No evidence Ukraine plane crash was linked to Iran rocket attack

No evidence Ukraine plane crash was linked to Iran rocket attack

100 thoughts on “No evidence Ukraine plane crash was linked to Iran rocket attack

  1. No evidence… The iranians refusing to deliver the black boxes is evidence enough. We should take out all of their offensive capabilities.

  2. thier are holes in those wings sad to say it was deff shot down…. they have done this many times before and blamed it on another country sad to sayy but truth

  3. THIS is what Fox reported soon after the plane went down? How did they know so soon and without investigation of the pieces found?

  4. Fox has determined the rockets are not linked, however Iran won't turn over any evidence… Journalism at its best….

  5. The facts scream about Iranian role in the crush: 1) Iran refuses to turn over the black boxes; 2) the small debris are scattered over a huge area;3) the plane exploded in the air twice ( video) just minutes after the take off and 4)cover-up LIES of Iran about engine failure without ANY data, etc. Most likely the iranians shot down the plane by mistake while expecting US retaliation for their missile attacks on the US bases.

  6. -Service of plane showed no issues.
    -No previous issues with that model.
    -No comms with piolet before crash
    -Iran seizing black box
    -Iran noting fight 655 days prior
    -Iran on high alert grounding air traffic
    -Fox news closing comment sections on updated videos

    No Evidence

  7. Machine gun fire… appears there are several holes in the fuselage that was aired on ABC. Maybe Iran thought it was a US Reaper Drone in the dark…

  8. The defrocked 1st Queer… Biden…Hillary… Corrupted FBI…. Comey colluded and ordered a stinger attack that brought down the Ukrainian air-liner…. because it had at least 8 Ukrainian money Laundering witness's as passengers….!

  9. Of course FUX news doesn’t want the world to know that Dipshidiot Donald’s dumbass decision got 176 innocent folks killed. Planes don’t just explode and fall to the ground in pieces anymore.

  10. The aircraft was serviced in Ukraine on January 6, 2020. Those maintenance records are now being scrutinized by the Ukrainians. Ukraine has pulled its fleet of 737's to recheck records on other aircraft too.


  12. Liars anyone can watch a video of a missle hitting the plane. We are sooooo tired of the STATE ran media thinking we are braindead. Fu

  13. stop lying….it happen around the same time when the rocket launch….i'll give them credit they're really trying to defuse ww3

  14. Too much coincidence and evidences that something was really wrong: the timing, the place, the moment… a plane could crash anywhere, but no… it crashed there, on these days, under these reasons… and now they want to tell us that it was a mechanical failure? We are not idiots…

  15. This was no doubt shot down, I’m an armchair expert on Plane Crashes because I’m fascinated and terrified of them, and this does NOT happen. Planes do crash now and then, but they don’t fall out of the sky as a fireball. An Engine can catch fire, both engines can catch fire, but the plane can still land. This was engulfed in flames until it made impact and exploded. Secondly, debris does not scatter 6 miles unless it was broken up in mid air. This was shot down just like MH17, sadly also Ukrainian, and in the exact same way/situation. Rogue military forces mistaking passenger airlines flying over conflict zones. This should never have been allowed.

  16. It seems a little suspicious for a number of reasons. 1. Iran launched missile attacks just hours earlier, could Iran have accidentally shot it down thinking that this was an US fighter jet coming back in retaliation? 2. There needs to be some explanation for the little holes on the fuselage and wings. 3. How can Iran say it was a mechanical failure mere hours after the crash? Normally, statements like that aren't made right after a crash. 4. If it was a mechanical failure, then why wasn't there a MAYDAY call from the pilots? 5. I understand that US-Iran aren't the best of friends, and the US/Boeing may fabricate the data if the data recorders are sent to them, but why isn't the investigators sending the recorders to an independent investigator for analysis? Or maybe share the data with Canada since a lot of the passengers were Canadian?
    I'm not saying it was a missile attack, it might have been an engine explosion which caused the crash, but there is a lot that needs to be explained other than 'it was a mechanical failure'.

  17. Why haven't Iranian officials given to the investigators and why is there flak damage in the wing and fuselage?!

  18. -Communication was jammed
    -Video of Boeing on fire before crash (missile)
    -Iran will not turn over the black box
    -Yeah Iran shot the Boeing down.

