Nasi Lemak on AirAsia ► Malaysian Airplane Food from Bali to Singapore

We’re flying from Bali to Singapore. It’s gonna be a two and a half hour ride. Feels like San Francisco in here. Perhaps this magazine contains ideas of what to do in Singapore. This view never fails to steal my heart.. ..and this view as well! Since it’s a short ride, meals are provided at an additional cost. The Nasi Lemak was fiftyfive thousand Indonesian Rupiah. About $4 u.s. Take a deep breath.. No tab? No problem! Let’s mimic Lee Min Ho. Mmm. Can’t wait to get a bite of this chicken rendang. 35 percent salty. This arrow is made of either banana leaf or pandan leaf. Okay, now let’s give the anchovies some attention. Peanutssss The Onion Sambal is made of blended chili, tamarind juice, shrimp paste, garlic and chili powder. And of course onion! sweetttt spicyyyy and fiestyyyy Hey, that rhymes! Jigle, jigle, jigle, jigle! My reflection is giving birth to more reflections. Hashtag Mini Mukbang! Let’s get comfortable! Meowwww!! It feels cozy when all the lights go off. What’s up singapore? I’m gonna eat all your chilli crab! See you guys in the next Mukbang and travel video. Bye bye!

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