100 thoughts on “Pilot accused in plot to kidnap, deport Chinese flight student

  1. Two thousand years ago, Aristotle had pointed out that democracy can not run with too many uneducated misinformed voters. Their lack of judgement will do country more harm than good. This is what America is now, run by a conman who derives his power from the stupids and ignorants.

  2. DEPORT Kelsi Hoser and Jonathan McConkey! But first, Kelsi looks like she might clean up ok as a MILF.

  3. They must have learned their business model from Trump…. take money from anyone, even if their English is not good enough for the courses, and then get rid of them ASAP…. I guess Trump never thought about adding flight training to his "University"

  4. I'm sure there's a simple explanation, like the Chinaman was learning to fly a Cessna 170 so he could fly a 767 Boeing into our new WTC building! Bomb China now! Make America great again, attack Chinese nations now.

  5. So NICE NOT to visit USA, until that racist human garbage of Trump is forever gone…Trump has morally legalized a rogue purge by low life racists….incredible. last year I actually did cancel my participation in a large competition in USA. I don' t want to be associated with racist white trash-like people.

  6. Bizarre… Anyway, don't they know the Chinese are now best friends? I mean the job losses at the phone company sanctioned for stealing US secrets are really bad… The company is closely tied to the Chinese Government but that doesn't mean anything; friends are friends…

  7. The UK government is putting people in jail for saying things against Islam. It's pretty big news you dumb fuckers are ignoring.

  8. Let's send these two idiots to China and leave them alone anywhere in Beijing. They will learn to love and be loved by Chinese people.

  9. I feel like we need to start cataloging these morons. Not to attack them, but to help others avoid this harassment. Seriously, do these idiots not understand that even foreign students help our country's economy? They RUN a school designed for foreign students!

  10. Trump voters are getting arrested everywhere now, what to they have against them? They were just being patriotic……… joking :p. Let the retarded visits man and the stupid ass racist foreigner with bad accent rott in jail. I sure as fuck hope they get a long time

  11. An over exaggeration of the story, but effective, clearly by the comments.

  12. U.S.A. has never won a war. What do you think is the solution? Israel has never lost a war. Their firearm are good. We should buy one.

  13. ‘You are here illegal’😂😂😂😂😂 oh the irony

  14. I live in Redding and it is a red county in California. This place voted47% trump. People are mean here.

  15. They don't know what motivated them? Are you kidding me. Republican ads are showing nutcases with a kidnap bus. Racist civilians threatening and trying to kidnapping legals just cause they have another skin colour. Who could possibly have said that was ok?

  16. Scary….Dem and Republican are underestimating antiimmgrant sentiment….just wait till Trump and Dems enact high skilled immigration reform….things are getting crazy first the guy in Manhattan and know these two in liberal CA!…..I don't think this is just a Trump issue… I believe antiimmgrant sentiment is more pervasive than people think…. I would not be surprised if we end up with an a viable third party nationalist movement like we have seen in Italy recently…. that comes to power….damn it the 30s all over again!

  17. a bully simple as that if I was a betting man I'd say he owns a ' Make America Great Again' hat (made in China obviously) faf

  18. It's so weird that bad peoplr can find a partner-in-crime that has the same sadistic thought processes as themselves…..but a normal honest hard working mentally stable person comes up against difficulty finding a friends!! That has always baffled me!! I wonder why?

  19. We don’t know the whole story.

    Sure they acted like idiots.

    Sure… trump is fucking nuts.

    But why all the comments blaming trump and his supporters? You people are acting like dumbasses too. You’re no better than the people depicted in the video.

  20. Trump voters, no doubts. Let's see if they go to jail, as they rightfully should, and for a long, long time.

  21. Chinese people aspire to be "white" and get treated as less. Stop trusting White people they see you as less than… fools!!

  22. americans are just very very dumb and overly aggressive . its a pandemic. and this president is destroying your country by supporting hate . the whole world is watching in disbelieve

  23. If they kick him out of the school the Visa goes out. They messed up by confining him if there were no crime.

    If they just failed him, it would have revoked his Visa.

  24. By the time Trump is done with his term The jails will be full of Trump followers. 😂😂😂😂 who’s next?? Keep doing this outrageous things we’re just gonna keep laughing. 😆😆😆😆

  25. The Trumpty Effect

    they murder and now they kidnap

    Deport these freaks

    Move your ass over HRC DJT needs to be locked up in that cell with you

    Crooked Trump

  26. This could be a good commercial for Babbel.
    Learn English or be beaten and kidnapped.


  27. Racist motherfuckers need to get back into hiding in their caves. Nobody wants them!! They're the scum of human existence and waste the precious resources that other human beings need.

