My guy friend has a girlfriend | Love Playlist | Pilot – EP.02 (Click CC for ENG sub)

My guy friend has a girlfriend | Love Playlist | Pilot – EP.02 (Click CC for ENG sub)

JAE-IN’S STORY Lee Hyun-seung,
I have something to tell you. LOVE PLAYLIST EP. 02 Do you remember? It was around the end
of our freshman year. After we had finished the final exams,
we drank all night and went back to the dorm at dawn. Hold my arm. Wait for us! I was surprised because
I didn’t know you could be masculine. Also, remember when our club
went for an excursion? I was famous for drinking
seven bottles of soju. Han Jae-in,
Sung-hoon is looking for you. He’s going to force you
to drink until you pass out. He’s mixing up
every drink he can find! You knew my drinking capability
was overrated. I thought I was going to die. What do I do? Ouch! What are you doing? I thought I owed you again. Hey, have you seen Jae-in? No, I haven’t. That’s it?
That’s all you can say? There’re many people
in the next room. I was glad to have a friend like you. Do you remember
when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend? I broke up with my boyfriend.
Let’s go and drink. I’m meeting
my girlfriend today. I was a bit disappointed. Look at this.
Isn’t she adorable? She’s cute even with the mustache. I mean it’s normal to get jealous
when your friend is closer to another friend. Yeah, she’s cute. I thought that’s what it was. Right?
I couldn’t be in love with you. We’re friends.
It’s impossible. But I was sad,
every time I saw you. That’s why
I couldn’t stop looking at you. Did you use the coupons
for a free chicken? That’s… I was upset all of a sudden. Forgot I had a class. I felt awkward to be in the clubroom. I don’t know why but
my emotions were all over the place. Was this your bread? You can have it. Then you said it out of nowhere. YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON
SOMEONE, RIGHT? AND THAT’S MIN-WOO, ISN’T IT? Holy crap! Of course, I couldn’t say
that it’s you that I like. We’re friends,
and you have a girlfriend. I finished the last bag of tea,
so what? I’ll buy you a new one. Why are you guys acting so cheap? I can’t confuse you just
because I’m confused. Then we moved on. But when I saw you comforting your girlfriend
who was crying and hugging her dearly, I apologize. It’s fine. I’m going to go
and drop her off. I wished that was me. Then I realized that
I am in love with you. But I won’t ever tell you that. WHEN YOU’RE CONFUSED,

100 thoughts on “My guy friend has a girlfriend | Love Playlist | Pilot – EP.02 (Click CC for ENG sub)

  1. No offense, but..


    I’m sorry I just had to let that out

  2. "i mean it's normal to get jealous when your friend is closer to another friend." 😂😂 this is so me to my male friend. We went to the same school for 10 years and we got closer with him and his family. Now, i don't even know if he treats me as his bestfriend cause he got new friends too. 😂😂 He's going to another school this year though. I guess it's the ending of going home together. 😂 sad actually.

  3. She’s really cute tho. I don’t say this much even if people are pretty but she’s so pretty

  4. I actually cried the first time I watched this because i feel like i can relate to this so much this series was the best

  5. I hang out with all the guys but if I find myself liking them I tell myself to stop right away bc I don’t wanna seem like a hoe or a slut who just hangs around guys all the time just to be with them cause they have a crush on them.

  6. ha I knew it. I knew she liked that dude and not the other dude. Yeah no I didnt bother remembering their names

  7. Am I the only one who thought that Jiwoo looks like Solar Mamamoo and Hae In looks like mix of Moon Ga Young & Kim So Hyun? :*

    ps.: i'd watched this serial pretty sure after they were released. It's been a year ago right? i rewatched it when i'm getting bored with on-going KDrama's recently.

  8. Im too old for this… If i like you im telling you, if i dont like you im telling you. Life is too short for all that playing around.

