or buy cargo space for my FAS. Not only does that reduce my effectiveness of my FAS as combat vessel but also run the risk if I'm destroyed my items, obviously will be destroyed with it.
    I think there should be an effort of creating storage modules in stations and outposts to store crafting items. I found them on all MMORPG why not in ED?

  12. FD you are decade late with this awful grind and random stat change crap. Skipping for sure this retarded add-on. P.S. those pictures of "engineers" should be used as reference of ugliness.

  13. Engineers is going to be another load of wasted dev time just like power play was. when will FD realise we want better and more immersive missions and gameplay, not more RNG that takes hours of repetitive grinding! Your killing the game!

  14. Allow CMDRs to carry modules from different ships for upgrades. Required materials need to be consolidated. There are way too many different kinds of materials needed. Also CMDRs should be able to see all blueprints from the ship computer. Currently CMDRs really don't know what's needed and what to discard.

  15. I really don't see why we can't simply pay credits to upgrade our ships instead of adding another way to spend countless hours grinding…

  16. After the anoying ranking this is the next thing, what will be ignored ingame bacuse of poor outcome-per-work. Not sure, why this engineers are so hyped, because the issue of missing players will not be fixed with a highly complicated end-game-modding. Frontier should put more work in landing on populated planets, but my experience tells me, that this will come with costs near the basic game price. The best thing happened in 2.1 are the bookmarks, this is a really helpful thing, drop the rest…

  17. Elite has to be faster Guys… I grinded for about 4 weeks to get my first Type-7… When Elite was released… Someone typed in another comment that he have no Time for this…

    I agreed with that. If you Guys Are not able to make us happy, your going down when SC will be released…

    I Love Elite , but there Is so much content still missing… Content that makes be happy… And that is not grinding Guys… 😞

  18. Why are these galactic experts creating negative effects with no refunds? Even my local tinpot garage wouldn't charge me for making things worse than when I arrived.

    Don't think I'll be spending the hours required to find all these materials only for incompetent engineers to waste them on a bodge job.

  19. Lots of great stuff in 2.1, but not the Engineers, at least not the current iteration. The Engineers are a great concept with tremendous potential, but the current game play mechanic is broken. I don't mind some RNG (probabilities are part of life) or grinding for something worthwhile. But, I have spent hours and hundreds of limpets mining for arsenic in common, then major, then pristine, rocky, icy, and metallic rings. I collected hundreds of materials, but no arsenic, and arsenic is supposed to be relatively common. All this for one spin of the roulette wheel for an entry level FSD upgrade. This is a pointless, ridiculous waste of time. Hopefully this is a bug, otherwise I think I am done with the Engineers.

  20. i like the grind in ED. but i would like to see a storage box or why not even "build ur own station" somewhere, i mean common there is a whole lot of space , so why not housing? beside that , Frontiers should take out the limitation of materials and data u can collect. maybe they did that to see how fast players would collect the mat.´s but now they should stop that or give at least a possibility to create somethin out of the single material, like fusion this material with this = "another material" or freakin robot arm or doesnt matter, everything is better than throw them away.

  21. Bought E:D in Alpha, it was boring then, hoped that would change.. it didnt.
    Braben knows technology, but knows nothing about immersivenes and gameplay.
    I took them 2 yrs to add human characters and more voices to the game… something that should have been there from the start

  22. Damn reading through the comments… so many criticism.
    I really hope FD reads and takes them serious!
    But as I read the same complaints for over 1 year, I gotta say I'm really not sure if FD cares about the players, since there hasn't been much improvements in the requested fields :/

  23. Elite:dangerous is all about exploring and grinding… Mining is grinding, combat is grinding for the combat level, trading is grinding for the money. Since the beggining as been all about the grinding. Dont want it dont play it… Elite: Dangerous is not a PVP game, want that go to the Arena. And please… stop whining… you dont need to play for the upgrades, just see what you need and grab some materials along the way as you play. You dont need to rush, ED takes pacience for everything.

  24. Hoping for a gameplay patch. so we can have some more gameplay functionality not images of mission givers and crafters that do not know what they are doing hence the RNG.. In my book Frontier are able to make all the mistakes all every new update. how is it possible to deliver so much crap that people to not want instead of actual gameplay enhancing features.. breaks my heart.. because the flying is ED is just awesome, but without gameplay features that work and support fun. It just fail patch after patch

  25. Excuse my ignorance, but /D isn't yet available on my PS4, and I am trying to educate myself on this game. But, if I am understanding this right, one doesn't simply buy upgrades, one has to collect materials and pay someone else to assemble it. Simular to the reasons one gathers materials in NMS. Right? I was under the assumption that items were for sale, and you just had to pay for them. And that materials one mines or bounties collected or etc. etc. etv. are sold to buy the items one wants.

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