Pangako Sa’Yo | Full Episode 1

Pangako Sa’Yo | Full Episode 1

I love you, Eduardo. I promise to love you, not for as long as I live, but for as long as you live, because my world revolves around you. A lot of people might know me already, there are those that have heard my name, I am Amor Powers. You all know me, but they don’t know my story. Nette, where’s the rice? I’ve already lit the oven! Oh hey, are those your pinalayok? (pot dish) Amor, can I crack one open now? No, be patient. You invited me over but won’t let me eat some food? I missed class for this! I know, but these aren’t ours. Are you kidding me? So you mean, all of this is for your boyfriend? Don’t pretend you don’t like it whenever I say your boyfriend is Eduardo Buenavista. I don’t like him, Ate. (older sister) He’s too old for you. So what if he’s old? He still looks good and is very well-off! Are you one of his admirers too, mom? You know, he’s too far out of your league. How long has Amor been selling goods at Eduardo’s company in Manila? He doesn’t even notice her, am I right? Stop it, Lester. Today is the day Eduardo Buenavista will finally take notice of Amor De Jesus. Because Eduardo Buenavista will taste the most delicious pinalayok in San Felipe. And that is Amor’s pinalayok! Good morning, love. You’re staring again! Stop it, you’re making me blush! What? You’re asking for a kiss? Again? Didn’t we just make out a lot last night? You’re getting spoiled. Don’t worry, mom. Your daughter will be a nurse! Promise! To my fellowmen, I am honored to announce that we are joined today by the people responsible for giving the people of San Felipe employment. Our beloved doña Benita Buenavista, Eduardo Buenavista, and Anton Diego Buenavista! Don’t forget to remind Cecilia of her unpaid dues, ok? Ok, tyang. (aunt) Hey! What a snob! Where are you going? You’re supposed to help us! He’s got somewhere to go. Just let him be. Your step-brother has a thing for you, it’s so annoying. What was your dad thinking when he replaced your mom with (aunt) Chayong? They’re a family of leeches! But not Nenette. You’re right, except for Nenette. Hey bro, I’m leaving. This place is a dump. Don’t. You’re going to embarass us. *singing “Panaginip”* Those documents don’t mean anything! You have no place here, so just leave! There have been violations committed by Buena Mines. It will have to be closed from today onwards. There will be three more performances before the Mayor’s closing remarks. Is everything settled? Yes, of course, ma’am. Amor, could you spare me some of your specialty? Of course, I made one just for you. Wow, thank you! Hey! I’m just checking to see if your underwear had slipped. I hope he likes my dish, Betty Mae. I hope he looks for the person who made it. Of course, he will. Hey Amor, put some make-up on. Oiliness is next to ugliness. Anyway, I’m going to the powder room. It’s a good thing you’re here! Just the smell of your pinalayok is enough to make my mouth water. Could I maybe get the recipe? Yeah sure, I’ll give it to you later. Really? Thanks a lot! My family loves your dish! Ate Amor! Mrs. Chayong is looking for you! What for? There was an incident at the mine with your father! What?! Looks like the councilor is mad? This is San Felipe’s specialty dish, the pinalayok. Yes, it’s great! This is fantastic! Thank you, son. You know, this tastes kind of familiar… I’ve tasted this before. Bro, tell me who she is and I’ll marry her. Mayor, trouble broke out at Buena Mines. They can not do this! My father’s inside! Sir, this is the daughter of the old man who’s refusing to get out of the mine! Well then, you have a very stubborn father! No, wait, I’ll go and get him! We can’t let you through. Just let me go and get my father out. You won’t have any more problems and nobody else has to get hurt. Please sir, I’m begging you! Fine, fine! Go ahead! Governor Salceda really wanted this to happen on the same day as the fiesta. He wants to make us look bad! But mama, I thought you two had an agreement before? I can’t give him what he wants! Just what is it he wants? Diego, call for an ambulance! Call for help, quick! They can’t close this mine. I can’t lose my job. I won’t have you paying for our family’s expenses time and time again. You’re always