Ninaithen Vanthai – Tamil Pilot Film(With English Subtitles) | Periyasamy

Ninaithen Vanthai – Tamil Pilot Film(With English Subtitles) | Periyasamy

I am fed up with your ringtone. Just to wake up at 8, you have set your alarm since 7, Why are you letting it scream for 10 times? Maa, Please. Wake up. Make sure you attend the interview today at least. Won’t you bathe with discipline ? Amma.. Water is cold…!! How many times have I told you to use a glass to drink water ? [When i thought of you, You came] Dai.. !! You know how I long I have been waiting? All the best ( A voice without a source) Just write,It’s a simple program. He started to spoil.(A voice without source) Dei, What you are doing? Hey Buddy, What Happened? Get up! Ufff…!! What just happened to me today ? I have fallen unconscious..! You drink all these like a Pro..But When it comes to interview, you screw up..! Hey… Who is this ? Who is teasing me with my own voice ? She has turned her face to the other side..! She has left..!! Damn it! You kept on only looking at her for two months. (A voice without source) When are you gonna to do that with the girl ? Dei I am asking when you are going to propose her. This problem too apart from those I have..! Come..! It is obvious from your face that you screwed up. Amma.. I have been trying ma. This fear is not leaving me. You will see… I will do a superb job in the interveiw scheduled for tomorrow. You have been telling the same in all the interviews..! We are here to demonstrate that this is not just the issue of this country. But also the issue of the country of Tamils. (A voice from TV) What is this Amma? There is a Jallikattu protest going on. Why don’t you particpate ? Amma.. Dont poke fun at me. I am roaming around without a job. Am I gonna save Jallikattu ? OCS? When did i attend the interview there? Congrats for getting the job! Machi…Look at me. I didn’t attend OCS interview. But they say I got selected. Dont talk rubbish .I am already in frustration. Machi.. I am seriously speaking. I have not got a job even after attending 40 interviews. You got selected without even atttending the interview.?? Machi.. I got selected da. I will break your face da. Please Machi. Leave my hand. If I leave, you will hit me Listen to me . Leave my hand. Are you sure you won’t hit me ? I won’t. Just leave my hand. Come Here. No. If I come , you will hit me. Idiot. If You keep speaking like this, I will put a bomb in your mouth. OMG…He got tense suddenly. Congratulations. (A voice without source) Congratulations ?? Is it for not hitting me ?? I am impressed. You proposed me yesterday..! What Sugi ? At what level is your voice hearing problem ? It is the same Doctor. I have a new issue. New issue ? What are you talking about ? Doctor..!! Whatever I think happens. What do you say ? Yes Doctor! Whatever i wish is happening. Everyone wants what they think to become real. While it is so, you are strangely complaining about it.!! Doctor, My case is different. Things happen without even me doing it Like! I didn’t attend the interview. But I got a call saying that I cleared my techinical interview. Similarly..! I didn’t propose this girl. But this girl who I am in love with came to me and said she loves me too, saying that I only proposed her. Good.. You have gone to the next level. No. I mean your problem has gone to the next level. What are you saying doctor? Already you have a voice issue. Now this too..!! May it be that I have a multiple personality disorder like in Anniyan (Aparichit) movie ?!! May be.. Now I can’t say anything for sure. This sounds something new. Let us wait for two more weeks. Meet me after two weeks Greetings! Greetings..! May I know who you are? Shall we sit and speak? (Voice from TV telecast of Jallikatu protest ) Couldn’t you recognize me ? I am Dhinakran. MLA for this constituency. I last came during the election period. It has been three years. That is why you couldn’t recognize me . These are my brothers who are all my everything. May I know what you came here for? My brothers have a long-pending wish to construct a resort. That is good. Do you need any donation? No No. No need of donation. Just You give your land only. My land? I don’t want to sell it. You may not want to sell it. But I am here to buy it. Not for free ..!! We will give you 25 Lakhs. 25 Lakhs ?? That land is worth 5 Crores. If I give you all that 5 Crores, How can I construct a resort ? I am ok to give you 25 Lakhs. That too because , my brother has said it. To be frank, I came here to buy this land for free. I give you two days. Are you gonna register with 25 lakhs ? Are you gonna register for free ? You decide it by yourself. Come.!! She has only one son. She will give the land.! See You..! Who is this dumbass? Amma. Who are these people? MLA and his people. They threatened us demanding our land. Whether or not you get a job, I thought I would help you out by making use of that land. Now, even that land is going to leave our hands. How come? When did I go there? Don’t worry. You will get the answer to your confusion very soon. Who the hell are you? What happened? Nothing Amma. Just like that. No matter what happens I am going to save the land from this MLA by falling on his feet. Has that engineer sent the plan? In five days, we can start the resort construction work. In two days, i will okay that land. Brother Come brother..!! I was just talking about your land only. What did your mom say? She said she would offer the land. When shall we do the registration? Let us get it done today..!! Why ?Let us do it now..! Hey..! I have been observing you since you came. You have been talking too much. Do You know who you are talking to? Do you want to go back alive or not? Hey.. What are you talking to him ? Thrash him and throw him away from here. I will get that land’s registration done by tomorrow itself. Anna. There is no need. You know whom you have touched ? Leave me. No Brother. You will lose your address if you dare come back to ask my land. I will take care of him brother. Leave me. Having come here, he has hit our brouther and is leaving unscratched. Instead of hitting him, you are stopping me. What if he hits you ? Our client is here.You leave him to me.
