“Pilot” – Cody Webb Vlog

“Pilot” – Cody Webb Vlog

And be like “workin on a photoshoot” so that’s what we’re doing? is that how
we’re doing the V log? Yes, Like that. So im gonna do what Justin just told me to do

I got you on there Let’s see what kinda pictures you’re taking Squeeks, look at there!

Squeeks takin some pictures today pick the coldest day of the year! this
colder today in Nashville that is in the northernmost part of Alaska. Nashville
record for November. What’s the date? the 13th? Coldest it has ever been November 13th in Nashville! So, Let’s go do a photoshoot Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you *Pause* Happy Birthday to Adam Adam needs more chicken wings and mac and cheese bites Because his cholesterol level needs to get back up to where he’s feeling right He’s sick “Yeah” needs more cholesterol It’s gettin’ kinda wild out here! *Gunshot* Yeah? Si Papi Its extremely hard to make Squeaks happy We’ve been out here busting our humps trying to get horizontal video for Squeaks. this is all for your V log Squeaks. Let’s see how Giuseppe did. Look at that! Shooting at a family of four Are you excited? Im super excited. Are you gonna try to ride one?
Im gonna try to Rambo one down the tree *Laughing* Just got in the stand. Umm about three thirty We got a big one on camera back here so uhh Really hoping Gius will get him one. But uhh We’ll see what happens Might wanna take this home with you. Just to say that you commemorated your first time going hunting I’d like to award this with you. aww thank you, thank you, thank you sir We’re doin a little junk shopping What kind of shirt you got on Nathan? ooooooo Out here in the sticks it’s about to be a pretty epic bonfire!
Gius is about a shoot a flaming arrow the farm diesel..uh oh Hold on *Laughing* I told you it’d rip it up There it goes Was that fun? Yeah it was a lot of fun. Did you have a good time with that? I did have a good time with that. What was that ahhh What was that racial slur you yelled before? Oh that was nothing, That was just What did you say? OH YETTA KUMYAUHDI! Yeah whats that mean? Its not even Spanish I don’t know, it just came out of me *Laughing* It came out of my soul Be sure to subscribe!

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