being melodramatic, dad. You know I don’t mind because we’re family. Even if auntie Chayong and her son, Lester, are difficult to deal with. Even if, sometimes, they can get irritating, they’re still family. And you’re the only family I’ve got. You and Nenette, too. If your mother were still alive, she would have been so proud of you. I still haven’t forgotten the promise you made to mom. I will study hard and find a good job that pays a lot of money so that I can take you around the world! Amor! Are you alright? I think I’m getting claustrophobic in here. *sings children’s rhymes* Come on, sing with me. What do you want me to do? Do something! Anything! Lester needs money to pay for his medical exam to go to Taiwan! Didn’t he already use that money up? That’s the reason I asked for an advance at the office before! You know I’ve always paid back what I owed you. Is that it?! You want us to list down who paid for what and who owes who? Are you going to rub everything you’ve done for us in our faces? Dad, it’s alright. Don’t worry aunty, I’ll foot Lester’s medical expenses. See, your daughter understands! You’re the only one getting your knickers in a twist! So troublesome! How are you going to take your exams now? I still have several outstanding balances from my customers in Manila. I’ll be fine, dad. I’m really sorry, Amor. Come on, Betty Mae. This is the last time. Please, wake up. Wake up. What’s the problem? You look like you’re gonna cry. Who wouldn’t, Amor? We’ve been going on and on about this for sixteen times now! I just want to go to sleep. I’m sorry, but this is the last time. Do you swear on it? I swear. Ok, so he liked my pinalayok..?. Yes! And then? He got impressed. It was as if he was in heaven. Then his brother, Diego, said “I’ve tasted this before, I know who made this.” So, Eduardo asked who? Yeah, yeah! Then he told his brother, “I want to meet her, bro.” “I’ll marry her.” The end. That’s it. Wait a minute! Are you sure he said “I’ll marry her”? Yes, I’m sure! Why didn’t you say it was me? Diego knows who I am! Didn’t I tell you a commotion broke out? You know, that thing that happened at Buena Mines, remember? What a shame! Amor, please, let’s go to sleep. We’re leaving for Manila tomorrow. Marry her? Mom, even though life is hard right now, there are still things I should be happy about. Even if they only happen in my dreams. Looks like you’re running late, Amor. The marketplace was so crowded and hectic! Don’t forget mine, Amor. Sure! But you still owe me 50 pesos. Can I have some? Use a spoon! You’ll spoil it! I’ll just have one. Typical. Did you review for the test? I’ll copy off of you later. I expected as much! They re-opened the mines again, Amor. That’s good news, dad! I wanted to tell you first, to relieve you of our problems. It’s ok, thanks dad. I have to go now or I’ll be late for school. I still have to drop by Love you, dad! There are still a lot of seats left. Excuse me. Excuse me, excuse me. Hey! I’m sorry! Good morning Mr. Julio, Ms. Lisa! Wow, you look different today, Amor. This is the first I’ve seen you like this. Something happened on my way here. There was this woman that wanted to get ahead of me while hopping on the jeepney. So an exiting passenger spilled his drink on me. This is the only shirt that fit me at the nearby store I went to. It’s not my style. It looks good on you. You’re only saying that because we’re friends, Mr. Julio. Amor, sir Eduardo may have left already. Your dream boy has a meeting to attend. That’s fine, Sally. Anyway, I need to collect your dues later. I need the money to pay for my tuition fees tomorrow. Sure, was it 350 pesos? 