I will take care of this. Realx. Relax. Tell me without getting nervous. Doctor. Water? I had gone to see the MLA. There I saw a person who looks the same like me. Exactly like you? He has hit the MLA’s brother. I don’t know what MLA is gonna do. Did you try to speak that guy? Oh.. Yes.I could have. I did not know what to do at that moment.Since I Was nervous, I forgot to do that. So.. there is a person like you. He is doing all that you want to do. What? Doctor!! Yes. You are the only son of your mother. Right ? As far as I know, I am my mother’s only son. Anyways this is called Telepathy. Telepathy? In a way for you to understand. it is like Cell phone. Using the cell phone ,just like the way we speak to people who are distance apart Telepathy is speaking without cellphone. I mean mind to mind speaking. To state simply we have heard that a mother feels like “something is wrong or I font feel good” when something bad or something untoward happens to her son who is distance apart. May be we can say what you experiecne is a next level to that. Does that mean he knows all my thoughts ? Not exactly. But the thoughts you keep thinking about or when you are confused whether you have to do some things or not. There are chances for these to have have been communicated to him May be he did all these out of the torture of your thoughts. Or he did all these with a motive to help you. This is not medically proven. But there are lots of such case histories. Doctor.. Is there any medication for this ? No Medication Do one thing. Try to talk to him. Also check with your Mom You may get a clue on whether you have a brother or not. Then we will proceed further. Hello. Is there anyone there ? Oh.. It is you. Hi Bro. This is Suginthan. I know. Tell me what? Did Doctor tell you to speak to me? Oh.. you came to know that too..!! Who are you bro? You looks like me. My name is Niranchan Niranchan!! Nice name bro. Have you seen me before? I recently saw you. You look like me. I often heard a voice.I think you must have heard too. Yes Bro. I heard. In my childhood, it was not much. Recently it got severe. After you finished your college! Complaining about not getting a job Hesitating to convey your love to a girl. Land issue..! I heard too much of voice. Heavy Torture. Then after I found you in my search, I helped you. I heard too much of voice in my childhood. It got reduced lately. Do you live with your family ? Family ? I am an orphan. In my childhood, I roamed street after street, without food to eat, without a home to stay. I cried so badly That’s why you heard my voice so much. Then Someone enrolled me in an Orphanage. I studied. I got a job recently. Then I have come out. Sorry bro,You have helped me so much. Please come home once. Mom will feel very happy. Especially, if it is someone who resembles me , she will be more than happy. I will come. Shall I say something? Tell me Bro. Be it anything.. You seem to fear and hesitate. You get rid of that habit. If you live like that , you will lose lots of things in life. You won’t even get little little joys. The person who has fear and hesitation is equal to an orphan. No matter how many people are around you, nobody will come to help you. Whatever you do , do it boldly and courageously. Then see how your life changes. Sure Bro. I will act that way henceforth. Ok. We will meet one day. Sure bro What happened? You woke up early today?!! Feeling hungry? No Ma Maa..Shall I ask you something ? Yes.. Ask. Do I have siblings? I knew you would ask me someday. You have asked me today. You dad is a Tamilian from Eelam. He used to come to Chennai for business reasons. He did lots of busineesses with a collaboaration with my dad. My family liked him so much. Then I was married to your father. I shifted with him to SriLanka. Life was blissful. Soon, we were blessed with Twins. You were too young at that time. It was Midnight. It was the sound of whole city screaming. When I witnessed what was happening, Our Tamils were made naked blindfolded and made them march on the roads irrespective of their age by Singhalese Military..! Me, your father and a few others escaped by boarding the boat, with both of you. But on the way Our boat went upside down. I had held you. Your father had held your twin brother. Somehow I escaped and found another boat wit you. But your father and brother went missing. We searched for both of them. We couldn’t find them. So, we returned to Tamil Nadu. Does that mean I have a brother ? Yes His name? Niranchan Go.. Brush your teeth and come. Have breakfast. Amma. I have a surprise for you. Surprise for me? What is it? I will tell you.. No.. I will show you. Ok, Go. Who is pressing the calling bell these many times? What i have told to you? What you are doing here?Come. Amma… Who are you speaking to ? There is not so great a temple as my mother. There is no soul like my mother. There is not so great a temple as my mother. There is no soul like my mother. Just to see her face ,I imposed a penance on myself. I gave up my penance and I surrendered to her. Just to see her face ,I imposed a penance on myself. I gave up my penance and I surrendered to her. What are you getting ready for? You know what it is for ..! Brother! You are going to meet your Girlfriend, right ? Yes Brother! Don’t tell her that I proposed her for you. No! No! I won’t tell! Ok, Go! Who is that stupid? Mom is gonna scold me. OMG..!! These guys?!! Brother.We are on the way to kidnap him..!! See,, he has run into us. Throw him inside the car! Come da! Sir! Please leave me. What?? Are you doing Meditation? Brother.. He will be dead in a jiffy if you pull the trigger. Yeah.. You kicked my brother in front of my eyes. I will break your limbs and throw in the middle of the road. Let us see who will come and save you. Why the hell are you laughing? Whether you laugh or not whether you scream for help or not No one will come to save you. I don’t need to scream desperately. Thinking is enough. When i thought of you, You came 100 Years of age for you! You have given, what i asked Kind hearted Dei, No. Die Brother Did you say you would break my brother’s leg? Brother I have to hit you first. You have a body like a buffalo. Can’t you beat him? Brother. I look like a buffalo. But he is an wild bison. How can I hit him ? Brother! Don’t be mad at me! What I have an idea. What is it ? You came and helped me as soon as I though of you. Yeah Why dont we help others by making use of this ability ? What are you trying to say ? It means.. We can speak to each other , no matter where we are. I can come to where you are.. And you can come to where I am. Isn’t it enough ? We can help so many people. Is that so? Ok.. Let us do it. When i thought of you, You came

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