Pilot Training: Flying the B787 with One Engine

Pilot Training: Flying the B787 with One Engine

– Full motion 787 Simulator. (upbeat music) (beeping) – Take off we will get engine fire. – There was one a engine out on takeoff. – Going up first. – You always prepare
for the worst scenario. – Engine fail – So we start with engine
fire. Now with engine failure. – Fire planes now have to
auto land with one engine off – I will suggest a fuel jettison to the lower the max landing weight. (upbeat music) – Are we gonna fly the dream
liner on the flight simulator? – Yeah – Yep – Wow! I’ve never flown
a dream liner simulator. – Really? – Must be very new to
Turkish airline right? – (mumbles) – Wow, looking forward to it. (Upbeat music) – Two motion 787 simulator. In here they have to have a
21 degree room temperature. To keep the simulator, the condition. We’re just waiting. The captain allow us to go inside to take a look. (upbeat music) – [Captain] Welcome to
our training facility. This is the (mumbles) simulator. There is no difference between
real plane simulator device. That’s why we call this
simulator is uh–uh Level D approved with
zero flight time training. So that means when you get training here. You can fly a real
aeroplane as a co-pilot. – Hello, my name is Rohan Nubahowser. I am from Austria actually. On that flight I am the commander and this is my friend. Hi going with me today. – Hello. My name is Lushburg
Piramolar and I’m from Turkey. With this flight. I’m with my commander and my um (mumbles) as a first
officer in this flight. (upbeat music) – Today’s sims section
will cover, hot takeoff. That means uh he will use uh
hot display during takeoff. But during takeoff he will get engine fire so that means he will shut
down one of the engine he will extinguish the
fire and he will takeoff with maximum takeoff weight. That means He will need fuel dump before landing. – Coming in. This is very cool. This is. (upbeat music) – [Pilot] Turkish 55 in long
cell zone degrees 5 knots. We’ll take off from eight two zero centre. – From eight two zero centre
are cleared for takeoff Turkish 55 hand. – [Man] Cleared for takeoff. – Yes sir. – [Man] Are you ready? – I’m ready. – [Captain] Then you have control. – I have controls and
you have communications. – [Captain] Takeoff. (Plane engine roaring) – [Plane] D1 – Rotate – Close the gear – Gear up (beeping) – Identify problem – We have fire engine left indication – Check fire engin
indication,(mumbles) check left cell – Order to turn off switch left, confirm – off, confirm – Trust the left off, confirm – Confirm – Idle, – I continue – You continue – Through controls switch left confirm – Confirm, right trust left – Check – left ancient fire switch, confirm – Confirm – If fire ancient message
stay show, stay and hold for one second – Check – I open the check list – Yes sir, declare emergency – Mayday Mayday Mayday,
Turkish 55 Engine Fire proceeding straight ahead into the holding – So there was an on engine off on takeoff after V1, humm but if was
still fyling very smoothly so what we are doing now
given ATC has given us 3500 feet maintaining this level so we will dump so fuel
as we have a maximum takeoff weight out of
Signapore so now we are dumping fuel and then
circling and then later return back to land. – We lose the one of
the engin and the right engin, ah right engin is running great now left engin is the gone so we start with engine
fire, now with engine failure Options, are we holding
over Signapore, so the best things also to turning
to Signapore or we can discuss and we could lose
out of ranges right away So according to this
informations my decision would like to open
(mumbles) so my decision to turn back to Signapore,
what would you think – Yes, I agree to that,
I suggest we do fuel checking soon for the max landing weight – Yes sir – and then make our
landing, weather is fine I would just ask of the runway used and we can prepare for that
and also I would ask for the fuel check – Fuel check, yes – Signapore, this is Turkish 55 – [Radio] Turkish 55 go ahead – Turkish 55 now landing run will be ground lane 02M, minus approach – We can see now that
the fuel is running here out of the aircraft, these are the nozzles on the right wing, on the left wing where the fuel is pumped
out of the aircraft and we see the fuel to
remain in the chamber which means we will
have 27.8 tonnes of fuel which gives us the maximum landing weight and the checked decent time
from now will be 27 minutes that’s the time it take
to the fuel is out. – In simulation do you
always practise for the worst scenario, because in the
real scenario we probably have never seen on take
off we have one engin flame out then you dump fuel
and you come back to land – You should fly at least
30 years to get to one engin failure, so that means it is rare. – Very rare. – Ya, but in this one so
that means I should create a scenario the worst
scenario, lets say you assume that you lost engin, you will do landing. But, think of that worst
scenario, so that the worst scenario you assume
that you will do the landing but you will do go around okay all this action is changing. [Radio] 110 feet [Female Voice On Radio]
Turkish 55 go around please – Go around – Going around Turkish 55 [Female Voice On Radio] Turkish 55 100 50 40 30 20 10 – keep breaks up – Revert to landing – Afterwards you have to make a decision, the decision is the
descent of the check list, you have consider, fuel jettison or to have to
make and overweight landing so if time permits and
it’s not actually very critical, it’s better
to reduce to the next landing weight, that’s what
we did, we did the fuel jettison, the check list
and the computer calculates how much fuel we have to
jettison to get down to our maximum landing weight,
it also tell us how long the fuel jettison will need so
we are aware of the situation and how long it takes and how
much will have to check it. (upbeat music) – This time the captain
will fly but just he will monitor the situation,
copilot doing monitoring duty so hopefully will land
with one engin off in the 25 close range, so I
adjust 25 close feet here (radio chatter) – Turkish 55 [Radio] 100 50 40 30 20 10 – Speed breaks up – Lift left engin – check (beeping) – This is Turkish 55 – One scenario, this will
be low visibility takeoff so they will depart with
visibility under 50 metres this is a critical
visibility so they will use hot display so in case
of rare scenario, let say today they will have a rejected takeoff so at critical stage,
at critical speed, they will reject takeoff, so that
means, they will ask the captain to keep a plane on
the centre line so you will the actions so know I will move
from Signapore to New Aiport – Take off truss set – Check – 80 knots – Check – hold – engine fails – Engine fail right – Check – Turkish 55 go around go around – What happened during takeoff
at critical stage engine fail so captain should do reject
before critical speed so we call critical speed
is V1 that means decision speed, so he go the decision,
he rejected takeoff so what action he did so immediately
try settle idle same time he descend thrust he will use the full same time he will keep it
clean on the centre line while using head of display, then
he will check the speed then inform the speed and
make sure that it is around the 6 knot inform that we are
doing rejected takeoff to ATC because they are other aeroplane
they push it the wrong way so that means it is critical
to communicate them the tower so you know the tower they
go around the departing plane because they assume that this
would depart but normally a plane couldn’t depart
to engin failure. This was properly done, well done. (upbeat music) – The next will be low visibility
approach with 75 metres area. – This area, we have low
visibility a plane can do some move this same plane can
do autoland with condition [Radio]50 40 30 20 10 – So in this case with
75 metres we land with to the airport, so you see
that a plane did itself so go speed same as the pilot. (siren) – Thank you very much. – Your welcome captain, thank you – It was great, great learning, really. – Thank you so much – Never seen, never seen before. (laughing) – It was my pleasure, thank you. – Well Captain and first officer I also want to thank you very
much and our instructor here um giving this special experience
to see a lot of scenarios that really happens but as
a pilot you always prepare for worst scenario and you
always keep a cool head knowing what to do during
a situation like this, so thank you very much for
this experience. Thank you OH another certificate here OBSERVATION FLIGHT CERFIFICATE this is amazing (upbeat music)

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