  28. Wow. Complete and utter lack of knowledge about the law. But… what did you expect from a Trumptard?

  29. I thought all kidnappings were investigated by the FBI what's going on here I sent my wife ex-wife in the midst of a divorce they threatening text message I was jailed for 3 days with no bail now I'm not claiming what I did was not horrible and did not deserve punishment and I'm not even saying that the days in jail for probably not pragmatically the best choice given what has happened to people before women I mean what I am saying is that kidnapping a young man is at least as bad. By the way I have completed anger management and reconciled with my ex-wife to the point where she understands I lost control and I hold no animosity to her for what I forced her to do in reporting me for a threatening message long-winded I know but honest

  30. More Trump Tarde crap !probably MAGA make airlines great again? Oh wait… Make Asians go away? Holy crap now we have regular Americans taking it upon themselves to try to deport people? Maybe we should deport this fucking asshole.

  31. When a racist government who's non – stop making threaths to kick out immigrants , it almost makes sense that you will have all the racists with their pervert pleasures , coming out and trying to kick out every foreigner whether they're legal or illegal .

  32. This society doesn’t lack such imperious people around. My ex-boss is one of them. “ do you think you are the best person in this department?” “ your voice is rude” were her words. I am glad these two were caught physically with evidence.

  33. Well all the student from china they are communist anyway" only communist children's have the Financial" to come to America for school" well" fuck the communist anyway. In china all the communist children's they beat up and kill other peoples if they want" fuck them" fuck communist children's.

  34. This is what happened because of the stupid Trump.
    This news made me so mad and reminded me some of the studying abroad agency that they do almost the same thing as this awful pilot school does to the foreign students. The pilot school is not the only one who should be blamed but also the agency that sends students to America. The school said that because of the student's poor English, they had to send him back to China. However, why don't the school or agency requires students to take English ability test before they fly for the U.S.?? They (including the students) knew that the school would require them to have higher English skill to get through the training. The agency doesn't care about what will happen to the students who cannot understand English very well. They just want to get the money that the students pay to them. And so does the pilot school. Usually, the agency and the school work together. As many students the agency sends to the school, the more money they can get. This is how the thing works. I bed the agency did not tell the students and their parents that how hard it is for foreign students to get the pilot license. They just tell them fun and easy things about studying in the foreign country.
    What they do is almost a scam. This thing happens a lot in English speaking country and Asian country(mainly in China, Japan, Korea) We have to stop them. This is not right.

    Also, I read the article about similar thing happened in jpn. There were 10 young people from China and Indonesia. They were working at the cleaner which not many Japanese people want to work for. The agency in these country introduce them jobs in Japan and charge them a lot as a "training fee". The environment of their workplace is worse and their salary is not even high. What happened to them was that since they are not good at Japanese, they quit their job in half a year. The only thing they gained was the debt due to the " training fee". I felt so bad for them and I want to do something to help those people.

  35. America is quickly becoming 1940s Nazi Germany. Thanks to the people who voted for a racist president

  36. One look at the comment section and the ignorance and the extent of brainwashing of liberals by CNN are on full display. Do some digging and you'll find that the student's english is terrible at best and he's already been suspended from flying for 2 months due to his communication deficiency. This is a big problem when you're trying to fly a plane, let alone in the US. But of course, it's Trump's fault that being a pilot in America requires you to communicate with ATC efficiently, and therefore it's "racist" to suggest a Chinese who can't speak English should be allowed to continue to fly planes. I wonder why CNN made ZERO mention of those facts. Dumbfuck liberals. Keep getting brainwashed by CNN, sheeps. I hope you all get on a plane this Chinese guy might be flying one day.

  37. What is the background of the female Kelsi Hoser? Looks like a Chinese wife coming from mainland China

  38. This crazed bigotry is spreading like fire. Is it the water. Pods in their closets? What's really going on. TRUTH IS.

  39. What motivated this guy you say? Donald… J… Trump and his nut case followers who have been indoctrinated with the "fear" that right wing radio, Fox News and DJT has been pushing for years. It's a control mechanism. You scare them, tell them "only you" can fix the problem… and you control them. It's that simple. Mass victimization.

  40. It's so bizarre I can't help but think that McConkey is mentally ill. The flight school McConkey is associated with recruits Chinese students en mass. If he is mentally sound he has to be aware that Shi has a valid visa and what he is doing is illegal. Heck it's illegal EVEN if Shi is an illegal. I think McConkey needs to go away for a very long time preferably to a mental institution to see if something can be done for him. Insanity and a plane is a very poor mix.

  41. maybe the company send him to study how to fly in US ,after training he need work for company (It is very common for airlines because practice private training too expensive )if he go back ,that mean he failed the class He needs to pay huge training funds

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