  19. This plane looks more like it exploded, AS there is to many pieces scattered far and wide,
    If this plane had crashed, there would be many bigger chunks then what actually seen
    This will be a provocative move from possibly Iran's missile or an inboard bomb that probably brought it down,
    If there was a mechanical problem the plane would still be having big chunks not as seen in the videos released. Just look at previous mechanically involved accidents, I would not be surprised to know that the western powers realize this and are not speaking up yet until they have actual proof. And if Iran does decide to give the west the black boxes, you can probably bet they will be doctored,
    Why do you think they will not give the US the black box?
    They will hide the truth,
    This may just make the bibles statement in Daniel where the west attacks IRAN the 2 horned ram,

  20. Iran shot the plane with a missile cause they would have thought it would be a missle coming from USA………….im saying these because iran has denied in handing over the black box……….which is obvious they commited a crime

  21. Racist Americans have controlled lies so long until they believe people to be crazy. Set back and enjoy these liars exposed. This evil system have lost world power to China.

  22. This was entirely due to blow back from 1979. 138 passengers were living in Canada. Canada was the country that aided the escape of American diplomats in 1979. I guarantee this was no accident. Iran kills their own people all the time, and would view these Persians living in Canada as Westerners.

  23. They were real quick to clean up the evidence for it to be mechanical failure and not hand over the black boxes 🤔

  24. I understand that we don't have evidence and In our good country you are innocent until proven guilty right? Even though they are reckless did CNN really need to instantly try to persuade everybody that it was Iran? I get it they probably shot it down but pointing fingers isn't helping spreading info is. Appreciate the actual reporting fox👌🏼

  25. How about a check of those working on the tarmac before this flight took off. Could have been folks that were posing as Iranians but where otherwise. Not out of the realm of possibilities. If that could be the case; then I wonder if those folks are even still in Iran now.

  26. Honestly; think logically and rationally about who would have benefited the most out of that aircraft going down in the mist of all the other insanity occurring during the time frame. Would Iran have wanted to get smeared any further with all the flack flying in its direction by the west after it retaliated by bombing some bases in Iraq because its general was assassinated by the U.S. ? Or would the U.S. and/or others have wanted Iran to look even worse and create further reason(s) to target it further ? Logic and rational leads me to think it is the latter.

  27. You know, things are starting to smell really fishy. (1) Democrats set impeachment into motion on flimsy basis.; (2) There is claim that there was a missile attack on Netanyahu while he was campaigning yet again in an unprecedented 3rd election go around within a year in Israel ( Israel has yet to form a government because Netanyahu has refused to accept defeat in the prior 2 elections. ).; (3) Now democrats say president abused power with action towards Iran.; (4) Democrats get emboldened with further cause to push impeachment because they say abuse of power is an impeachable offense.

  28. I find it amusing how everyone talks about passengers from any other nationality other than Iranians even when the majority of the passengers in that plane were Iranian. Talk about manipulation of information…

  29. Evidence,evidence that is all they said,No Evidence,malfunction etc is a joke,loss of life is nothimg to those who does not care about other people's lives,but the US does and other major western countries,the plane was brought down by a missile,one can speculate where and who is firing those missiles that night the plane went down with all loss of life.

  30. The plane had problems. It was turning around to go back to the airport and land. As it was going back to land it blew up. They are not reporting that part. And why would Iran give their sworn enemy the black box before they did their own investigation? No country would. And Boeing would just say what the deep state tells them and it would never be the truth. Who benefits most? Iran does not gain anything. But Israel and the nato bullies sure have alot to gain from this…

  31. Iran stated that it will only share the black box with Ukraine. Ethiopia did the same in 2019 by not sending their 737 black box to the U.S. . They shared their black box only with France. Fact: very few countries have any trust in the U.S.'s credibility anymore. The actions of the U.S. have proven its incredibility.

  32. He attacked Iran to divert his idiotic base from his incoming impeachment !!! who of course believe all the lies he says !!!

  33. If it ain't Iran who shot down it.
    Then why on the video there are so many pieces burning, plus if it crashed it should've slid on the land and exploded and it shouldn't be in peices already, video evidence shows that their self defense mechanisms are self propelled

  34. What about the CANADIANS and all other people on board? Are you all crazy? What must happen to make the USA organize another OPERATION OVERLORD!

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