355 pesos, you got fruits with that. Ok. Enrique Salameda was once only under the employ of your father. And when he got to learn the ropes, he opposed your father in politics. Everything he knows came from your father. He was just like a fly on the wall. And now that fly is the governor of Punta Verde. Damn it. But we need him. Do your best, Eduardo. Ok. Sir, after your meeting with Governor Salameda you have a 4 o’clock meeting with Mr. Mendieta and at 7 o’clock you have dinner with your mother. Thank god! I don’t want him to see me like this. Good morning, sir. Good afternoon. Right, sorry. Upper ground. Yes, sir. Upper ground, sir. Please press… the button. Yes, sir. You work here? No, sir. But my dad works at Buena Mines. I see. But I’ve been doing business here for a long time now. I was awarded a scholarship by Buena Mines. From grade school to high school. I’m a university student now, though… Bachelor of Nursing… Sorry for boring you, sir. What was that? Blackout? What happened? What did you do? I didn’t do anything! What did you press? I didn’t! Maybe you pressed the wrong button. No, I didn’t! Maybe there’s an earthquake! We’re stuck! We can’t be stuck here! Help us please! There’s people in this elevator! Hello?! Someone help us! Hey, hey… Help us! Excuse me. How can you be so calm? We’re stuck. Can anyone hear us? We’re stuck in the elevator! Yes sir, we’re still trying to locate the maintenance staff. It’s their lunch break right now. I don’t care if it’s lunch time, get them to come here. Yes, sir. Hey… Are we going to die? No, no we’re not. We’re going to be ok. Are you claustrophobic? Mom! Dad! It’s ok. Hey miss… What’s your name? Amor? Amor, listen to me. Everything’s going to be fine. Ok? I’m here, stay with me. Everything’s gonna be fine. Relax, calm down. It’s ok. Amor! Amor? Wait, wait. Listen to me, inhale… exhale… Inhale… Exhale… Very good. No, no, follow me. Follow me, please. Inhale… *sings children’s rhymes* Move quick, come on! Benita, what is taking your son so long? Ah yes, Eduardo had something to do. But he’s on his way. Look for Eduardo and do it now! Uhm…sir? If this were the last day of my life, I’d want you to know that… Thank god! Finally, it was about time. Why did your elevator break down? Fix this problem! I’m sorry, ma’am. We’ll have it fixed. Sir… Governor Salameda has been waiting for you. Yes..uhm…are you gonna be ok? Yes, sir. Sir, let’s go. Yes, I’m coming. Thank you, sir. Are you sure? Yes, sir. Please inform the governor that I’m on my way. Yes, sir. Ma’am, are you ok? Yes, thank you. Slap me That hurt! You’ve been like this since a while ago. You know, you don’t just love him but you’ve fallen for him. Anyway, we have a test later. Did you study for it? Here’s your uniform! It’s nice and clean now! What the? Governor, we have four thousand employees. Everyone of them is going to lose their jobs. Those four thousand people are my constituents and you know I’ll be needing their votes. Name your price. It seems you don’t like beating around the bush, Eduardo. But I don’t need your money. All I want, is for you to marry Claudia, my daughter. If you had to choose one as most important to you, which would you choose: love, knowledge, or money? Thank you for that wonderful question. They say… I believe… I believe… I believe that beggars can’t be choosers, but beggars always chose money. Because, you know, money can buy everything. Includes love and books to know everything, right? So, that’s all. Thank you. Thank you finalist number three: Claudia Salameda. If this were the last day of my life, I’d want you to know that… I love you I love you too. Natalie? If this is all a dream, Eduardo, then you’re the best dream I’ve ever had. You made the right decision, son. You agreed to marry Claudia just to save the company? I only said I wanted to get to know her. All I know about her is tha she’s Enrique’s daughter from another woman. She’s a former beauty queen. Miss Universe? Just one of the pageants held in their community. They’ve said as much. She now lives in an apartment with her mom, provided by the Salameda family. She studies tourism. The kid wants to get somewhere in life. Well, is she pretty? If you want, you could just marry me off to her so that I could be of use to you. And you think the Salamedas would you like you? Claudia’s not in a position to be picky, Ma. She’s not even legitimate. But she’s the only child. Governor Salameda’s wife, Leonora, is infertile. And Enrique became incapabale of siring children right after his accident. That is why Claudia is the only heir and the only person who can continue on the Salameda bloodline. Hi, sir! You embarrassed yourself, Amor. You’re not even friends. Sir Diego! Miss Amor. This is your floor, the 21st floor. I know. But I’m still too lazy to come in to work. Are you heading to the 6th floor to make your move on miss