Passengers – Elite Dangerous: Horizons Pilot Training

Passengers – Elite Dangerous: Horizons Pilot Training

in this training video I will be talking about passenger contracts what equipment is needed as well as where to find and accept them factions throughout the galaxy are now offering passenger contracts these are either bulk groups or VIPs looking for transport to a variety of destinations from tourist spots to planet’s surface pause before being able to accept any passenger you must first fit at least one passenger cabin found in the outfitting service offered pours newly purchased orcas and belugas confited with cabins as standard ready to use cabins come in four types economy business class first-class and luxury suites each contract comes with a minimum cabin class requirement and whilst passengers can be upgraded they can’t be downgraded passenger cabins can be fitted to the majority of ships if they have the correct slot available the luxury suites however can only be fitted to either the Orca or the Beluga liner once you have fitted a cabin you can now accept a contract these can be found in the passenger lounge section of port services similar to the missions board select the faction you want to work for and then select any available contract contracts that you do not meet the minimum requirements to accept will be listed separately bulk contracts are groups of passengers looking for straightforward transport between locations they won’t have demands during the journey nor do they react to situations such as being scanned or the ship taken damaged VIPs are more demanding than bulk passengers but are willing to pay more in exchange they also have traits which indicate what kind of things to avoid or what you might expect to happen whilst transporting them these can be seen under their contracts details screen if you don’t adhere to these the VIP can become disgruntled and may end up leaving the ship more on this later the VIP will be quick to message you via your inbox if anything happens that displeases them so keep an eye on this during your journey some passengers are looking for transport to faraway destinations these are clearly called out in the mission detail screen and come with an increased timeframe in which to make the journey during your journey you can be messaged by either the passenger or other contacts as mentioned before VIPs may request something extra and will pay you a substantial bonus if you choose to do so other less wholesome contacts may proposition you with a credit reward to sell them the passengers instead of delivering them to their desired destination you may also find that ships are on the lookout for your passengers and will attempt to interdict you contract availability is based on the simulation that drives the leat you will find ports that are suffering from famine or civil war will have refugees looking for transit while a system in election will have political contracts available passengers aren’t cargo and need to be treated accordingly all passengers have a timeframe in which they expect to reach their destination that you need to adhere to if not they can end up becoming disgruntled and will leave the ship at the next port you dock out regardless of it being their intended destination or not push them even further by not docking for example and they will use escape pods that come fitted in the cabins you will not be paid for any passengers that become disgruntled and then the event of escape pods being used you must restock them for a price before the cabins can be used again some passengers will request to take in the sights in history at the many tourist spots that can now be found across the galaxy these are fixed persistent locations that contain a small beacon once you have found one drop out of supercruise lock onto the beacon and wait for the scan to complete once it has you will be sent an inbox message containing information on the location remember ensure you have the correct equipment to take passengers on board and keep them happy during their trip to earn the maximum amount of credits

31 thoughts on “Passengers – Elite Dangerous: Horizons Pilot Training

  1. I work in public transport. After a long shift spent driving packs of drunk ferals around, I look forward to coming home, firing up E:D, and… driving packs of drunk ferals around.

  2. These VIP missions suck. I had my Beluga blown up in literal seconds cause I couldn't get away from station fast enough. I had to abandon mission just to leave cause I can't launch and exit. Also had to sell Beluga.

  3. I forgot I had passengers and decided to crash my ship into a planet in an attempt to hit my friend…. I missed by an Inch…. oops

  4. its a bad day for us delivery drivers who dont want to explore or fight or taxi people thousands of ly for not much cash so my money is staying in my pocket gg FD

  5. It's pretty strange, I love this game more than any other… I mean, I have Elite tattoos afterall. And I'm so happy that it keeps growing and growing… But it's strange because I don't play it that often anymore… Yet, I still love watching news of growth. I love you lads.

  6. I wish I'd watched this earlier. I wasted time at a beacon thinking "What now?" when I'd taken a passenger to a tourist beacon and nothing happened. I landed on a nearby planet, then a spaceport, before I eventually scanned the beacon and it progressed lol.

  7. "As mentioned before, VIPs may request something extra, and will pay you a substantial bonus if you choose to do so."

    Pictured reward for extra request: 16k

    I love irony.

  8. now if only they didn't bug out with target bodies not updating and visitor beacons not showing up. Already reported on forums. wasting time, not chancing another mission till fixed

  9. Want option: "Throw it out the airlock."

    Also are you able to destroy the escape pod the passenger leaves in? … "Taking MY POD? I don't think so!"

  10. if your passengers are laid back, and delays don't bother them, does that mean if the time allowed for the mission expires, you can still finish the mission?

  11. Can I ask where can you buy dolphin? I cant seem to find it in the station listed at eddb or at ed wiki 15% discount place I am sick of traveling to far away places and to find nothing plz can someone help me.

  12. so in order to get one of those juicy Luxury Contracts, you have to buy an Orga or Beluga Liner ?? cuz they are the only one's who can fit those Luxury Cabin's !! what a bunch of bull….seriously
    and why is a ( lets say ) 32 economy cabin slot, considered full when there are only 10 passengers in there ?

  13. Anyone else notice how much more inforatmion is included in the Horizons videos than the orignal set?

    Methinks they heard their player-base. Or realized 2 dozen youtube channels dedicated to filling each other in on what they left out meant it was time to rethink their information dispersion techniques and strategies.

  14. >Sees liner vessel
    >Scans repeatedly
    >Flees while angry pilot tries to shoot me down as escape pods jettison from its cabins.

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