Pilot Confessions You’ll Remember The Next Time You Fly

Pilot Confessions You’ll Remember The Next Time You Fly

(upbeat music) – [Voiceover] I’m a pilot. The whole “cell phones will interfere with the plane’s system and correspondence” is bull (bleep). – [Voiceover] I work as a pilot. The passengers don’t know that we pilots only get 10 hours of sleep per week. – [Voiceover] I’m really
afraid of heights. I thought joining the air force would help but it’s even worse now that I’m a pilot. Oh, the irony. – [Voiceover] I’m a
pilot and after thousands of hours of flying experience, I still say “weeeeeee” during take off. The buzz is still there! – [Voiceover] I’m a pilot
and I can’t stop drinking. I love flying but I can’t
stop and get help at the risk of losing my job and dream. – [Voiceover] When I was a kid, I remember my teacher scolding, “no one is going to pay you
to stare out the window.” I’m a pilot! – [Voiceover] As a pilot of two years now, every time I fly, I flirt with the idea of pushing as hard and fast as I can past
the aircraft limits, but never had the balls to. – [Voiceover] As a pilot, I talk about women while I’m flying, and flying while I’m with women. If we’re in a plane and
I’m talking about flying, something is wrong and
you should be nervous. – [Voiceover] I feel like
the worst dad ever… I’m a pilot gone a week at a time. My son doesn’t like talking to me anymore when I’m gone. He’s four… – [Voiceover] I’m a pilot. Whenever I fly above a large city, I look down and wonder, “what’s the nastiest thing
anyone is doing down there?”

100 thoughts on “Pilot Confessions You’ll Remember The Next Time You Fly

  1. I think the reason that the airplanes make sure that you don't have your phone and get distracted if there is an emergency

  2. 1:21 I’m flying to Boston in a few weeks. I know I’m gonna be thinking about that when we fly over the city whether I want to or not. it’s inevitable

  3. BEFORE WATCHING:I’m 12 years of age…. and im going on a flight tomorrow night….should I really watch this?

    AFTER WATCHING:I thought it was going to be like horror stories or something… so it just made me laugh 😂😂☺️

  4. I'm studying aviation, and one thing that a lot of my lecturers talked about is how common alcoholism is for pilots. It was worse a few decades ago, before the rules became stricter, but it's still an issue.

  5. Some of these aren't really true and my dad is a pilot but he's only gone a day or two at a time but that just depends on what plane u fly

  6. Before the video I got a commercial from European Flight Academy 😂

    (I know your thinking : she's lying . But its really true)

  7. Wow. I'm a lover of air travel, but this just hit me.
    You pilots really know the reality of life in the air…and I'm impressed!
    Next time I'm on Southwest Airlines, I'll know what you'll be thinking!

  8. you know the drill 🙂

    2.daddy pig
    3.mama pig
    4.gorge (brother)
    5. me
    6. madam gazelle
    7. Danny dog
    8. Beth bunny
    9.our lord and saviour…… Shrek

    I got peppa!

    0. you choose □●○

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