Pinky? How did you know that? All the girls you flirt with are constantly talking about it. Anyway, why weren’t you at your town fiesta? I was there, I made the pinalayok. It’s just that my dad had an emergency, sir. Sir? Are you going to keep calling me sir? Call me that one more time, and I might have to kiss you. Diego. You really don’t want me to kiss you? No, I don’t. Will you tell me why? Simply because you’re not my type. Ouch. Wow. You know, I think I know why you still don’t have a boyfriend. You’re a snob. I already have a boyfriend, sir. Really? Yes, he just doesn’t know it yet. You’re something else, aren’t you? So are you still courting him? I’ll go ahead, sir. Miss Pinky’s already waiting for you. Good luck, sir. The 1st runner-up wasn’t even pretty! It was insulting to think they thought she was better than me. Honestly, everyone was shocked when her name was called. No one even cheered for her. It was just dead silent. And then suddenly, all of them cried “boo!”. “The results are rigged!”. It was so obvious that they had bought the crown. Those kind of pageants are infuriating! All of them are rigged! All they want is money! Don’t worry, you still have a date with Eduardo Buenavista. Soon you wouldn’t have to join those pageants at all. That’s not the point, mom. I don’t like it when dad sets me up on dates. They’ll pick you up in a BMW car later… Isn’t that great? I just don’t like it when dad uses me to get ahead in his career. Mom, what-? Claudia, wait! Mom, is that- is that the money for your check-up? Money to pay for my check-up, to pay for our rent, money to pay for your jewelry, and for your shoes that you will use for your date with Eduardo. Hold on a sec! So, are you going or not? Claudia? Who am I to say no to Eduardo Buenavista. You’re so beautiful, my dear. If it were always like this, then I think I would be able to forgive dad for abandoning us for twelve years. Hey, look at how pretty my daughter is! Go on now, Claudia, Or you’ll smell of smoke. Work it, Claudia, work it! Mom, it’s not as if I’m not used to wearing stilettos- ouch! Just go, dear. Bye ma. Work it! Yasss! Good evening, Governor and Mrs. Salameda. Sir Eduardo is still on his way here, but doña Benita is already here. This way, sir. You no longer need the Buenavista family for your political ambitions, for they are no longer influential. I won’t let that bastard child of yours get married. I don’t want anything to do with your mistress and her child. If you had given me an heir, then maybe we wouldn’t have to be in this predicament. Oh hey! There she is. Why, isn’t she just beautiful? My son would be delighted to meet you. Your daughter is really pretty, governor. She must have gotten it from her– uhm… I mean, she must’ve gotten it from your mother. Actually, more of on the feature of… my mom’s beauty. Oh finally! Finally. What took you so long? I’m sorry I’ve kept you waiting. Claudia, this is my son, Eduardo. Hello Claudia. Good evening. Ok, now we can order. Stop deluding yourself. You don’t have a chance with him. Not really, no. I know my place. Now you’re lying to yourself. Just admit you hoped something would happen. Yeah, a little bit… Sir, thank you so much. I’ll never forget how you helped calm me down. how you held my hand to… to make me calm down. Thank you for being patient with me, even though my stories were boring and made no sense. You know, throughout the whole ordeal, you made me love you even more. It sounds stupid, doesn’t it? But that’s how I feel about you. No, but I know you’re too far out of my league. I know that you’re… that you’re the sky to my earth, always just there but never within my reach. So I’ll just love you in my dreams. That’s Amor’s pinalayok specialty. This is fantastic. Good enough to get married, sir? When was the last time you and Eduardo saw each other? We should’ve met last week but he was too busy to meet up with me. They’re not convinced that I can do things to them. I’m getting impatient! Your dad’s sick again. It’s all because of that damn mine! When will the Buenavistas fix this problem? I really need to talk to sir Eduardo. Does everything need to go through me? Just give them money if that’s what they want!

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