NEW! – BEST Bug-A-Salt Yet?? 3.0 Black Fly Review and Test on Spiders + Comparison vs 2.0

NEW! -  BEST Bug-A-Salt Yet?? 3.0 Black Fly Review and Test on Spiders + Comparison vs 2.0

welcome to another episode of mousetrap genius today we're gonna be looking at the bug assault gun and you've heard of the bug assault 2.0 but have you heard about the bug assault 3.0 the black fly edition bug assault gun has been around for several years and has gone through many different updates and designs from how it looks to the 2.0 to the fruit point oh and in my opinion this 3.0 the black fly Edition is by far the greatest gun that they've made and completely blows the 2.0 out of the water not only does it look incredibly awesome it packs some really sweet updates from the 2.0 first let's look at the power of the gun this is by far the most powerful of the bug assault guns and shoots so much farther and faster than the 2.0 and has a much tighter salt pattern we set up a small target to test and see how powerful the gun was compared to the 2.0 and you can see that not only is it more powerful but the shot pattern of the salt is more defined and direct now let's look at one of my favorite updates the black fly Edition the safety on the 2.0 you had to turn the safety off each time you cocked it well that does add some extra safety to the gun the safety on the 3.0 works like a typical safety where you manually turn it on and off this allows for quicker shooting and honestly just makes it more fun some other really cool things about the 3.0 black fly Edition are the design it's a lot lighter and more compact than the 2.0 so if you compare them in size you'll see that the 3.0 is smaller and is decently lighter which allows it to be easily carried around for a longer period of time while you're on your fly expeditions some other things to note are the trigger it's a much lighter trigger so if you're used to the 2.0 be careful because you don't want to rip your finger off while you're shooting your flies it also has the added site on the end as opposed to the black indention that was on the 2.0 so it's easier to cite in your flies when you're shooting them as you can line up this orange site with this orange side while the bug assault guns are great for shooting flies and that's really what they're marketed for they're obviously really good for shooting other insects and pests around the house as well and I've got a lot of spotters around my house for some reason so here are some clips of us shooting some spiders so if you're new to the bug assault family this is the gun you want to start with the 3.0 black fly Edition is a great place to start it's super light it looks awesome it's much more powerful than all the other guns and you'll have a lot of fun killing the Flies and pests around your house we want to thank bug Assault for sending us this gun to review for you guys if you decide to buy one there'll be a link down below that you can click on or if you decide to buy a different bug assault gun they will be down there as well and if you decide to buy it or anything else on Amazon we would be honored if you use our links one other thing to remember with any bug assault gun is you need to treat them as real weapons obviously it's salt and so it's not going to pierce the skin or may not even hurt but you need to be careful because it can cause some serious injury if shot in the face or other parts of the body so please be careful when you're using the bug assault gun we hope you enjoy killing all the Flies and pests around your house with the bug assault gun and as always thanks for watching another episode of mousetrap genius

24 thoughts on “NEW! – BEST Bug-A-Salt Yet?? 3.0 Black Fly Review and Test on Spiders + Comparison vs 2.0

  1. That Gen III looks like an MP40! BTW: Let the spiders live! They trap and eat flies and other insects and they don't bother humans. They are beneficial.

  2. Why would you want to kill spiders? They’re good in every regard. Catch them in a cup and put them back outside. They simply got lost and accidentally came into your house.

  3. Dont kill the spiders… But… i was already going to buy one but went ahead and used your link so you get credit for me clicking the link and purchasing.

  4. Why does everyone get so close? I snipe flies from across a table length! And that’s with the 1st edition. I just ordered the 3.0, should have it by Thursday! Flies and wasps beware, I use kosher salt bitches lol

  5. Are there any requirements for owning the Bug-A-Salt? Fire arms license? Background check? Anything other than age and money?

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