100 thoughts on “Peter Weber Wants to Know If Hannah Brown Would Join His Season – The Bachelor

  1. Hannah is selfish I don't care what anybody else got to say about it because it makes no sense how you send him home and then come on his season sabotaging his freaking season like if you need to talk to him, talk to him when he's not about to go on a group date cause now this seems really fake and not for real anymore, because a girl with a kind and respectful heart would not ruin many other girls date for this. A girl with respect who actually loves the guy would've done this off screen somewhere else not for the whole world to see, which really makes me figure out how fake this show is, and what's worse is that Peter actually chose many girls who seem like amazing wife material, like the girls he chose actually don't seem too bad and they deserve more than this, and tbh they should just leave if Hannah is coming on the season cause that's just some B.S. right there. Hannah wasted her whole entire season by just kissing guys all day like I don't even think she was really looking for a husband or she just wasn't ready but just thought she was, and what pisses me off more is that she goes to the girls group date and says the windmill story, to me it seemed like she was trying to rub it in the girls faces more than being genuine, and Peter should've talked to the girls about this whole Hannah thing instead of just inviting her, and think about this, if he actually truly loved Hannah he would have not invited her because he knows dang well if he invites her she's going to get a lot of backlash from the girls, who might hurt her feelings, and if someone loves someone they would make sure to not hurt the person no matter what. So honestly I don't feel like they really love each other and I feel like this is just for the silver screen and to get some coin.

  2. There was something undesirable in Hannah's mind about Peter being husband material for her. Maybe the other men had more stable careers or more to offer a wife. IDK I'm just putting that out there. She is attracted to Peter, but she's letting other criteria skew her choices in men. Otherwise, she would of reached out to him over Tyler or anyone else. Her saying she didn't know where his mind was after she rejected him is crap…if she wanted to go for him…she would have.

  3. I didn’t watch Hannah’s season of the Bachelorette, but I felt like Hannah was doing great things after dwts. But to go back to The Bachelor, this just seems desperate for camera time. Nothing against hannah, just being honest.

  4. She messed up. She knows it. We know it. At this point, how else is Peter supposed to react? He's giving her a lot by saying okay after being (oddly after windmill x4) sent home. I feel bad for her. But I'm not into drama. They both need to run away and find happiness elsewhere. What is she thinking?

  5. What the F is this? And what the F was that bullshit date where the girls had to listen to Hannah and Peter's sex story? This is so sick, so disgusted with whoever had this twisted idea. Also what the F is Hannah doing? Number 1 doesn't work, number 2 doesn't work so now it's naturally number 3's turn? Is Luke P going to get a call next? Or Colton? She was so kick ass as bachelorette but now I am seriously questioning her emotional stability. Hannah, sweetheart, get out of the spotlight, doesn't look like it's working for you

  6. Things didnt work out, shes upset, she saw that he was moving on, got jealous and now she is back confusing the fuck out of peter. Blaming him for her choice.

  7. I wish he would say those words to Hannah instead of the camera. He is breaking my heart, I so feel his love toward her😢 Hannah, I don’t know. What is the problem. 🤷‍♀️ Myself I just wish they would run off into the sunset together and live happily ever after. I don’t think I can feel another women in his life after watching this. 😢

  8. If this was “real” she should have reached out to him off camera before the show. But, it was the producers that slapped her a paycheck and she did it. As for him, I don’t know if he knew or not.

  9. Peter should go all in like Colton the moment he finds out she still has feelings for him if Hannah is what he wants. Drop the show and make her an offer she can't refuse bc that's what she deserves! "It wasn't over, it still isn't over!" -The Notebook

  10. She tells him “You didn’t say anything”. I thought you were a strong modern woman, Hannah. Why couldn’t you have reached out to him. After all, you’re the one who rejected him.

  11. Please stop putting this girl on TV. She needs some help & needs time to herself. She is ruining this franchise.

  12. I feel bad for Peter. He struggled when he asked her to stay. But she seemed irritated like …what did she expect? for him to drop everyone and asked her to come back? If she was so true to her feelings, she would have reached out to him before the show. He said she broke his heart when she asked Tyler out. Of course, she would have not want Peter back if Tyler would have stucked with her. She looked at him angry when he seemed confused and telling her that he does not know what to do. That expression told me she just wanted him to choose her and let everyone else go, She is selfish and Not at all true to her feelings. She should have just encouraged him to find love and disappeared quietly. Instead, showed up in front of the windmill and telling the women, : Oh yeah, we had a lot of sex, but I didnt want him. So now he's yours, I am sorry , She is a hypocrit . Peter deserves better.

  13. She needs to disappear. Here she comes back… boo hoo crying and then "I'm so confused." She has no idea what she wants and needs to let him be.

  14. Lmfao she doesn’t care about him, she just doesn’t want her 15 mins of fame to be over yet. Anything to stay relevant 🙄

  15. Hannah is so annoying and I pray to God that she does not go on the show. She had her moment and he was her 3rd choice. ABC just can't let her go. I won't watch if she is on the show again.

  16. I have to put it out there..
    She does not deserve Peter. And to bring back hannah to mess with his mind is cruel. Just sayin

  17. Does anyone else think Hannah is a self centered bs*er.. she’s the reason I’m not watching this season.. I really hope Peter doesn’t end up with her…..