  9. it happened with me before but i think it was just an Infactuation…..i felt guilty for having a crush on my friends bf but after sometime i realized that it was just an infactuation….. btw your videos are so relatable

  10. I LOVE HOW THIS WAS CONNECTED OMG!!! Like at the first episode I was like wait did she like him? Or could she not confront those dudes that she like him

  11. "Yeah I was the one who took the last tea, and so?! I'll buy another!" AHAHAH idk why but I find it cute 😂

  12. one week ago I would have shipped him with his friend but now I have a boyfriend and I ship him with his girlfriend …is it weird?

  13. I feel bad for her but if he leaves his gf then I am gonna feel bad for the gf ;_; ( Sorry I don't know the names)

  14. oooffff this ep is really relatable i can literally understand how her heart hurts everytime her guy friend is with his girlfriend URGH IT FUCKING HURTS

  15. When your boyfriend has a girl as close friend…💔 it hurts too and what if she loves him too? When i feel jealous i can't show him because he'll think that im possessive ..and he will be very annoyed ! So i just keep it for myself but really this situation hurts a lot exactly like her situation :((

  16. Not gonna lie I'm going through the same thing right now.. The only difference is that my guy friend thinks it's okay that he texts/calls me all the time or asks to hangout if it's just me and him. Apparently his gf's okay with it but I'm really not. I've been trying to avoid him but I can't because I think I'm starting to like him.. I don't know what to do 🙁

  17. I found out today my crush has a girlfriend and when i saw him and her together today my heart hurt so much. Never related to a video so much…

  18. I really dont want girls who are so close to guys saying that they are only friends that "one of the boys" pattern of girls are not good to see. For me, I'd rather have girls have my back than being close with boys. It's looks so cheap. Idk sorry.

    So I dont really like the girl best friend. I like the girlfriend here.

    "girl bestfriend" or "guy bestfriend" can ruin relationshits. I'm super against that.

  19. OH DAMN SHE'S ME but luckily, he's not him because my close friend hasn't got a girlfriend nor liked someone yet…. afaik

  20. This happened to me once, but it wasn't about love stuff, I was jealous of my bestfriend (whom I hung out with for 8 years)'s new friend whom she knew for only half a year. The new friend told her about kpop and stuff and they were always fangirling about bts together. Usually it was only me and my bestfriend going to school together, buying lunch, spending recess and going home together, but her new friend kinda came along and they would only talk about kpop and kdrama and nothung more, they even linked hands. I never linked hands with my bestfriend. One time they were even planning a sleepover and going to a bts concert together.

    Actually, what made me the most sad is that my bestfriend put me in second place ever since she started hanging out with the new girl. I'm in the same class as her friend, and my bestfriend would chat with her if she came in, now she only clings to me whenever her friend is absent or went to chat with other friends.

    But I've learned that it wasn't a big deal and that I could always read my books if they were chatting about things I'm not interested in. The girl is pretty nice to hang out with actually. But my relationship with my bestfriend kinda downgraded to just friends, it's okay though, I'm happy. 🙂

  21. My best friend has one now his name is Jason I still am his friend but I've had a crush on him since I met him but now I just dont wanna be his friend because hes posting pictures if her on his snap saying I love this girl, I wish I was with u. I asked him if he would date me he said yea but 2 days later oh I gotta girlfriend so we cant say we love each other anymore, when he said that I just wanted to scream at him and hit him then just fall to the floor and cry my eyes out then run away, that hit me really hard and he keeps posting pictures of her on every social media he fuckn has and it pisses me off to the point where i wanna text him and say when u post pictures of her sayin u love her that breaks my heart more I asked u first and u said u would date me but then u say oh i gotta girlfriend now I'm sorry, yea I bet ur sorry cause u better be if u were me you'd just cry because all the stuff I've been through! And he says that hes there for her because shes going through alot of stuff 😐. I said seriously I've had more shit to go through my little sister was in the hospital for 2 months. I lost the best pet I had! I almost got hurt my step dad! And u literally started talking to her! I've been there for him everytime and now I just dont know what to do with my life anymore 😭 I'm just done with everything😭😭💔💔💔

  22. guys are the most clueless beings i swear. like min-woo thought they were judging him from using too many tea bags like how did he even come to that conclusion i-

  23. I understand her pain but I still love and support him being with his girlfriend lol I'm glad she decided to not mess with their relationship, for now anyways.

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