My Boyfriend Is An Aeroplane | EXTREME LOVE

My Boyfriend Is An Aeroplane | EXTREME LOVE

You might be surprised to learn, that 29 year old Michele, is in a committed relationship, with a plane. not someone plane, but an actual airplane. It’s not just any
inanimate object that tickles her fancy. She’s particularly enamored
with a specific model. Unlike regular relationships, Michele is unable
to spend quality time with her heart’s desire. So she’s found other ways, to indulge her affection. Michele first discovered she had a preference for planes, during her first flight in the Boeing 737. realizing her affection Michele has since been able to fly a number of times on her favourite airplane, and even got to spend some time one on one in an airport hangar. But Michele’s relationship is not without its difficulties. lucky for Michele her longing won’t have to wait too much longer. Tomorrow, Michele has been granted some time with a Boeing 737, in Stockholm airport. Having arrived in Stockholm airport, the staff are here to escort Michele to the hangar. Fredrick: So, we’re going to go there, right? And then you’ll be able to … meet the plane. Is that good? Wonderful We’ll fix that for you. Okay? Come on. Fredrick: Ready for action? Michele: Yeah, I am ready I am excited, and I can’t wait to begin and spend with my lover. Fredrick: Wonderful, wonderful. Hello, my name is Michele, nice to meet you. Ulf: Hallo, nice to meet you too, I’m Ulf. Michele: Thank you so much, I can’t believe it today, my dream is coming. Michele: Oh my Goodness, Oh my Goodness Beautiful. Michele: I would like to touch it. So beautiful. Ulf: Its a bit rare, but nice, I know. Fredrick: I’ve heard of people who are really attracted to cars. so why not a plane? Very nice Would you approve her getting
married to a plane now? Ulf: Yeah. Fredrick: As I said,
“to each his own.” Ulf: I’m quite okay with it. Fredrick: I have no … No problem. As long as the
plane gives consent and she gives consent, yeah sure Why not? Fredrick: Yeah sure I’d let her marry the plane. Michele: Nice. Ulf: I’ve never met anybody like Michelle. Who was so … Fascinated of the plane. Fredrick: Michele, I’m sorry but we have to go now. Michele: Unfortunately it’s over. Fredrick: Yeah,
for this time, right? Maybe next time, right? Michele: Definately. Fredrick: But it was worthwhile, right? Having spent nearly two hours with the plane, it’s time for her date to come to an end. Michele: Thanks so much. Much to the disappointment of Michele.

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  1. why is no one saying how disturbing and mental this is? I feel bad for that woman she seems nice but she needs to get help. you can't fall in love with animals or objects, that's not normal and they can't get a consent, so is it a sexual harrassment?? (I'm not 100% serious with that sentence). don't support this or ignore it, she's sick. i'm kind of scared that everyone is comments is acting as this is okay.

  2. I’m gonna make a pretty inappropriate joke, you’ve been warned

    Anything is a dildo if you are brave enough, and this lady is really brave

  3. I found this story on "Love Don't Judge" on Snapchat, but I searched for it here to read the comments. I burst out laughing when she said she loves the cockpit most of all 😂

  4. She seems sweet but I just wonder what led her to be attracted to an inanimate object and not a person? Is being attracted to a person to risky?🤔 With an inanimate object there is no risk of rejection or hard conversations.

  5. I like how the name is "love dont judge" and this is on it, because a woman dating an airplane clearly cant judge….hmm, yeah ok. Libtards.

  6. Its funny because in the title it says "extreme love" I mean I highly doubt that plane loves her back. So technically she's molesting that plane and he can't do anything about it..poor plane UwU

  7. Can I dress up like an airplane for you please i promise ur ride will be free 😂😂😂😂😂✈️oh I feel am already becoming the airplane 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what a horrible strange world! 😳

  8. All jokes aside.. WHY ARE PEOPLE OKAY WITH THIS?! This poor girl is clearly mentally ill and instead of treating her, people are encouraging her to pursue this madness and worst of all, decide to make a serious documentary on it… what's happening to the world? Mental illness isn't even taken seriously anymore smh – stop being afraid of offending people and start assessing situations with common sense! World's gone mad

  9. Find out what Halloween party this chick goes to and dress as the airplane. You’ll be broken and sore for weeks, fellas.

  10. Poor girl, that SAS 737 wasn't even an -800. It only had one OWE and 737-800 has 2. This was a 737-600. At least she got to spend time with his handsome little brother. Lol. ♥️

  11. This has to be the weirdest video on this channel, and I have seen a LOT lmao. At least she seems happy and is not hurting anybody, so, good for her

  12. I would not leave her alone with that plane. They be finding weird stains in the cockpit.

    Honestly tho, I wanna know how she gets intimate with it.

  13. I don’t know what’s worst the girl in love with a plane or the guy in love with a red car
    Could be worst a person in a relationship with a toaster

  14. Those men at the airport were so sweet and nonjudgemental. We need more humans like that in the world. I hope they know how special that was. Like he said, to each their own.

  15. What is so sad is that she calls the plane her "lover" but being an inanimate object, the plane obviously cannot return affection. One must wonder if these one-sided relationships are kindled as the result of a poor relationship with another human being in the past? They can't hurt you if they can't love you. ☹️

  16. Elmo does not understand humans, Elmo can get behind anthro planes but literally this is taking Elmo a bit over the edge! Hahahah!

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