NTC Nutrients Transport Concept

NTC  Nutrients Transport Concept

hello I am dr. Tobias Kuna I’m the chief scientific officer of p.m. international we are here in our laboratory in the new international headquarter and we want to share some special with you about our NTC concept so nutrition transport take nutrients when they are needed to the place where they are needed to the cellular level and we need it to have a high bioavailability fat soluble substances like vitamin E q10 or Omega 3 absorb very bad and low by our body the body needs a special transport form we call it missiles to transport it from the intestine into the blood and we with our nutrition transport concept find a way to bring exactly this transport form in our product so that we have a much faster and higher absorption we want to show you in an easy demonstration we have here water clear water and we have omega-3 capsules like you can buy everywhere and I put this inside the water steer it and you can see you cannot mix it really and after a small time it’s swimming on the top so there is no solution here it’s only water and the fat soluble omega-3 and it’s very difficult for our body to absorb it here we have our hard do with omega and q10 or the feed line omega-3 so we have the same substances in our special form with the MTC concept and I give some drops here into the water then I mixed it and you see it is sort of perfect and by the way it’s the same technique our body use we have it directly for our intestine for our higher absorption and we wait just a few seconds then you can see again here it’s swimming up here you have a perfect solution and if you bring it into your body here the body had to use a special technique for a transport form it keeps time you have less absorption and you have less of the omega-3 in to in your cellular level for yourselves and here you have a total dissolve so we have a much faster higher and better absorption for higher faster and better results

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  1. It was very easy for me to understand Dr. Tobias Kohne plus his demonstration. Just what I needed. Thank you!

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