Pierre Gasly’s Extreme Interview With World Champion Red Bull Pilot Martin Sonka

Pierre Gasly’s Extreme Interview With World Champion Red Bull Pilot Martin Sonka

– Hi, Morning! – Hello, Pierre! How are you? – How are you? Good to meet you! – [Pierre] I just want
to discover a really different feeling than
what we get in the car. In terms of G’s… because it’s G’s from up and down. So, I think it should be good fun! – So, ready? – Yeah, ready! Le’ts go! – Le’ts go! So, Pierre! Where and when was your teams
first Formula One Grand Prix? – Well, my first race
was in Malaysia in 2017. – [Pilot] And your team’s first race? – Holy what is that? – Show me with your left finger where is up, where is left, where is right, and where is down? – Well, that’s down I can see the track now. – What’s your mom’s birthday? – 24, February, ’58! Oh my God, what the ! Holy ! – Which race is before the USA GP? – Austin GP! – Okay! How many laps is the Austrian GP? – 71! – So, lets go to the next question! – Oh my God! – What is Kernöl? – What is what? – What is Kernöl? – Kernöl, I don’t know… I think it’s, oh my God! – It’s an oil made of pumpkin! Have you ever felt sickness during flying? – Nothing like this! – And the last question… What’s my name, what’s my surname and where I am from? – You’re Martin, you’re world champion! That’s all I need to know! – Okay, so now you will
remember me properly! Okay, so it was a
pleasure to ride with you and now we will proceed to our landing. – Thanks… Thank you, that was insane, wow! Well, I think fair enough I could not really follow all
of the things he was saying. Because, I was just trying to understand what was happening. Because, I was seeing suddenly the track, then the sky, then suddenly the mountain. I had no idea what was happening inside the cockpit so
that was pretty intense. – It was just fun! Because, of course for him having the very first experience like this flying such an airplane and to be able to answer my questions
was just simply not easy. But, yeah I think he did very good! – Really impressive and insane
to just feel the sensation… and the view you have, as well! I must say it scared me
properly a couple of times!

94 thoughts on “Pierre Gasly’s Extreme Interview With World Champion Red Bull Pilot Martin Sonka

  1. Instead of making him fly in a plane , you should put him in the simulator and try to get him where he should be . If I was Gasly I would spend all my days in that simulator till I would get at the level I should . He proved himself in 2018 but this isn't 2018 anymore

  2. Amazing guys. Keep up the hard work. Maybe one day get to meet the all the Red bull team. Take care and be safe and have fun. Peace and love from 🇨🇦🤘

  3. Do all expect a better start of the season and that it would it be so hard for you …. no i think not. The critical comments are okay and everyone can say what he thinks about it, but i hope you keep fighting and i think to get in F1 is not easy and you must work hard for it and a good racer needs time to improve and maybe getting tips from other experienced driver is really important … everyone is growing with his knowledge and this is not done over night!! I wish you much strength to keep pushing forward and you´re not alone!! You are with a great team and a great team mate. I hope the bad comments are not affecting you too much and you grow with them!! You´re still on the start of your journey!! Wish you all the best for the future!!

  4. Pierre seems like such a genuine guy. I really respect Red Bull for sticking with him while he gets a feel for the new car. This is his first season with Red Bull after all! It's not fair to compare him to Max who is next-level besides the fact he's been with Red Bull since 2016! Max's earlier seasons could be viewed as "bad" by some standards, having continuously driven unsafely and crashed and damaged the car over and over again. He has matured and gotten to where he is with Red Bull's faith in him, and I believe so will Pierre! He would not be in F1 if he were not exceptional.

  5. Pierre is experiencing G's level that he rarely reached with F1 car. Only certain tracks could pull out high G's. But this one was pulled out for quite some times that you might pass out. The pilot was extremely tough.

  6. His whole stint in RBR so far has been like a one big stress test, just like the what Mr. Sonka conducts here on him. Hope Pierre finally pulls himself together and catches up with Max. 🤞🏽

  7. Comon Gasly, i have high hopes in your abilities, i know your potential is hidden somewhere that you just need to get it outta you.

  8. Gasly is pretty much Alonso: "You are just flying and then you see the sky, the ground, the sky, the ground and you don't know."

  9. pause at 2:38 looks a lot like the beginning of G-LOC Look at his eyes, there's a few more of these moments in the video.
    He did not get alot of training for this I gues? His breathing doesn't look well controlled that's another indicator of not being prepared for the 3D forces in aerobatic flying.

  10. Max and Pierre are a contrast in driving levels plus we have seen the progression of both drivers. If we’re true fans of the team, we must support the team’s efforts. If things go well, it’s also a win for the fans, if not, it’s a learning experience for the drivers. One Indonesian content creator once said “every public figure needs haters.” So basically haters just serve as motivational fuel for racers to get better in and out of the track.

    Flying with a stunt pilot; this is a great anaerobic exercise for racers. Hopefully it serves Pierre well come Sunday.

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