  18. She’d probably cheat on Peter if he took her back! Just something not right about Hannah,all those with that name seem shady 😎😂

  19. This is manipulation. I feel so bad for Peter. Anna do me a favor n leave him alone. First u asked Tyler out then ur here begging him to take u back.

  20. Why is Peter so confident he will find his wife when it didn't work out for Hannah B? lol

    I'm making the prediction that the first girl that arrived at the mansion will be the next Bachelorette.

  21. he is so dumb how many time she lie to him and he still believe her lol its clear that he still loves her while she is playing with him for clouts golddigger

  22. What she’s doing to Peter is very selfish and unfair. I like Hannah but she doesn’t know what she wants and she’s there messing with Peters emotions and heart while he’s trying to move on. He’s only going to have this opportunity once and it’s not right that she’s there messing it up for him and making him question everything when she not only chose Jed over him but then chose Tyler over him….

  23. I feel so bad for them. I hope they both find happiness, either with each other, or they move on. It must be awful to have these kinds of conversations recorded and showed on tv for everyone to see and judge you.

  24. Hannah B looks and sounds like Britney Spears. Omg. And love light on her hair, the way it's like dark and it's bright at the same time. So beautiful.

  25. I believe he will end up with one of the hannahs. Either it be Hannah A or Hannah B. Those two are my faves. Hannah A looks so much like Jenna Dewan. And Hannah B looks like Britney Spears. Lol.

  26. she dump you everyone who watch the show was ralling say you was her choice but she did not no i dont think she should go on the show

  27. If she is going to come back and put him through this, then BE SURE. Don't confuse his feelings even more. Come back and say, I want this 100%, I made mistakes, etc. Be sure, because the confusion is not fair after breaking his heart in the first place.

  28. It's not fair to him and especially the other girls to bring back Hannah. She's only confusing him and she's screwing the other girls over because they were supposed to be on this show for a guy who is over Hannah and ready to find his wife… someone WITHIN the group of girls, not his ex. Also, no hate but its not fair what she's did to Tyler and what she's doing to Peter, they truly loved her and wanted to marry her, they didn't go on the show to be second and third choice because what it seems like to me is that since her first choice didn't work out, now she's going to her second choice (Tyler), since that didn't work out, now she's going to her third choice Peter. It's just not right to have them be the other options you can always go back to, they deserve more than that.

  29. In my opinion, I think this is very selfish of her, she had many chances to be with him, and she still said no, and he was so heartbroken, and if u ever been heartbroken before this you know it hurts so bad and it takes awhile to be actually okay, it’s different for some people but most I can say so, and when he finally moved on, and get to date other girls, NOW she wants him??? Now she wants to be with him? This is just my opinion and what I think and I think she’s very selfish

  30. She came back for fame she mighty love him but if she did she would have talked to him way before the show just now she is confusing him for no reason and all these girls came here for love and she is going to come in a ruin it

  31. If it didn’t work out the first time it’s not meant to be. This was most likely set up for ratings. Over Hannah brown

  32. He better not pick Hannah b. She’s had her chance and blew it. she didn’t give a damn about him until now that he’s the bachelor now she wants him cuz she sees all these girls after him. She’s just jealous and if Peter goes back to her she’s gonna dump him again. If Hannah truly wanted him she won’t have sent him home or would have asked him out on a date instead of Tyler

  33. It's so annoying when she says "what do you want" LIKE BITCH what do YOU want?! You're the one that keeps popping up lmao.

  34. Hannah is unable to make intelligent decisions because she is not sure what she wants. She’s not sure who she is either. Hannah will keep making mistakes because she doubts herself. So she chose Jed—biggest loser of all

  35. I think that Hannah always had a spot in her heart for peter but it wasn’t until he was announced as the next bachelor she probably felt like she missed her chance and while it’s shitty that she is messing with peter’s feelings, you can’t deny that they would be great together. But I personally think that that ship has sailed and I love Hannah but girl, you’re 25, you have plenty of time to find your perfect guy

  36. dislike this peter deserves better hannah has no idea what she wants and CONTINUES to break everyones heart im over her at this point

  37. Guys please stop hating on Hannah. Her alter ego is a beast, not her actual self. She made a mistake, like a lot of people do when they are in love. Does she deserved to be called rude names because she tried to follow her heart and do what she thought was best for her at the time?

  38. God I hated her in Colten’s season I hated her in the bachelorette and I thought finally! We don’t have to see her anymore. Boy was I wrong. She is never gonna go away.

  39. This is so unfair to every girl that came on this show for Peter. It’s literally a huge fucking slap to their faces. The disrespect…

  40. I have never watched this show and it is because of Tiktok I know about this. But he loves Hannah, like a blind person could see it. Soooo… I mean I never watched this show so what do I know….


  42. It’s easier to be with someone you kind of like than someone you deeply love. It’s scary to love somebody so much that you start to think you might lose yourself if you lost them.

  43. What the hell happened between Hannah and Tyler ?! I thought that they were really into each other and she chose Jed over Tyler by mistake

  44. I think Peter doesn't see his worth and how he deserves to be first choice.. not literal third 😑😑😑 when he gets to that place, he'll regret this

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